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The return of spring to North America feels like a blessing. Parents are dragging their young children to the park. Students are taking out their Frisbees. And bird watchers, armed with field glasses and guidebooks, are heading out to search for their favorite species. But the bird lovers may be in for a disappointment. Radar studies of annual migrations suggest that the number of migrating birds in America may be down by nearly 50% over the past 30 years. Various reasons for the decrease have been proposed, but climate change caused by global warming is high on the list for many experts. Building on some 40 years of bird counts, Dutch scientists report that populations of a migratory species called the pied flycatcher have dropped an astonishing 90% over the past two decades in some areas of the Netherlands. And in that case, there doesn`t seem to be any doubt about why: flycatchers are on the decline because climate change has made them late for dinner. Those active, acrobatic birds spend the winter in West Africa and return to their Netherlands nesting grounds in the spring to lay eggs. When their babies hatch, the parents feed them mostly with caterpillars. The timing of the flycatchers` migration has evolved to take place during an approximately three-week period after Dutch plants have flowered, when caterpillars are largest in quantity.


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 北アメリカに春が巡ってくることは、天の恵みのような感じがします。 親たちは、彼らの幼児を公園に連れて行きます。 学生は、彼らのフリスビーを取り出します。 そして、バード・ウォッチャーは、双眼鏡とガイドブックを装備して、彼らの大好きな種を捜しに出かけていきます。  しかし、鳥の愛好家たちは、失望に直面するかも知れません。毎年の渡りについてのレーダーによる研究は、アメリカの渡り鳥の数が、過去30年の間に、ほぼ50%低下したかも知れないことを、示唆します。 減少の様々な原因が、提案されましたが、地球温暖化に起因する気候変動が、多くの専門家にとって(その原因の提案の)リストの中で上位にあげられています。  約40年の鳥の数の観測を基にして、pied flycatcher(ヒタキ)と呼ばれる渡り鳥の種の個体数が、オランダのいくつかの地域で、過去20年の間に驚くべきことに90%も減少したと、オランダ人の科学者たちは報告します。 そして、その事例では、減少の理由に疑念の余地はないように思えます:つまり、気候変動のせいで、ヒタキが、餌にありつけるのが遅れる様になったために、その個体数が、減少したのです。  それらの活発で、アクロバット的な鳥は、西アフリカで冬を過ごして、産卵のために、春に彼らのオランダの営巣場地に戻って来ます。 ひな鳥が、孵化すると、親鳥は、ひな鳥に大抵毛虫を食べさせます。 ヒタキの渡りのタイミングは、オランダの植物が開花したあと、約3週間の間に行われる様に進化しました、この時期、毛虫の量が最大になるからです。



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    ・Many experts agree that global warming has much to do with the decrease of migrating birds in America. ・Flycatchers return to the Netherlands because of lack of food in West Africa during the summer. ・It seems that flycatchers have found some other good places to raise their children. ・Reforesting in the northeastern part of the U.S. was meant to save migratory birds. ・Human efforts to increase some species can be harmful to a natural ecosystem.

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    From the time that life first appeared on Earth, species have gone extinct. Extinction is a natural part of evolution. Species that are best at adapting to their environment survive. Other species are unable to adapt quickly enough – so they die off. So, why do endangered species get so much attention today? One reason is much of the extinction happening these days is unnatural. The leading reason for a species to become endangered is loss of habitat. As humans cut down forests for farmland, expand cities, or pollute waterways, to name a few ways that habitat is destroyed, animals, plants, and insects find it harder and harder to survive. Thus, the effect of humans on the natural world is causing species to become endangered, and, ultimately, go extinct. Another leading reason for a species to become endangered is climate change. For example, the lizards in this article could probably adapt to a gradual change in temperature. However, the rapid change in the climate, and the consequent decrease in lizard birthrate, threaten to doom many lizard species. If human activity is a major reason for climate change, then it would seem that we are changing our world far too rapidly for species to naturally adapt. Humans are highly adaptable, but most species need a lot of time to get used to changing conditions.

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    (1)に入る言葉は、(1)By the way(2)By contrast(3)By all means(4)By coincidenceのどれですか? People who are concerned about climate change tend to worry about what would happen if the Antarctic ice sheet or the glaciers of Greenland were to melt. And, as most experts agree, these ice sheets are so huge that if they melt, it would mean major environmental damage caused by sea level rise and other effects. (1), the rest of the world`s glaciers contain less water and their disappearance would be a regional rather than a global disaster. If the Earth is losing its glaciers, the place where it matters most is in the Himalayas. The Himalayas are a grand mountain chain 2500km long. They contain the world`s highest mountains including all fourteen that are more than 8000m high. Because giant glaciers surround all the major Himalayan mountains, their melting would greatly influence the Earth`s climate. It is not likely that all this ice is going to disappear in the next few decades. But there is every chance that these glaciers will go on becoming smaller at a far faster rate than they have in recent centuries. Scientists supported by the British government have looked at what this might mean for the Himalayas area. It turns out that the Indus, the major river of Pakistan and of which the Himalayas are the source, could carry anything from 14 to 90 percent more water in the next few decades. This would mean terrible increases in flooding and erosion. But once a great enough percentage of the glaciers has melted, the amount of water in the river would fall by 30 to 90 percent over the end of the century. As this water is the basis of all life and agriculture in Pakistan, the effects hardly need explanation. If the planet continues to warm, there could be big shifts in the environment. Small glaciers would simply disappear and larger ones would retreat. There are signs that this is already happening.

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    "How much longer is America going to continue to support, condone, endorse and finance the king of all the Sunni kingdom that is Saudi Arabia while simultaneously confronting the Sunni terrorist group that is ISIS? The one thing that you have to respect about Vladimir Putin is he's consistent; he knows who his enemy is and he's going to kill them. Sunni terrorists are the enemy of Russia, of the Syrian government, of the Iranian government. When it comes to America, I don't know who the enemy is! Are we for the Sunnis, which we finance and arm in Saudi Arabia or are we against the Sunnis, which we claim to be fighting with ISIS in Syria? America needs to create clarity for itself, and for our voters and for our military as to how we are going to deal with Saudi Arabia, which inherently makes America a Middle Eastern hypocrite on a level that can no longer can be sustained." where is the logic

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    仕事の都合で海外滞在中なのですが、子供の学校の文書の日本語訳ができず頭を抱えています。翻訳ソフトで試みたのですが、肝心のところは意味不明になってしまいます。どなたか助けていただけないでしょうか。 Values: To be encouraged, modelled and explored Over the past eighteen months, the task of defining the key values to be promoted at Queens School has been undertaken. During this time some ideas have changed and the release of the revised National Curriculum has provided further information for consideration. The Board of Trustees is committed to 'getting it right'. To ensure that this is the case, and to make certain that all stakeholders (community, staff and students) 'have their say', you are asked to select from the list below, the four most important values that you consider shoud be promoted at Queens. Please place a tick in the box next to the values you choose. All values are important and will be actively encouraged. We want to be able to decide on those which are most important. If you wish to include values other than the examples given, please record them in the spare places in the list. respect cooperation integrity honesty ecological sustainability self belief community and participation perseverance equity citizenship diversity innovation and inquiry excellence Please complete this survey and return it to the school office. Thank you for taking part in this important survey.

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    The organic chemistry of membrane transport processes and carrier molecules has been developed only rather recently , considering that their physico-chemical features and biological importance have long been recognized. The design and synthesis of receptor molecules binding selectively organic and inorganic substrates has made available a range of compounds that , if made membrane soluble , may become carrier molecules and induce selective transport by rendering membranes permeable to the bound species. Thus , transport represents one of the basic functional features of supramolecular species together with recognition and catalysis. The chemistry of transport systems has three main goals : to design transport effectors , to devise transport processes , and to investigate their applications in chemistry and in biology. Selective membrane permeability may be induced either by carrier molecules or by transmembrane channels.

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    In much of the world, authority is not challenged, either out of respect or out of fear, and, sometimes because a hierarchy of rank has been fixed for so long that people have been trained for generations never to challenge it. In such countries children are not expected to question their teachers in school, and brilliant young scholars or inventive industrial geniuses are hampered in technical research because they hesitate to disagree with their "superiors." Clever researchers may be considered too young to have any right to present findings that contradict the knowledge and wisdom of their elders. The American is trained from childhood to question, analyze, search. "Go and look it up for yourself;’’ a child will be told. In many schools tasks are designed to stimulate the use of a wide range of materials. An assignment to "Write a paper on the world's supply of sugar," for example, will send even a young child in search of completely unfamiliar ideas. Even in the primary grades children are taught to use libraries and to search for new ideas. By the time they are 14, 15, or 16, many young scholars are making original and valuable contributions in all fields of science. Industry is so aware of this untouched resource that each year, through national competitions, it offers awards to teenagers in order to seek out (and later employ) young people with brilliant, inquiring minds.

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    The White House thinks ISIS is caused by Climate Change, that shows you how smart they are. American values are incompatible with those of Islamic terrorists. Islam teaches 3 choices for America: Convert, Pay Money, or Die. Donald Trump realizes we are at war. knowing that Saudi Arabia, the biggest financier of Terrorism refuse to take in any Refugees, and the Cowards posing as American Politician, and Journalists are Silent.

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    Eye movement is another reliable indication of lying. It is normal for a person to look up to the left when thinking about the (1) and up to the right when thinking about the (2). For example, if you ask people the color of their first car, or some other question from their past, they will look up to their left to access their memory. If instead they look up to their right, they are thinking of the future, which indicates that they are likely to be making up a response. Policemen are trained to routinely monitor eye movement during interviews. According to Paul Ekman, a professor of psychology at the University of California, San Francisco, there are small body movements called "micro-gestures " that are useful to observe. Two of the most common micro-gestures that are associated with lies are the nose wrinkle and the mouth crul. The nose wrinkle is the same gesture that occurs naturally when you smell something unpleasant. The other facial micro-gesture is a slight downward curl of the corners of the mouth. Even liars who make a conscious effort to hide all of thier major body gestures will still transmit micro-gestures. People sometimes lie, but their body language always tells the truth! ・(1)に入る単語を文中から抜き出してください。 ・(2)に入る単語を文中から抜き出してください。

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    ・The flycatchers, migrating from West Africa, lay eggs in some areas of the Netherlands. ・Building on nearly 50 years of counting birds, the researcher reports that bluebirds have increased in number in the past few years in North America. ・The timing of the hatching of caterpillars has evolved to take place in early spring, when plants start to flower. ・To develop gradually into different forms. ・To come out of an egg. ・A movement of birds or fish at a particular season from one part of the world to another.