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Blanchard’s argument is an example of what Bertola and Drazen (1993) characterize as the “expectation view of fiscal policy. ” That is, in an intertemporal model of consumption behavior, the effects of current fiscal policy depend on what expectations it generates on the course of future fiscal policy. In their words “a policy innovation that would be contractionary in a static model may be expansionary if it induces sufficiently strong expectations of future policy changes in the opposite direction. n


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一応英検1級の私ですが、間違いなどご容赦下さい Blanchardの議論はBertolaおよびDrazen(1993)が特徴づけるものの例です、として「財政政策の期待視界。 すなわち消費行動の相互一時的なモデルでは、現在の財政政策の影響は、将来の財政政策のコース上でそれがどの期待を生成するかに依存します。 「それが反対方向での将来の政策変更の十分に強い期待を引き起こす場合、静学モデルにおいて緊縮の政策革新は発展性かもしれないというそれらの約束で



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    You're going to be proud of me, Marcie. Guess what I have in my lunch...an apple! Where is it? I know I put it in here this morning.. Here it is..underneath all the doughnuts. この訳がうまく出来ないのでお願いします。 あと、 This is perfect. I'll just lie here just in front of our mailbox and watch all of my valentines come in.. I'm surprised that no one else has thought of doing this.. このストーリーの訳もお願いします。

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    it may mean that certain spending programs remain constant in nominal terms at last year level, or constant in real terms, or constant in share of GDP.

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    子供のころに忘れられない体験をしたんですね、驚きました。 (3)子供のころに・・・In the days of a child (2)忘れられない体験・・・An unforgettable experience (1)したんですね・・・I did it (4)驚きました・・・I was surprised この順番でこの英訳であってますか?

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    Some have floated the idea of a temporary departure in order to rebalance Europe's economy. Yet a breakup, if it comes, would likely not be amicable and orderly, says Daniel Gros of the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. "The markets are so integrated that it would lead to disaster everywhere if you tried to disentangle the eurozone... It's like if you take some eggs, make an omelette. You can do that, but you cannot unscramble the omelette."

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    Under one scenario, Germany &#8212; fed up with having to shoulder the debts of the less thrifty, and unhappy at future looser monetary policy by the European Central Bank &#8212; could go it alone based on its own fiscal discipline and the historic credibility of its Bundesbank central bank. In either case, the costs of unravelling a currency union of 16 countries comprising the world's second-largest single market could be very high. Weaker countries would face immediate financial instability. Yields on government bonds would rise, making debt more expensive. There was a taste last week when the euro sagged on rumours &#8212; quickly denied &#8212; that France was considering a return to the franc.

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    Cardiff Castle is a must on any visit to the city. The Romans built a fort here, the Normans added a castle to the site, and the Marquess of Bute spent much of his wealth on creating a fantasy palace. The Victorian Marquess of Bute transformed the interior of the castle into a mediaeval style fantasy. All three periods can be enjoyed on a visit to the castle; however, the lasting memory is of the marvelous sequence of room, decorated in the style of the mediaeva period.

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    There can be no denying that examples of an architecture entirely diffent from what our fathers were accustomed to have appeared on the scene during the last twenty years.

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    「what it is that's going on」の正しい訳、文法を 教えていただけないでしょうか? Many of the staff can make a good contribution, if they actually know what it is that's going on. 上記の文章の内容は以下のとおりです。 「重要な情報をスタッフにも情報共有させておけば 多くのスタッフがそれに対しておおいに貢献することができる」 重要な情報とは以下の文で「それが何であり、どのように動いているか」 という意味と思われます。 what it is that's going on ここで2点分からない点があります。 ◆質問1 上記の文章は、「what it is」「that's going on」の 二つの文から構成されているのでしょうか?それとも一つの文なのでしょうか? ◆質問2 itとthatの使い分けがよく分かりません。 例えば、上記の文は以下の文に置き換えることは可能でしょうか? what that is that's going on what it is it's going on what that is it's going on ご教授の程宜しくお願いいたします。

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    The grace of Cardiff's white-stoned Civic centre may come as a surprise to those brought up on the old image of the city. The collection of government and civic buildings has been rated along with Washington DC and NEW Delhi as one of the world's most elegant examples of civic architecture. The civic centre with the great dome of the City Hall is topped by a Welsh dragon. It is worth venturing in to see the "Heroes of Wales" statues in the Marble Hall.

  • 文の意味の切れ目とカンマの使い方

    次の文章で、文の意味の切れ目とカンマが入っている所とうまくマッチしていないような気がします。 Placing opposite characters in a fairy tale makes it easier for children to understand the difference between the two, which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life, with all the complexities that characterize real people. 日本語訳は途中からですが。 (もし、その登場人物が現実に忠実で、実際の人物の特徴である様々な複雑な要因を持っていたら、これほど簡単に理解は出来ないであろう。) ifの従属節がthey couldの主節と密接になっていて、むしろwithの前にカンマがある為、with(前置詞句)がどこに属してはっきりしなくなります。実際はif節に入っているのですが。どうもカンマがあると、そこで文が一旦切れているように思ってしまいます。 そこで以下のような、4つの文にしてみました。どれがどのような理由で適切でしょうか? 勿論、2のオリジナルが適切なのでしょうが。 1A.which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life and with all the complexities that characterize real people.  *and は同じ形を並べる為、形容詞と前置詞句とは並べられない? 1B. which they could not do as easily, were the figures true to life and with all the complexities that characterize real people.   *wereの前にはカンマが必要でないか?  2. which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life, with all the complexities that characterize real people.   *カンマは形容詞と前置詞句を同等に並べのに使う?     3. which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life with all the complexities that characterize real people.   *be動詞の補語となる形容詞と、修飾語をカンマやandなしに並べられるか? 却って疑問を複雑にしたかもしれませんが、上記のような文章でのカンマの使い方、andの使い方をどなたかお教え下さい。