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今年大学受験をするものですが、宅浪なので英作文の添削をしてくれる人がいません。なので添削をお願いします。 テーマ:自分の失敗とその失敗から学んだことを100字以内で書け When I was fourteen. I bought a cell phone. As soon as I use it, I liked to call my friends on it. One day, I called one of my friends loudly on my cell phone in the train. I did not realize that I was annoying other people on board. then the woman sitting by me said to me that you should hang up your phone and pay more attention to people around you. After she scolded me, Iwas ashamed of my attitude and learnedthe importance of cosidering other people from this experience.



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コンマの使い方がおかしいところがある。 時制が乱れている。 called ~ loudly は変。うるさかったのは(呼び出しではなく)電話での会話そのもの。 said to me that 以下の主語はyouではない。 scoldは動詞の選び方として不適切。 などという英語の校正よりも、やはり「失敗例としてあまりに幼稚」というのが気になります。単なるマナー違反のレベル。「学ぶ」というよりは瞬時にただすべきもの。 高校受験ではなく大学受験なのだから、せめて高校時代の体験をベースにして、もうちょっとその後考える(価値のある)ような失敗例にすべきでしょう。



単語とか文法よりも英作文の内容自体に問題がありましたね。 このことも気をつけて勉強し直します。 ありがとうございました。

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英文の添削以前に、このような社会常識を逸脱した内容では 残念ですがとても合格は覚束ないでしょう。



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    '10年京大前期の英作文の問題の添削をお願いします。 問題は画像で添付いたしましたので、そちらを参照ください。 I was pleased with a trip by train when I was a child. I felt excited just to ride on trains for many hours in visiting my grandparents during my summer vacation. Now, I do not feel as excited at seeing a long-distance train as I did in childhood. However, I clearly remember that various trains come and go for many parts of Japan on the platforms at the great station; I sometimes think of my special excitement that I felt when a train departs.

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    課題で、"A Part-time Job for Me"というタイトルの英作文をしました。 文法的な間違いや、不自然な表現がなく、ちゃんと意味が通るかどうか不安なので、添削をしていただきたいと思い、投稿しました。 よろしくお願いします。 I don’t work part-time now.   Because I’m very busy with study now and I cannot find an offer of a part-time job that condition conforms to me, nearby my house. However, it is not that I don't work at all.  My relative sometimes asks me to mow the grass of the field and vacancy.  And she asks me help with the final income tax return at the end of the year.  Another relative, cannot use computer, sometimes asks me to make documents with a Microsoft Office Word.  The member of a municipal assembly of the acquaintance’s husband of my father asks me to create his Website.  The reward of these work is more expensive than the wage of the general part-time job.  However, there are few incomes because there is little work. I will want to do work of distributing mails at the post office in next winter vacation if I work part-time.  I've ever done this work when I was a tenth grader, and this work was pleasant.  And there is a post office near my house.  I can go there by bicycle in about thirty minutes. It is not suitable to deliver mails for me.  When I worked once to deliver mails by bicycle, I took time very much to finish work because I cannot ride a motor bicycle.  So I delivered it by bicycle.  But I ran slow by bicycle.  And I wasn’t good to learn the route very much.   Therefore the vice-postmaster changed my work into distributing mails.  This work was easier than delivering mails.  It was worm in post office and I was able to have confectionery, oranges, juice and for a break.  But my wage was higher than the other part-time worker because the wage of the postman was applied even after work changed because at first I was adopted as the postman that is higher wage than worker of distributing mails.  So I was able to work easily and get much money.

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    英作文(和文英訳)の添削お願いします。間違ってるところ、変なところ等があれば教えてください。直してもらえればありがたいです。 I・アフリカでは数多くの人たちが餓死していると新聞で報じられている。 It is reported in the newspaper that in Africa a lot of people die of hunger. II・家について初めて財布がないのに気がついた。 It was not until I came home that I found I had lost my purse. どうぞよろしくお願いしますm(__)m

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    自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 テーマ:Many medical students become frustrated that the basic memory skills that allowed them to pass the entrance exam have not prepare them for the increased pace of university study. Indeed, doctors need to be highly motivated, self-directed learners to keep up with the ever-increasing changes in medical knowledge. Describe how you could be a good medical student and what your priorities will be. Detail three of your good points and three bad points clearly. 条件:3パラグラフ構成以上、150字以上、序論・本論・結論が明確であること。   It is often said that many medical students become frustrated because they have to memorize various kinds of things about human body to keep up with university study. In case with me, one of my bad points is that when cannot understand the things, I am unable to go next step until I understand them. In addition to this bad point, I also think almost all things so deep. For example, I always worry about that whether my opinions or actions hurt my friends or not. Moreover, my third bad point is that I often care about people around me too much. My sister usually told me not to take care of her so often. However, I think these bad points are also my good points. When I cannot understand something, I ask my friends or teachers how to solve the problem. This action makes our relationships better. Next, my worrying about everything and tending to take care of people around me mean I have abilities to imagine other people’s feelings and to try to help people who are in trouble. This will motivate me to become a good doctor. Although I have bad points, everyone also has them. The important thing is not that you do not have bad points, but that you have the ability to change your bad points to good points. This is needed to become a good medical student.(238words) 自分の良い点悪い点について具体例を3つずつ、ということなのですが、 どういうふうに羅列したらよいか悩みました。 いい点と悪い点を一対一対応にして書くべきなのかとも考えましたが、 3つの悪い点→全部良い点へと変換しました。 先日期待と不安の添削をしていただいたときに不安→期待の方がよいというアドバイスを頂いたことを参考にしてみました。 序論も結論も弱い気がしますがボキャブラリーや結び付け方がへただなぁと・・・ 本番まであと1週間なのでかなり焦っています(´;ω;`) よろしくお願いします

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    英作文の添削です 誤字訂正箇所や採点を100点基準でお願いします。 ちなみに仮定法をつかっているのは指定条件下にあるので気にしないで下さい…m(__)m If I became a worker , I woul d live in my home by myself, because to live with only myself is a variety of merits. Of course, with my family I can save a lot of money : in fact It costs a lo t of money to live by myself . However,with by myself I would be free to use the time for myself such as shopping ,reading .,relaxing...and so on. I would also can independent of my family and grow as human . For example, I would try to make some food and manage to get earnings . On the other hand, I would freely can't use the time if I lived with my family, because my parents worry about me when I be in out till being late at night. Therefore, I suggest that I choose to live with only myself. この質問を補足する

  • 英作文の添削をお願いします。

    「Social statusとHealthを関連させて食について論じなさい」 字数指定はありませんが、過去の問題から推測すると少なくとも100字は必要だと思います。 点数を25点満点でつけて頂きたいです。 よろしくお願いします。  (1)It is important to consider both social status and Health. This is why there are many food problems such as unbalanced nutrition, eating without measure, and food shortage yet to be resolved.  (2)There are, for example, my friends who eat many instsnt foods almost everyday. One of my friends had had a serious stomachache for three monthes. This desease was due to overeating instant foods. It is true that the instant foods are low expense, but they lack in nutrition.  (3)Arother example is overeating and foodshortage. Former and later are related with each other. I have watched a very fat people and small, poor children who are not able to eat enough foods on TV. I often think the part of which people who eat to excess eat should be given to poor people.  (4)There are other many problems yet be resolved. We shoud take food problems like above exampleks into considering .

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    自由英作文の添削をよろしくお願いします。 テーマ:いじめに対するアドバイス 条件 ・150words以上 ・3パラグラフ構成以上 ・序論・本論・結論が明確であること。 These days, the problem of bulling is often picked up on the TV program. Some students choose to kill themselves because they feel that they have no another choice to solve the problem. Other students ceased to go to school and study at home. Still others rely on their parents and their parents speak to child’s teacher or the principal and ask them to tell bully to stop bulling. In my opinion, the best way for being bullied students to solve the problem is just continuing to go to school. Of course, I can understand that their parents worry about child’s safety. However, if parents tell them not to go to school, students never change their thought. In my experience, I did go to school when I was bullied, even though I wanted to quit the school or kill myself. But now, I think it was a good experience for my long life. Since I had been mentally injured a lot, I got my heart strong and when my friends or people related me are in trouble, I can give them more proper advice than other people who had never been bullied. For this reason, even if you feel miserable or feel like killing yourself now, you should go to school. This makes you stronger and some day it will be a good experience for you. (226 words) 結論が短いため主張が弱いとは思うものの、文章展開の仕方や肉付けがうまくできていませんが アドバイスや指摘などいただけるとありがたいです。 宜しくお願いします。

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    (1)私はその会議に出席していた人が余りに少ないのを知って驚きました。  I was surprised to know how small the number of people who had ben present at the meeting were (2)偉大な芸術というものは正しく豊かに感じることを、人々にいつも教えているものなのです。 Great art tells people what it is to feel right and wealthy. (3)その人口は50万をわずかに超えるだけです。 The population is as small as exceeding slightly 500 thousand. どの英文も自信がありません; どなたか添削をお願いします (>_<)

  • 英作文の添削をお願いします。

    「受賞おめでとうございます。どうして映画監督になりたいと思ったのですか。少し お聞かせいただけませんか。」「そうですね。ちょっと答えづらいのですが、七歳の 時にキャメラを買ってもらって、それがきっかけで、映像の面白さに気づき始めたのだ と思います。映画館をやっている祖父がいたのも、映画的環境に慣れ親しむ一因 だったと思います。」 “Congraturations on the award! Would you mind sparing some time for us to ask you why you wanted to become a supervision of cinema”“Well, the answer a little embarrass me. It is because I started to realize the interest of pictures by the opportunity to be bought a camera for me when I was 7 years old. That my grandfather run a cinema is one of the reason why I familiar with the surroundings of it, I think.” 最後に I think を持っていったのは文頭にもっていくと (that) thatになりわかりづらいかと 思ったからです。かえってわかりづらいでしょうか? 回答よろしくお願いします。

  • 英作文です。見て頂けると幸いです、よろしくお願いします。

    英作文です。見て頂けると幸いです、よろしくお願いします。 I'm glad to hear the story about cell phones. The american cell phone etiquette is not good as far as I hear the story. But I cannot say that the Japanese cell phone etiquette is good. I occasionally take charge of the cash register when working at the bookstore. There is a person who calls with the ckeckout stand also in Japan. Moreover, there are a lot of people who operate the cell phone in the train. However, I have ever not seen the taxi driver that is speaking with the cell phone. The Japanese taxi driver seems to get instructions by wireless. The taxi driver from India and the Middle East might also get instructions with cell phone. However, they talk too much. I want you not to forget it is a service trade. Certainly, the cell phone begins to ring here and there. Then, the cell phone rang though it visited an art museum the other day. There seems to be a problem in manners of the cell phone also in Japan and the United States. When the cell phone is used, it is necessary to worry about other people. No smoking was written. There are a lot of places of no smoking also in Japan. There is a shop that divides the no-smoking zone and the smoking seat, too. As for the cigarette and the cell phone, manners may be defended. ケータイに関する話を聞けてよかった。アメリカのケータイエチケットは、話を聞く限りよくないね。 でも、日本のケータイエチケットも良いとはいえない。書店で働いているとき、私は時折レジを担当する。日本でもレジで電話する人がいます。さらに、電車でケータイを操作する多くの人々がいる。しかしケータイで話しているタクシー運転手は今までみたことがない。日本のタクシー運転手は無線によって指示を得るようです。また、インドと中東のタクシー運転手はケータイで指示を得るのかもしれません。しかし、彼らは話しすぎです。接客業であることを忘れないでほしいと思います。 確かに、ケータイは至る所から鳴り出すね。この間、美術館に行ったんだけど、そ こでもケータイが鳴っていたよ。 日本もアメリカも、ケータイのマナーに問題がありそうだね。 ケータイを使うときは、他の人を気遣わないといけないね。 禁煙について書いていたね。日本でも禁煙の場所は多いよ。禁煙席と喫煙席を 分けているお店もあるよ。たばこも、ケータイも、マナーが守られるとよいね