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下の文を和訳していただけませんか? If you are young, aging parents may not be your biggest concern, but they are a mojor concern for the governmental, social, and financial leaders of the world, particularly for those in japan. The parcentage of people over age 65 is increasing worldwide, from about 7 percent in 2005 to a predicted 15 percent by 2005. Japan already has one of the largest over-65 populations. According to population projections prepared by the Statistics Bureau of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 22.5 percent of the Japanese population was expected to be 65 or older in 2010. They expect that number ti increase to 33.2 percent by 2040, resulting in Japan having the largest percentage of over 65-year-old in the world. What effects will such an enormous number of elderly people have on society.


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もしあなたが若ければ、年老いた両親が最大の関心事にならないかもしれませんが、世界の政治的、社会的、財政的リーダーたち、とりわけ日本のリーダーたちにとっては大きな関心事なのです。65歳以上の老人の割合は世界で増加しています。2005年に7%であったのが2005年までに予測された15%になります。日本はすでに65歳以上の老人人口が最も多い国の1つです。日本の厚生労働省の統計局によって用意された人口予測によりますと、2010年には、日本の人口の22.5%が65歳以上のお年寄りとなります。2040年までにはその数字が33.2%に増えると予測しています。その結果、日本は世界で65歳を超える老人の割合が最も高くなります。そのような異常に大きい老人の数は、社会にどんな影響を及ぼすのでしょう。 以上でいかがでしょうか?





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    和訳をお願いします Today, about 10 percent of the world's population does not have enough water. This number may rise to 35 percent in 2025. What is more, water which is used in cities and industrial areas is often affected by pollution. Shortage of fresh water also affects food production. People throughout the world may suffer from serious food shortages in the future. We live in a country where we can get clean water just by turning on the faucet, but we need to try to secure more stable sources of fresh water for everyone in the world.

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    以下の文の和訳をお願いします。 The program aims to bridge the gap between promising technologies which are being developed in universities and research centers, and large-scale industrial applications powered by renewable energy. The long-term goal of the initiative is to have a facility operating at commercial scale by 2020. Middle Eastern and North African countries are home to 6.3 percent of the world’s population, but the region contains only 1.4 percent of the world’s fresh water. The Gulf region in particular has the highest water scarcity levels in the world, according to the World Bank.

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    People in areas with a relatively cool climate think that they are free from catching malaria. However, recent changes in climate let mosquitoes move into parts of the world that used to be too cold for them to survive. For example, in Papua New Guinea, the higher mountain areas are becoming warmer, and mosquitoes may affect another two million people. As the world becomes warmer, the spread of malaria will be more and more of an urgent global concern.

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    Adult diapers are set to outsell baby diapers in Japan by 2020 in just the latest example of the challenges facing a nation where more than 20 percent of the population are 65 and older. The Nikkei newspaper reports that paper companiesーDaio and Nippon paperー are expanding their "incontinence products" manufacturing facilities in preparation for an expected surge in demand. Quartz.com says the adult diaper market is growing by up to 10 percent year-on -year and rakes in $1.4 billion per year.Adult diapers can go for as much as two and half times the price of baby diapers. Japan has one of the fastest-aging populations in the industrialized world,and there are concerns about how elderly citizens reling on care will be cared for in the years ahead. In a startling reported by the Telegraph newspaper,nearly a quarter of all shoplifting arrests in Tokyo last year involved pensioners over the age of 65. More than 3320 pensioners were detained by police,eclipsing for the first time the number of teenagers detained in the same year (3195). About 70 percent of the thefts involved food,signaling the growing poverty amongst pensioners living alone in Tokyo.

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    Perhaps more importantly, the seeds of japanese culture were spread in the united states by the almost two million americans who came to japan during the occupation. While they represented only about one percent of the population, they had a tremendous influence on the american image of japan. As each of them returned to the U.S., they brought tales of life in this strange, exotic country which spread to their friends, relatives and neighbors.

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    【付帯状況のwith+A+分詞】 With more people commuting long distances to work by car, air pollution has become a serious concern in most major cities of the world.

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    和訳をお願いします An example of shadow clocks are the obelisks from Egypt. They are tell,thin buildings that come to apoint at the top. Cleopatra's Needles are the two most famous obelisks in the world. They are almost 3,500 years old. About the same time,people began to make sundials. Sundials have a round part to divide the day into twelve parts. Around the year 1250,someone made the first mechanical clock. It was a mechanical clock because it was a machine that ran by itself. It did not need the help of anything in nature. People began to use the hourglass clock around the year 1400. They made in from glass. It was wide at the top and bottom but narrow in the middle. They put some sand in one part. The sand ran from the top part to the bottom part of the glass in one hour. At the end of every hour people turned the glass over and began again.

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    和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) Although the population growth rate is expected to slow down, an increasing population still creates problems. First of all, with more people in the world, more food must be grown to feed them, though the amount of land we can use for agriculture is limited. According to the FAO, grain consumption has increased by 200 percent since 1961, but the amount of farmland remains almost unchanged. Second,a growing population is harmful to the environment. With more people and increased human activities, it is natural for the amount of CO2 in the air to increase. This speeds up global warming. Scientists expect that temperatures will rise by 0.4℃ in the next 20 years. An increasing pollution brings problems not only to developing nations, but also to the whole world. If we continue on our current path, the earth's resources may disappear before we know it.

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    Yes very much, people of japan are hard working, they have their own and beautiful culture and traditions:) also as much i know, they are of helping nature too and i don't think there is any reason that one shouldn't like japan. Although good and bad people are everywhere but in fact after my country i like japan most in this world. What do you think about India? 和訳して下さいm(_ _)m

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    翻訳サイトなどを使わずに翻訳していただきたいです。 よろしくお願いいたします。 For thousands of years, the population of the world increased gradually. Then, in the mid-nineteenth century, the world's population started to increase rapidly. In the 100 years between 1830 and 1930, the population of the world grew from 1 billion to 2 billion people. By 1960, just thirty years later, the world's population had hit 3 billion. Fifteen years later, the population reached 4 billion. Then, just eleven years later, there were 5 billion people on Earth. In 1999, we passed the 6 billion mark. Today, the world's population grows by 76 million people every year. By the year 2050, researchers predict that the population of the world will be 9.1 billion.