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Some of the fastest-growing scams involve website. One method is for the scammer to create a false identity and make contact through an online dating agency or a chat room. The scammer claims to be seeking romance or a soul mate;they try to convince you that you are in loving relationship and the next step is for them to come and meet you. The only problem is they don't have enough money to travel to see you. They then ask you to send the money through a money transfer agent, such as Western Union, so that they are untrceable. Other reasons they give for needing your financial help include:they are stranded abroad, and need money for plane travel or visa costs;or they require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness, and you are the only person who can help. 内容を理解したいので… お願いします。


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急成長している詐欺のいくつかはウェブサイトに関するものです。ひとつの方法は偽のIDを作りオンラインで出会い系サイトやチャットを通して接触をはかる詐欺師の手口です。詐欺師は良きパートナーやロマンスを求めていると主張し、あなたと恋愛関係になったように思い込ませるよう努力します。そして次のステップは実際にあなたと会うことです。彼らの唯一の問題はあなたにあうための十分な旅費をもっていないということです。なので彼らは例えばウエスタン銀行のような、送金業者を通してお金を送るようあなたに依頼します。そうすれば彼らは追跡不可能です。彼らがあなたに金銭的援助を頼むほかの言い訳としては、「彼らが海外にいること」「飛行機代やビザの為に金がいること」もしくは「緊急手術が必要」「深刻な病気の為治療が必要」そして「あなたがそれらを手助けできる唯一の人なのだ」といったものがふくまれます。 といった感じです。参考になれば。





  • 私には難しい英文で・・・訳をお願い出来ませんか!?

    There are two types of basic sensations: “pressure” (associated with a “tension headache”) and “sharp pains” which might be due to a migraine if they are on one side and behind the eye. If you have a headache that lasts longer than normal you should get it checked. Like the word “nightmare,” a “headache” can describe a situation that is quite difficult or emotionally draining: On a less serious note, another problem related to skin is pimples, which often seem to come at the wrong time and in embarrassing places! There is a lot of speculation about some of the causes of pimples. Some doctors say that our diet is an influence, whereas others say it is not and encourage instead the use of various creams and steroids (more money for them of course).

  • 英語から日本語へ訳して頂きたいです。

    旅行中に仲良くなった人から頂いたメールの一部分です。 なんとなくは理解できたのですが、細かい部分が分かりません。。。 英語が得意な方に翻訳して頂きたいです。 were i live is safe .... i walk here at night like 3 o 4am but for a girl any ware is not safe is dangerous .because you are girl .. but i be glad to help you and guide you to various places. i understand that you are scared for coming here by your self .. and i respect that i will send you picture of were and how is the city that i live and before you travel. i want you to feel comfortable and safe with me and your travel but think what is best for you ..if you want,... i travel to japan first and you travel here later .any way is good for you .. i only want you to be safe and not do worry about me and the travel to here.

  • 英文翻訳があります。訳は正しいですか?

    In short, they feel that these are the sort of questions that only a census taker or application for ms for credit cards should ask. They feel this kind of information is private and should only be divulged voluntarily by the person himself or herself. Asking too many questions about a mutual acquaintance is also frowned upon. 日本語訳 要するに、彼らは、これらは、国勢調査やクレジットカードの申請書のみが求めなければならない種類の質問であると感じています。彼らはこの種の情報が私的であり、自分自身によってのみ自発的に開示されるべきと感じています。お互いの知り合いについてあまりにも多くの質問をすることも嫌になります。

  • 英文訳です。

    英文が上手く訳せません; どこで区切ればよいのか分かりません。どなたか訳していただけないでしょうか?部分的にでも構いません。 On the whole they are aids to writing intelligibly, for they are in the main no more than the distillation of successful experiments made by writers of English through the centuries in how best to handle words so as to make a writer's meaning plain. Some it is true, are arbitrary.One or two actually in crease the difficulty of clear expression, but these too should nevertheless be respected, because lapses from what for the time being is regarded as correct irritate the educated reader, and distract his attention, and so make him the less likely to be affected precisely as you wish.

  • 英文の間違いを直してください

    Do you ever late for school? Are you the kind of person who difficult to get up? Your problem will disapper with the Dash boots. Dash boot help you not late for school. All you have to do is put on one's shoes,and then you run fast. Dash boot are only \5000. Dash boot also have accelerat to 50 killometers. on top of that,they are lightweight and come in many different size. Dash boot is perfect for people who need to run fast You will feel so confind when you use Dash boot

  • 【至急】どなたかこの英文の日本語訳をお願いします。

    翻訳サイトを試してみたのですが、しっくりこなくて… 力を貸してくださる方がいらっしゃったらよろしくお願いします。 There are many reasons why computer-based testing is becoming increasingly popular. The most obvious reason is that it makes tests easier to take.Students no longer have to travel long distances to an exam room for only a few hours.All that a test taker needs is a personal computer and quiet place in which to work.

  • 【至急】この英文の日本語訳をお願いします。

    翻訳サイトを試してみたのですが、しっくりこなくて… 力を貸してくださる方がいらっしゃったらよろしくお願いします。 There are many reasons why computer-based testing is becoming increasingly popular. The most obvious reason is that it makes tests easier to take.Students no longer have to travel long distances to an exam room for only a few hours. All that a test taker needs is a personal computer and quiet place in which to work. よろしくお願いします。

  • 至急英文の翻訳をお願いします!

    Modern communications technology is amazing. Besides ordinary mail and the traditional telephone, we can keep in touch with friends and relatives wherever we (and they) are, using cell-phones, e-mail, or Internet sites. Unfortunately, modern technology offers new opportunities to criminals too. Most of the tricks they use take advantage of the fact that people are naturally greedy. Most people are familiar with at least some traditional 'scams' - tricks used to get money from innocent people. One common one is a letter telling you that you have won a large amount of money in a lottery, or saying that you have been left money by a distant relative (whose existence you weren't even aware of). To get the money, all you have to do is send off a moderate sum, to cover the cost of transferring the much larger sum into your bank account. Often you are then asked to send a further sum, to deal with 'unforeseen problems'. Of course, the large sum never appears in your account. Another scam that has been around for many years is when a stranger rings you completely unexpectedly and tries to sell you shares in companies you've probably never heard of. This may sound unlikely to succeed, but a surprising number of people are taken in by It, especially if the stranger sounds smooth and professional. If he already has some of your personal details, he may claim that your bank or financial adviser gave him the information and asked him to contact you. 全訳お願いします!

  • 長文の訳お願いします

    Advertisers have many methods to get you to try a product and be loyal to it. Lots of times, what they are selling is a lifestyle, or an image, rather than the product. Here are some ways they get us to spend money on things we may not Want. Ideal Families-always seem perfect. The kids are cool and they have the hottest fashions, haircuts, and toys. Ideal families are all attractive-and they never argue! Ideal families represent the types of people that people watching the ad would like to be. Family fun-an ad that shows a product bringing families together or helping them have fun together. For example, Mom or Dad brings home the "right" food and a boring dinner turns into a family party. Excitement-Food is great fun! One bite of this and you're surging in California or soaring on your skateboard! Star Power-Your favorite sports star or celebrity is telling you that this product is the best! It's very effective. People listen and they usually don't remember that the star is paid to support the product. Bandwagon-Join the in-crowed! Don't be left out! Everyone is buying this-Why aren't you? Put downs-Advertisers criticize the competitor's product to make their own product seem better. Facts and Figures-Advertisers use facts and statistics to make their statements more credible. Unfortunately these "facts" are often not completely true. Repetition-Advertisers hope that if you see a product or hear its name over and over again, you will be more likely to buy it. Sometimes the same commercial will be repeated over and over again during the same television program. Heart Strings-Ads tell you a story that make you feel good. For example, one McDonalds commercial shows a dad and his son shoveling snow together. When they finish, the son buys his dad lunch at McDonalds. Sounds Good-Music and other sound effects add to the excitement of commercials. Those little tunes that you just can't get out of your head make you think of the product. Have you ever noticed that the commercials are louder than the program? Cartoon Characters-Tony the Tiger sells cereal and the Nestles Nesquik Bunny sells chocolate milk. Cartoons like these help kids identify with product. Misleading Words- Advertisers are supported to tell the truth,but sometimes they use words that can mislead viewers. Look for phrases in commercials like part of, the taste of real, natural, new, better tasting, and because we care. There are hundreds of these deceptive phrases. Omission- Advertisers don't give you the entire story about their product. For example, an ad claims that a sugary cereal is part of a healthy breakfast. It doesn't claim that the breakfast is healthy (or even healthier) without this product. Are You Cool Enough?-Advertisers try to convince you that if you don't use their products, you are not cool. Usually advertisers do this by showing people who look uncool trying a product and then suddenly becoming hip.

  • 英文を教えて下さい。

    すみません。下記の英文を教えてくれませんか?多分ライセンスの事なのですがいまいちわかりません。お願いします。 I wish you the best and wishing for better 2015 as our efforts are now combined. I’m not just speaking of the character that I had sent or the company that owns the character rights, we’re looking for many different Anime characters that we can use but when we tell them we want to use for mass manufacturing they usually ask for lot of money. We want to find a company that handles many licensing or copyrights to many Anime characters so we can just purchase the image (one flat rate, no royalty or commission base if possible). Once we find the company, we can go through their Anime characters that they want to sell for AAA print use but we don’t have to tell them it is for a huge quantity as they will think we will make millions which is not true. Do you know what I mean?