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(1)の中に入る適切な言葉 (1)Including (2)Being included (3)Having been included (4)Included I used to hide my lunch so no one would see the bag or read the napkin, but that didn't last long. One of my friends saw the napkin one day, grabbed it, and passed it around the lunch room. My face burned with embarrassment. But to my astonishment, the next day all of my friends were waiting to see the napkin. From the way they acted, I think they all wished they had someone who would show them that kind of love. I was so proud to have him as my father. Throughout the rest of my high school years, I received those napkins, and I still have most of them. And still it didn`t end. When I left home for college, I thought the messages would stop. I thought the messages would stop. But my friends and I were glad that his gestures continued. I began getting letters almost every Friday. ( 1 ) along with the letters were usually drawings of our cat and dog, stick figures of him and Mom. He continued to include his mountain scene and the heart label. The mail was delivered every day right before lunch, so I'd have his letters with me when I went to the cafeteria. I realized it was useless to hide them because my roommate was a high school friend who knew about his napkins. Soon it became a Friday afternoon practice. I would read the letters, and the drawings would be passed around. It was during this time that Dad became stricken with cancer. When the letters didn't come on Friday, I knew that he had been sick and wasn't able to write. If he missed his Friday delivery, the letters would usually come a day or two later. But they always came. My friends used to call him "Coolest Dad in the Universe." One day they sent him a card awarding him that title, signed by all of them. I believe my dad taught all of us about a father`s love. I wouldn't be surprised if my friends started sending napkins to their children. He left an impression that would stay with us and inspire us to give our own children such a clear expression of our love.


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(1)(4) Included <和訳>  誰もバッグを見たり、ナプキンを読んだりしないように、私はお弁当を隠したものです、しかし、それは長く続きませんでした。 私の友人の1人が、ある日ナプキンを見て、それをつかんで、食堂でそれを回しました。 私の顔は、恥ずかしさで真っ赤になりました。 しかし、驚いたことに、その翌日、私の友人全員が、ナプキンを見るために待っていました。彼らの振る舞い方から、彼ら全員が彼らにもそういう愛情を示してくれる誰かがいるとよいのにと思っていたのだと、私は思います。 私は、父親として、彼がいてくれて誇りに思いました。 残りの私の高校時代を通じて、私はそれらのナプキンをもらい続けました、そして、私は今でもそれらのほとんどを持っています。  そして、まだ、終わりではありませんでした。 大学へ行くために家を出たとき、私は、そうしたメッセージが止まるだろうと思いました。 【この部分重複あり】 しかし、私の友人も私も、彼のそぶりが続くことがうれしかったです。 私は、ほとんど毎週金曜日に手紙を受けとるようになりました。手紙に添えられていたのは、たいてい、我が家の猫と犬の絵や、彼やお母さんの棒線画でした。 彼は、山の風景とハートマークのラベルを含め続けました。  この郵便物は、毎日、昼食の直前に配達されたので、カフェテリアに行ったとき、私は彼の手紙を持っていました。 ルームメートが、彼のナプキンを知っている高校時代からの友達だったので、それらを隠しても無駄だと、私は思いました。 すぐに、それは金曜日の午後の習慣になりました。 私が手紙を音読して、絵は回覧されました。  おとうさんがガンにかかったのは、この頃でした。 手紙が金曜日に届かなかったとき、私は彼が病気で、書くことができないのだと知っていました。 彼が金曜日に手紙を出せなくても、手紙は、たいてい、1~2日後に届いたものです。 しかし、それらは、常に届きました。 私の友人は、彼を「宇宙で最もカッコイイおとうさん」と呼んだものです。ある日、友人たちは、彼にそのタイトル(「宇宙で最もカッコイイお父さん」)を付けたカードを、彼ら全員の署名を添えて、送りました。 おとうさんが我々全員に父親の愛情について教えたと、私は信じています。 友人たちが、彼らの子供たちにナプキンを送り始めたとしても、私は驚かないでしょう。 彼は、私たちにいつまでも残り、自分の子供たちに私たちの愛情のそのようなはっきりした表現をする勇気を私たちに与える印象を残したのです。



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    ・I was the only student in my school who brought lunch with a message written on the napkin by Dad, and I still remember how embarressed I felt. ・From the way my friends talked, I thought they wished they also received letters full of affection from someone who really loved them. ・Attached to the card sent to him were the signatures of all of my friends. ・A puzzle or joke that appears to be nonsense but has an amusing answer. ・To get or pick up suddenly and roughly.

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    5つの文章でストーリーになっています。よろしくお願いします。 1.私の友達がスリに遭いそうになったことがあります。 My friend was about to be robbed his purse. 2.何人かで地下鉄に乗ろうと階段を降りていたときのことでした。 It was the time that my friends and I was going down the stairs. 3.私の友達はズボンのポケットに財布をいれていました。 One of my friends’ purse was at his hip pocket. 4.私の友だちによると、ある男がその財布に手を伸ばそうとしていたといいました。 One of them told me that the man was going to reach out his purse. 5.その友達が止めたおかげで、財布を盗まれることはありませんでした。 Because my friend stopped the pickpocketer, my friend was not robbed his purse.

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    翻訳サイトではわかりづらかったので質問しました。 almoner? がこちらのプリントのミスなのか辞書でもでてきませんでした。 誤字はないと思います。 For most of his life he had worked as a commercial artist. "I did a bit of tickling" delicate lettering and design for advertising blocks. In his late sixties he experienced long spells of illness. When he was able to work he went as bottlewasher to a dairy. He was obliged to gibe up work finally because of ill-health and growing infirmity at the age of seventy-two. Since the death of his wife his social activities had contracted. He did not get up for long and rarely went out, except at week-ends for his pension and his shopping. Even his visits to an infirm brother living some miles away had fallen off. "I used to go over and see him every Tuesday night last year up to that fog we had in November. Then I just lay on my bed coughing my and coughing. Coughing all day and night, thinking my time had come. But it wasn't to be." He regretted not having children, especially a daughter, who "might have stood by me when I got old", and he had no nephews or nieces living in London. The neighbours saw little of him. Next door was "Mrs Lipstick and Powder, that's what I calls her, always going out." On the other side was "Mrs Fly-by-night. She rushes past me on the stairs now, like some of the others, without asking how I am. Not that I mind. But they used to do it and since I came out of hospital and go around just like a decrepit old man decrepit, yes - I suppose they don't like to ask how I am in case they feel they should do something. But there - life's like that, isn't it?" He had lost touch with all his friends and did not approve of old people's clubs. "They're all clicks of decrepit old people." His opinion of national assistance officials, doctors, almoners, and nurses was favourable, except that sometimes they "kept you in the dark" or "treated you like a little child". He had refused offers of a home help, mainly, it appeared, from a sense of privacy, shame of his home, misunderstanding about payment, and suspicion of the sort of woman who would come. His memories of contacts with doctors and hospitals were extremely vivid and he recalled at length some of his experiences. He talked about an almoner who was "a lovely looking party", about his new dentures, "I don't wear the top, it's more comfortable', and with pride about his one perfect faculty, his eyesight. On occasions when he could scarcely walk it never occurred to him to ask his doctor to visit him; he preferred to make painful journeys to the surgery.

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    英文和訳です No one should spend too much time on memories. Some people start doing that when they are twenty and never get over living in the past. And it is my feeling that too many memories are sad. They are of friends or events that are gone. The other day someoe asked me what year my father died and I could't remember. The date never seemed like one to memorize, and I don't think of him any less often for having put it out of my mind. 全体的に分かりにくいのですが、特に最後の一文がよくわかりません。 宜しくお願いします。

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    下記の文章の” I imagine he’s had his share of what they can do back there, too” の部分をどう訳せばいいのか教えていただけないでしょうか。 “He was always well-mannered and always a nice boy and very polite and kind, and I always remember him for that and always liked him, too. I felt quite disturbed that this would be happening. War is an awful thing, so I imagine he’s had his share of what they can do back there, too, in Afghanistan. I imagine he’s seen a lot, too, that’s maybe done things to him,” said Mattheis. 出展:VOA News http://www.voanews.com/english/news/usa/US-Soldier-Sentenced-to-Life-in-Prison-for-Afghan-Atrocities-133719403.html

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    There was a time in my life when I would not have been so sensitive to my friend's feelings. I would have probably given her a sermon about the benefits of discipline and the dangers of overeating and poor nutrition. However, I would not have succeeded in doing anything but making my friend feel guilty and condemned. When she asked me to share ideas that might help her I did so, 『 but with an attitude that did not make her feel that I had it all together and she was a mess.』 I have discovered that one way to love people is to help them not to feel worse about the things they already feel bad about. (Joyce Meyerの本より抜粋) かぎカッコをつけた部分だけ文法も含めた解説をお願いします。

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    I want you to know that even if it takes me 2 or 3 days to write you,please bear with me and also know that you are always on my mind and i mean every word of it. bear=熊ですよね? babyみたいな意味合いでしょうか? i mean every word of it. ここが上手く訳せません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    今回は[学校での友達]についてです。 志望校は一橋大学で、ここの入試に対応出来る様に書いてみました。 今回あまり辞書を用いなくて誤った文法や語彙などあるかも知れませんが、コメント・アドバイス・一橋英語についてなど、回答よろしくお願いいたします。     There has been a view that school is [of school being] where boys and girls study many subjects. In addition, they would earn something very important to make oneself some characters. In my opinion, school is the place where it is most precious thing that they make a lot of friends .     First of all, young boys and girls have to get accustomed to their school. Making friends would be the best way to enjoy their life of school. If a boy is scolded by his teacher for his little mistake, his friends would help him to be cheered up.     Second ,friends would be useful for us to enlarge our experiences. Personally, I have earned vogue information from friends of mine. There is no man but loves friends of their.     For these reasons, I think boys and girls in school had better make friends ,and they would lean how to keep their friendships longer. 150字程度でまとめました。 なお今回もせっかくの添削に何もお礼ができないのは本当に申し訳のない事態になってしまいますので、2件集まったら締め切りとさせて頂きます。(気付かなかったらごめんなさい。) よろしくお願いします。

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    I am out of the country at the moment and it is my colleague you are speaking to. I am back on Friday and will make sure that the labels MADE IN USA will go on all of the bags and purses. Please bare with me till this Friday.

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    友人が"Only"について教えてくれているようなのですが、詳しく知りたいので力を貸して頂けますでしょうか。よろしくお願いします。 "Only" refers to it being something and nothing else. For example if I said "I only eat vegetables." That would mean that I eat vegetables and not meat, chicken, fish etc. In the context I used it in ("It's only cold in the mornings,") it would mean that it is cold in the morning, but it is not cold during the rest of the day. In a different context it could mean that it is always cold never hot, warm or cool in the morning. A clearer way to say what I meant that would have my intended meaning regardless of context would be "It is cold in the mornings only."