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It doesn't matter if it's not acceptable to you. We will still look for our further business in future.


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それは、それがあなたに受理可能でない場合、重要ではありません。 私たちは、まだ一層のビジネスを今後捜すでしょう。




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「あなたに受け入れられなくとも気にはしません。将来の更なるビジネスを探していますので。」 という感じでしょうか。





  • 英文の和訳

    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで、 お願いできますでしょうか? 3つの段落になっています。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします But what else? You may think I have told you all you could possibly want to know. It isn’t so. SOUL MATE TWO, is the same length and just as detailed as soul mate one, it follows a similar pattern, if you loved this reading you will love Soul Mate Two. Astrology is a bit like archaeology in that each additional reading on the same subject we must dig into a deeper layer of the chart and more time and work is involved. SOUL MATE THREE, if you still want more, if your spirit still has a hunger to taste the romance in your future. If it wants to look again into the mirror of time. Then Soul Mate Three is the last of these readings, it will reveal anything that is not covered in soul mate one or two. I cannot tell more than that because I never know what it will show in your particular reading until I look at your own chart, Again it is deeply penetrating and more difficult to do, because each time we look we have to go deeper it take a bit longer. May they bring love light and enlightenment into your spirit.

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    Sorry, we don't like disputes hanging over our heads, so it was refunded. However, you can still place another order, but unfortunately it is still not in yet. mikegyver.com/blog Please follow our progress there. I would ask for you either like our Facebook page or keep checking back, then place order when it is in stock. We WILL ship ASAP if you choose express shipping. Again Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying as hard as we can to get it to come in faster, but some things we can't control 誰か和訳お願いします。 宜しくお願い致します。

  • 和訳お願いいたします!

    Any place were we can be together is a good place for me! I just wanted to make sure it's also convenient for you. See now I will be on holiday and I have enough time. I'll try to look for a hotel this afternoon. I was wondering do you still have your boarding passes? I think it's good if you would apply for a Air France frequent flyers card ... maybe you will fly to France a lot in the future ... I hope so :) When I'm in Tokyo I will arrange it for you ... it will be my pleasure to help you with this.

  • 英文の意味を教えて下さい。

    すみません。英語圏の支社からから急なメールが来ました。通常は日本語で来るんですが急いでいるらしく英語です。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?お願いします。 I will be discussing this matter further with our management and will give you a response this week. 〇○ will eventually go away as they have not been active this year so not too much to worry about, only thing is their website so that is why I am suggesting the launch of FB page soon so our Corporate FB page can support the launch, this way everyone will know that you’re directly supported by us, the corporate office. Another is the website, this will provide additional promotion for you doing business in Japan as we have many ideas for you and how we can support your official launch further to give wider visibility. ×× and couple of others are still our eDealers and selling on third party marketplace so I don’t think much for you to be concerned when we begin supporting your FB page and website the consumers will be able to tell the difference. ×× is our approved eDealer so I will be advising them to change the wording so it reads approved Dealer.

  • 英文の和訳

    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 売り込みトークかもしれませんが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 SOUL MATE FOUR, the last and final brilliant ultimate new chapter, it will reveal anything that is not covered in soul mate one or two, and will complete this book of love. I cannot tell you more about this because its impossible to know before we do the reading what it will show in your particular chart, but it will show something of your life and future together. When you have had all four readings dear friend, all the things you need and want to know about your soul mate and future with him should have been answered,

  • 英文の意味を教えて下さい<(_ _)>

    アメリカネットショップで小物を複数購入予定です。日本人向けに注意書きがあったんですが詳しい方意味を教えて下さい。お願いします。 In regards to becoming an distributor, we will need to discuss this in details and IN PERSON. You originally initiated this matter but since you are not be able to come to our office to discuss further we have put it aside for now. When you’re ready to discuss this matter again, let us know and we will be happy to discuss further but till then all related questions and inquiry I will not be able to answer via email. As for the promotional bag, for now we have to put this on hold so please do not produce them yourself. I will discuss this with CEO when he returns from his trip next month for a better outcome for you.

  • 英語和訳お願いします。

    Is Bill still using your car? Yes, I wonder when he will return it. It's our wedding anniversary next Tuesday, and by then we will have been married for ten years.

  • 和訳お願いします

    【至急】英語解読得意な方、和訳お願いします…!! I didn't intend to do that stupid things yesterday, but it forces me because every time we had some misunderstanding you always scared me to death...this not the matter of win or loss we just destructing each other., I think it's time to us to be separated, move on without any hatred forgive us each other for what we had done wrong ...since yesterday ,it relief the pain I felt and it's over. I did love you for the best I know , I dedicated most of my time waiting to see you for your free time, . But it still worthless .... Sometimes I kept asking my self why we still fighting., since we love each other.. Did you ever trust me?, or Did I ever trust you?, it's vice versa..we don't know, isn't it ?, because, it can't be us. Thank you for all the love and sacrifices you given me. And when the times come that we're free us together , I will grab that opportunity. Still wishing you the best, good luck!

  • 和訳お願いします。

    “The finest and happiest years of our lives,” he spoke on in triumph. ~ But what I still can't figure out is why I never got tired and why I never felt better in my life. I guess the answer is, we were fighting for survival, protecting and providing for those we loved” He went on setting me straight. “In this business of getting it made, it's not the great moments that count. It's the partial victories, the deadlocks, the waiting ― even the defeats. If we are ever unlucky enough to have it made, then we will be spectators, not participants. It's the journey, not the arrival, that counts in life.” 上記の和訳をお願いしたいのですが… 自力では曖昧なところが多くて>< 宜しくお願いします。

  • 英文を和訳してください。

    英語に詳しい方、この英文を和訳してください。 よろしくお願い致します。 There is no story. There isn't any story, man, it's all in your mind. No comedy, no tragedy, no drama. You laugh and you weep,you think you're born and you think you die, but the stories are lies,all of them. Yours is, theirs is, mine is. Let it go. The rain will still fall and the sun will still shine. We love you, man, but don't forget you're just monkeys in clothes. Wake up! Wake up right now! And throw the damn ball!