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(1)How many times have you been on vacation only to find that what was in the glossy brochure didn't reflect the reality of the destination? What about all those tourist traps where everything is cheaply and expensive? The public attitude is spend, spend, spend—and it's a bit like eating too much chocolate: it feels good at the time, but leaves you feeling rather sickly afterward. (2)We have this tendency to see the grass as being greener on the other side: whereas, it can really be quite green where we are. For example, I spent seven years in a coastal town, and it was only as I was preparing to move that I decided to take in a few more sights around the area. I had quite a shock to discover what I had been missing during those years, which made moving even harder. When we live in a nice place, we tend to take it for granted. Sometimes it is good to get away, far away, particularly if you live in a crowded city, but there is often this odd pressure on us to take vacations in distant and exotic places when great places to relax can be quite close to home. (3)A vacation can be an expensive affair, costing hundreds of dollars a day on fuel, food, and accommodation. Those long trips also have an environmental impact such as greenhouse gases produced by the travel. A 1,000-mile round trip in a medium-sized car will produce around half a ton in carbon dioxide. A 2,500-mile return flight will result in over double the amount. (4)Additionally, there can be the stresses of packing, scheduling, and then worrying about your home while you are away, combined with battling crowds of other tourists. It's not unusual for people to come back from vacation more stressed than when they left. Have you ever considered a “staycation”? A staycation is a holiday at or close to home, whether it's relaxing in the backyard or exploring the region that you live in more, with plenty of time to do so. Even the holiday-obsessed British are trying staycations, although due mainly to economic circumstances. In May 2008, a British paper organized a survey and found that a third of respondents were switching their plans from a holiday abroad to a holiday in Britain. (5)What should you do on a staycation? The first point is not to do things you wouldn't do on vacation elsewhere, such as mowing the lawn or painting the house. Your staycation needs to be fun! Do all that stuff before you go, just as you would do in preparing for a traditional vacation. Become a tourist in your own town! Visit your local tourist information center, and you may be surprised at what you discover to see and do on your home patch. There are parks and museums you haven't visited, restaurants you haven't tried, and perhaps you could take in a local festival or two. (6)You don't have to stay at home for it to be a staycation. There may be a small hotel on the outskirts of town you would enjoy, a nice camping spot, or even an organic farm nearby where you can grow your own food. (7)Perhaps you could even invest the money you save on not taking an expensive vacation to make things a little more staycation friendly in your home, such as creating a private little slice of paradise in your own backyard. While your staycation isn't going to save the planet on its own, it will probably save you money and is one of the many small things we you can do that collectively will help reduce the impact on our environment. 【設問】文中の語の意味内容 ・2段落this tendency アto spend a lot of money イto think things are better elsewhere ウto feel regretful for what has been done エto realize everything is expensive at famous resorts ・3段落the amount アthe cost of the fuel イthe distance by car ウthe volume of carbon dioxide エthe time to reach your destination ・4段落to do so アto consider a staycation イto visit distant or exotic places ウto rest at home or discover your neighborhood エto worry about your home and fight crowds of tourists 自分はアウアを選んでみました。


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<訳例> (1) 休暇に出かけて行って、結局、光沢のあるパンフレットに書かれていたことが、目的地の現実を反映していないと気付いたことは何度あったでしょうか? 何もかもが安いようでいて実は高くつくと言ういわゆる観光客の罠に騙されたことはありませんか? 一般人の態度は、とにかく消費しなさいと言うものです ― そして、それは、チョコレートの食べ過ぎに似ています: その時は気分がよいですが、後で気分が悪くなるのです。 (2) 我々には、他の所にある芝生がより緑鮮やかだと思うこうした傾向があります: ところが、我々がいる所でも、芝生は、実際には十分緑鮮やかなのです。 たとえば、私は海辺の町で7年過ごしました、そして、その地域をもう少しよく見てみようと決心したのは、ちょうど私が引っ越しの準備をしている時でした。私がそれらの歳月の間に見過ごしていたものを発見して、私はかなりのショックを受けました、そうすると、引っ越すのが一層困難になりました。素晴らしい場所に住んでいるとき、我々はそれを当然のことと考える傾向があります。 時々、特にあなたが過密な都市に住んでいるのであれば、遠くに、脱出するのはよいことです、しかし、遠くの、異国の地で休暇を過ごすことは、しばしば、我々に、奇妙なプレッシャーを与えます、くつろぐことのできる素晴らしい場所が、家のすぐ近くにあると言うのにです。 (3) 休暇は、費用のかかる事柄になる場合があります、燃料、食べ物、宿泊施設に一日につき数百ドルがかかるからです。 それらの長旅には、また、その旅行によって生み出される温室効果ガスのような環境への影響もあります。 中型車での1,000マイルの周遊旅行は、二酸化炭素約0.5トンを発生させます。 飛行機での2,500マイルの往復旅行は、その倍以上の量につながるでしょう。 (4) その上、荷造り、予定の作成、そして、留守中の自宅の心配と言ったストレスがある場合もあり、それらに、多くの他の観光客との押し合いへしあいが組み合わさるのです。 人々が、出かける時よりも多くのストレスをため込んで休暇から帰ってくることも珍しくありません。 あなたは、これまでに「ステイケーション」について考えてみたことがありますか? ステイケーションとは、自宅で、あるいは、自宅の近くで休暇を過ごすことです、自宅の裏庭でくつろいでも、あなたが住む地域を、十分な時間をかけて、もっと散策しても構いません。 主として経済状況のせいなのですが、休暇に取りつかれた英国人でさえ、ステイケーションをためしています。 2008年5月に、ある英国の新聞が、調査を行って、回答者の3分の1が、海外での休暇から英国内での休暇に彼らの計画を変更していることがわかりました。 (5) ステイケーションでは、あなたは、何をするべきなのでしょうか? 第一点は、他の場所での休暇であなたがしそうにないことをしないことです、例えば、芝刈りとか、家のペンキ塗りなどをしないことです。 あなたのステイケーションは、楽しみになる必要があるのです! あなたが伝統的な休暇の準備をする際にするのと全く同じように、あなたが休暇を始める前にあらゆることをしてください。あなた自身の町の観光客になってください! あなたの地元の観光案内所を訪ねてください、そうすれば、あなたの地元で見たりしたりすることを発見してあなたは驚くかもしれません。 あなたが行ったことのない公園や博物館、あなたが試したことのないレストランがあります、そして、おそらく、あなたは地元のお祭りを一つか二つ予定に組み込めるかもしれません。 (6) 休暇をステイケーションにするために、あなたが自宅に留まる必要はありません。 町の郊外には、あなたが楽しめる小さなホテルがあるかもしれません、素敵なキャンプ場やあなたが自分自身の食物を育てることができる有機農場さえ近くにあるかもしれません。 (7) もしかすると、費用のかかる休暇を取ることにではなく、物事をあなたの自宅でのステイケーションをもう少し親しめるものにするために、あなたが蓄えたお金を投資したりすることさえできるかもしれません、例えば、あなたの自宅の裏庭に、プライベートのちょっとした楽園を作ったりするのです。 あなたのステイケーションが、それ自体でこの惑星を救うことはないとしても、それは多分あなたのお金の節約になるでしょうし、合計すれば我々の環境への影響を減らすのに役立つ、我々にできる多くのささいなことの一つになるのです。 【設問】 ・2段落this tendency ア to spend a lot of money 多くのお金を使うこと イ to think things are better elsewhere(○) 物事は、他の場所では、もっと良いと思うこと ウ to feel regretful for what has been done 済んでしまったことを残念に感じること エ to realize everything is expensive at famous resorts 有名なリゾートでは、何もかもが高価であると気付くこと ・3段落the amount ア the cost of the fuel 燃料費 イ the distance by car 車で行く距離 ウ the volume of carbon dioxide(○) 二酸化炭素の量 エ the time to reach your destination あなたの目的地につくための時間 ・4段落to do so ア to consider a staycation ステイケーションについて考えること イ to visit distant or exotic places 遠くのあるいは異国の地を訪れること ウ to rest at home or discover your neighborhood(○) 自宅で休んだり、あなたの近所を発見すること エ to worry about your home and fight crowds of tourists 自宅の心配をしたり多くの観光客と押し合いへしあいすること



全訳例お設問の訳例、ありがとうございました。 苦し紛れの消去法での解答でしたが、前後の文を良く読めば正答が得られたと思いました。 離れた部分にばかり注目していました。


  • 英文読解

    When a liquid travels along a tube, it may do so in either of two ways.It may travel by means of laminar flow or turbulent flow. These two forms of flow can be demonstrated by an experiment in which a very fine stream of coloured ink is injected into a tube of water. When the pressure of this jet of ink is at the correct level, the ink will form a uniform stream which passes through the water without mixing with it. It remains a separate layer,or lamina of liquid --hence the term laminar flow--and the force of the liquid is used to push it forward through the water. None of the force is used to push the liquid sideways into the water. However,if the pressure of the flow of ink is increased beyond a certain value,the ink will mix with the water as soon as it enters the tube. Much of the force of the liquid is in this case used in side-to-side movement in mixing with the water and striking the side of the tube. The ink becomes thoroughly mixed with the water, and in this case the flow is known as turbulent flow. Various factors will determine whether the flow of liquid through a tube will be turbulent or laminar. As will be seen if the pressure of the ink is increased as it enters the waterm the greater the force of the liquid, the more likely turbulence is to occur. If the experiment is carried out that the diameter of the tube has an effect on whether laminar or turbulent flow takes place. It will be found that turbulent flow is more likely to occur as the tube becomes narrower. Thirdly, if the diameter of the tube is irregular, or if the tube is bent, turbulent flow is more likely to occur than in a uniform diameter tube. 上記の文を読んで、以下の問に英語で答えてください。お願いします。 1A.What is likely to happen if the diameter of the tube is reduced? 1B.What is likely to happen if the diameter of the tube is increased? 2.How many different factors can influence whether the flow of liquid in a tube is laminar or turbulent? 3.What does the force of the liquid do when the flow is laminar?

  • 英文和訳をお願いします

    Now, using even the simplest of personal computers, PCs, it takes five minutes, so you use all the methods. And one thing you never do-you do not write out what we expect when we spend this amount of money on building a new plant, on building a new service organization or work on a new product or service. What do we expect? You do not build in the feedback three years later or five years later, to see what you do; the result is that you do not know what you are good at, and you work on the things you are not good at rather than use your strengths

  • 訳してください!

    We had a question for you. We were thinking of going on vacation in December and wondered if this is something that interested you. We were thinking of going on a cruise to the Caribbean. Do you know your plans for Christmas? Are you going to be staying here or are you going home? Can you please let us know if you would like to travel with us and if your parents would like you to have this experience. If you are not interested and will be travelling home to Japan, that is good too. We will plan our holiday around what you would like. Can you please let us know your plans? この日本語訳をお願いします! だいたいはわかるのですが、 We were thinking of going on vacation in December and wondered if this is something that interested you.と、 If you are not interested and will be travelling home to Japan, that is good too. の訳が分かりません

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イ/ウ/ウです。 1つめのtendencyは前のパラグラフを受けているのではなく、直後の隣の芝は青く見える、という傾向を指しています。そして3つめは、直前の文章がdoの後に省略されており、do relaxing in the backyard or exploring the region that you live in more となります。ちなみに設問周りを見るだけで回答可能でした。



回答ありがとうございました。 解答の選び方も助かりました。参考にさせて頂きます。


  • 英文の和訳

    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 On the day you meet he will impress you, and in the days and hours afterwards he will haunt you. That is the only word for it. He will make an impact on the depth of your being that barely registers, except that in the time that follows you will not be able to think of any man but him.. He will seem striking, alluring in some way that you cannot fathom, and which has nothing to do with his looks, as though a chord is struck in your deeper soul, or the innermost chambers of your being. You will recognize him, not only from the description, which is in a sense quite bland, but something inside of you will be mesmerized. All day and days afterwards he will have stamped his indelible impression on your mind and you’ll keep thinking back to him, to the meeting, to the man, to the warm kindling feeling inside of you. Like a curtain of a dream it will drop across you life. It will be that mystical, that beautiful, yet real and solid too.

  • 英文の翻訳

    以下の英文を翻訳お願いしたいです Sometimes this decision is straightforward. A proposal of a marriage, and an acceptance or refusal. But sometimes life is less well defined than that and the decision is made by the soul, it is made in the depths unconsciously. By you or by him. You may feel you have had enough of this particular man, or karma for one life for example and your spirit may withdraw because of pain when you could have struggled on perhaps and changed the ending to the story. Or you may unconsciously behave in such a way that he is the one to end the relationship against your will. Life is complicated, and the stars only really sketch this life, you add your own complications to become woven into the destiny This can be said of all relationships of course, not just your own. But it is right to state it. Some people hear the word soul mate and they assume that nothing can ever go wrong. That is not so. What I promise you is a future, it is up to you and him to make it happy or sad, short or lasting.

  • 英文の和訳お願いします

    You should accept the (important) of not making excuses for what you do. Excuses are everywhere. In school, if you do not do (good) in an examination, you do not say it is because you didn't prepare enough for it but instead blame it on the teacher who set difficult questions on the exam. In sport, if your team loses, you put it fown to things the opponents did unfairly or other factors like refereeing decisions.  If you cannot make it in a job interview, you blame it on the interviewer or the employment system. You can, however, be one who (make) no excuses. Making excuses just stops you from improving or working harder. Instead, admitting that others are better than you can be a (positively) experience because you can use it as your motivation to become even better than them. (Cutting) excuses and you will have more chances to get ahead in life. カッコ内は文法的に正しい形じゃありません。 お願いします。

  • 英文と自分の訳があってるか、また、正しい訳を教えて欲しいです

    訳を聞きたいです (1)It would be just as much of a misunderstanding to assume that body gestures and movements are only a colorful decoration to speech. 自分で訳すと 体のジェスチャーや動きは演説を彩る飾りにすぎないと考えるのは多くの誤解がある。という訳はどうでしょうか? just as でちょうど~のように、とするのか、as much of のほうが何かの熟語なのか、ちょっとよく分からず うまく訳せません。 (2)More often than not, the final message is quite different from the original one. More often than notの訳が難しいので、どういう役割かを聞きたいです 自分で訳すと ほとんどの場合、最後のメッセージはもともとのものとはかなり異なる、という訳になりますが、どうでしょうか? (3)Less than 50 % of what he says on the taped exercises in the language laboratory. exercisesがVで、Less than 50 % of what he says on the tapedがSにあたるんでしょうか? 難しくて、自分でうまく訳せないです・・。 録音されたテープで彼の言うことの50パーセント以下を用いる、とかでしょうか? the taped もよく分からず、exercisesもうまく訳せません・・。 (4)It is more difficult to understand a language, be it your native language or a language you are studying, if you do not see the speaker. これはifの文はわかるんですが、その前の文のbe it がよくわかりません。 It is more difficult to に続いているんだろうと思ったのですが、be動詞の後にitという名詞が来ています。 そのitという名詞の後にさらに、your native language or a language you are studyingという名詞がきていて、混乱してます。 また、itが何をさしているのか、それも分からないので、自分で訳すことが出来ません・・。 長くなりましたが、おねがいします。

  • 英文の和訳してください。

    英文の和訳をしてください。 お願いします……。 1*What did you do during the summer vacation? 2*What was the best thing you did during the summer vacation? 3*Do you think it is better to visit the beach or the mountains. 4*Do you think it is better to eat popcorn at the movies or not? そんなの自分で考えろ などの回答は、いりません。 真剣に困ってるので。 どうか、よろしくお願い致します。

  • この文の意味教えてください

    A sculpture of Einstein sitting on a bench is more human and approachable than a sculpture in a museum. If you are walking along the street and see this Einstein, what do you do? You might put your arm around his shoulder pr ask someone to take a photo of the two of you. Perhaps you think about how Einstein changed the world and how you might change the world. Or what it might have been like to be the friends with Einstein. 最後のOr what it might have been like to be the friends with Einstein.ってどういう意味ですか? どなたか教えてください

  • 英文の和訳

    すみませんが、以下の英文を 和訳していただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 The element of air was on your fifth house. This indicates that it is through conversation or words and communication, letters, that you will determine what your partner is really like. You will seem actively involved impressed attentive or friendly towards him because of your conversation or interesting the communications exchanged between you, but inwardly you’ll keep your distance still, and you will stay in control emotionally, no matter how intuitively, instinctively and mysteriously or irresistibly you find yourself drawn to him, you’ll try and be objective until you form an opinion. This will not be easy because he will seem like a man who is not ordinary, who can touch and inspire your soul with his originality, invisible strands of strange powerful feelings. He will feel so different to anyone you have every known before, that you will think it wonderful to have met him at all. Meeting him will be exciting. But you’ll try and control yourself and to view it coolly and sensibly. So there is a kind of duality going on, two levels, what you feel and how you act when you meet, each may be different.

  • (1)英文読解

    Let us begin with the longest look into the future—The Next Million Years. Paradoxically enough, it is easier, in some ways, to guess what is going to happen in the course of ten thousand centuries than to guess what is going to happen in the course of one century. Why is it that no fortune tellers are millionaires and that no insurance companies go bankrupt? Their business is the same—foreseeing the future. But whereas the members of one group succeed all the time, the members of the other group succeed, if at all, only occasionally. The reason is simple. Insurance companies deal with statistical averages. Fortune tellers are concerned with particular cases. One can predict with a high degree of precision what is going to happen in regard to very large numbers of things or people. To predict what is going to happen to any particular thing or person is for most of us quite impossible and even for the specially gifted minority, exceedingly difficult. この英文の But whereas the members of one group succeed all the time, the members of the other group succeed, if at all, only occasionally.の個所に出てくるif at allはどのように訳すのでしょうか? また、the members of one groupは"insurance companies"、the members of the other groupは"fortune tellers"を指しているのでしょうか? ----Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow : ALDOUS HUXLEY

  • 英文読解

    In writing these pages, which, for the want of a better name, I shall be fain to call the autobiography of so insignificant a person as myself, it will not be so much my intention to speak of the little details of my private life, as of what I, and perhaps others round me, have done in literature; of my failures and successes such as they have been, and their causes; and of the opening which a literary career offers to men and women for the earning of their bread. (中略) That I, or any man, should tell everything of himself, I hold to be impossible. Who could endure to own the doing of a mean thing? Who is there that has done none? But this I protest:— that nothing that I say shall be untrue. I will set down naught in malice; nor will I give to myself, or others, honour which I do not believe to have been fairly won. (中略)以下の英文について教えてください。 That I, or any man, should tell everything of himself, I hold to be impossible. ・・・・私やいかなる人が自分自身の全てを語ることは、不可能です? Thatは「~のことは」ですか? shouldは話者の強い意志を表したものですか? Who could endure to own the doing of a mean thing? Who is there that has done none? 修辞疑問文ですか? I will set down naught in malice ・・・・私は悪意で無を書きとめるつもりです? どういう意味ですか?in maliceのニュアンスが掴めません。 お手数をおかけしますがよろしくお願いいたします。 ----An Autobiography: Anthony Trollope

  • メールの英文が訳せない・・・

    外国人の友達とメールをしているのですが、 下の文がどうしても訳せません。 どう訳せばよいのでしょう? よろしくお願いします。 (1) What do you like to do for fun? (2) Who big is your high school and is it close to Tokyo?