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Given the size of the Japanese comics industry, it is not surprising that manga have had considerable influence overseas. Some pirated versions of Japanese comics have appeared in other Asian nation for more than a decade. In Europe, manga have been given a lift by the popularity of Japanese animation, and several translated editions of comic stories have appeared . Inthe United States, readers were slow to appreciate Japanese manga, but there are now fan clubs of manga and of Japanese animation in most major cities. The United States invented the modern comic book and has had an enormous influence on the development of mangain Japan. But now, manga are playing an important role in reviving the industry in America. Manga are more than just another export from Japan. They are an important cross-cultural element in both nations.


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   日本に置ける漫画業界の規模からして、漫画が海外でかなりの影響を持つことは驚くに足りない。    既に十年以上にもわたって、他のアジア諸国で日本の漫画の海賊版が出ている。     ヨーロッパでは、日本のアニメ人気の追い風を受け、コミックの翻訳版がいくつか出ている。     アメリカ合衆国では、日本のマンガを味わう読者の反応は遅かったが、今ではマンガや日本アニメのファンクラブが、殆どの大都市にある。     アメリカ合衆国は、近代コミックブックの発明者であり、日本のマンガ発達に大きな影響を与えた。     しかし、今や、マンガは、アメリカに置ける産業の活性化に重要な役割を果たしている。    マンガは、単なるもうひとつの日本製品ではない。    マンガは、日米両国の重要な異文化間の交流要素なのである。


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日本のマンガ産業の規模を考えると、マンガが、海外でかなりの影響を持ったことは、意外でありません。 日本のコミックのいくつかの海賊版が、アジアの他の国々に現れて10年以上になります。 ヨーロッパでは、マンガは日本のアニメーションの人気によって押し上げられました、そして、コミック・ストーリーのいくつかの翻訳版が現れました。 アメリカ合衆国では、読者は日本のマンガの面白さに気付くのが遅かったのですが、マンガや日本のアニメーションのファンクラブが、今では、ほとんどの主要都市にあります。 アメリカ合衆国は、現代の漫画本を発明して、日本のマンガの発展に対して多大の影響がありました。 しかし、現在、マンガはアメリカの産業を復活させるのに重要な役割を果たしています。 マンガは、日本からの単なるもう一つの輸出品以上の存在なのです。 それらは、両国の重要な異文化間の要素となっています。



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    課題で提出するものです。間違っているところや訂正した方がいいところがありましたら、できれば説明つきでお願いします。とくに最後の段落は間違えている箇所があると思うのでアドバイスお願いします。 Comics and Animations Comics are very popular in Japan.Itbecomes popular not only regardless of age.Comics and animations of Japan has been highly regarded internationally since the latter half of 1980s.Well,why are many people interested in them? The first reason,I think that people feel interested in comics.The Japanese comics have various topics like love,gag,animals,job and others.Thereby,many people find them attractive, the interesting and sympathetic.Other reason is that it is easy for us to understand the contents by pictures.Because people get much information from sight.Comics can be understood easier than the novels with only letters.Some people like the picture or the character of the comic's story. Furthermore,the comics and the animations cause a large amount of economic effects.The movies of Studio Giburi,for example get high income in Japan.There are goods and the events development too.The goverment is trying hard to spread it abroad.Pokemon,Dragon Ball and others are popular abroad.People who have interest in Japanese comics and animations are also interested in Japan and visit there. In Japan, the sales of comics fall under the influence of declining birthrate.Therefore foreign market is more and more important for Japanese economy.Even the Japanese goverment promotes it.Japanese comics are watched by all the world with interest.(It will be a pleasure in future how we spread it.) 最後のカッコのところは変えた方がいいと先生にいわれました。自分で思いつかなかったので何かありましたらお願いします。まったく別の文にしても大丈夫です。

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    The format of comic pages, which is essentially the same throughout the world, follows the American convention of sequential illustrated panels with "speech balloons". But the tern "comic books" normally are not books but slim magazines of 30 or so color pages with one main story and several advertisements. They are the descendants of newspaper comic strips, which were first collected and issued in magazine format early in the twentieth century. In Japan, manga have developed in quite a different direction from America. Since the 1930s thick comic magazines have contained not one serialized story but many, and the most popular of them are later collected into book form. Today that trend continues, only on a larger scale.

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    日本語訳お願いします! If I'm more of an influence to your son as a rapper than you are as a father, you go to look to yourself as a parent.( ─Ice Cube, in an interview in 1990.) この文の意味を教えてください、よろしくお願いします!

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    Germany's promises of "generous financial support" were very unreliable. The German government had already informed Carranza in June 1916 that they were unable to provide the necessary gold needed to stock a completely independent Mexican national bank. Even if Mexico received financial support, the arms, ammunition, and other needed war supplies would presumably have to be purchased from the ABC nations (Argentina, Brazil, and Chile), which would strain relations with them, as explained below. Even if by some chance Mexico had the military means to win a conflict against the United States and reclaim the territories in question, Mexico would have severe difficulty accommodating a large English-speaking population that was better supplied with arms than most populations. Other foreign relations were at stake. The ABC nations organized the Niagara Falls peace conference in 1914 to avoid a full-scale war between the United States and Mexico over the United States occupation of Veracruz.

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    He did not smile and politely urge me to go ahead and get back into the car, as an American probably would have done. Only then did I realize the importance of the symbolism of the back seat of a car in Japanese society. And the Japanese man did not realize that in the United States, the place of honor is not the back seat of the car, but the seat up front next to the driver. 日本語訳 彼は笑顔を見せず、アメリカ人ならばおそらくそうしたであろう、私に対して先に行って車に戻るよう遠慮せずに促しもしませんでした。その時になってやっと私は、日本社会における車の後部座席が象徴するものの重要性に気付きました。そしてその日本人男性は、アメリカにおける上席が車の後部座席ではなく、運転手の隣の最前列の席であることをわかっていませんでした。

  • How Japanese Culture now?

    Wher can I discover the growing global phenomenon of Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animation).

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    Those potentially divisive debates will be playing out as legislators also struggle with some traditionally difficult financial issues, such as budget shortfalls and calls to boost funding for public schools and infrastructure. Education issues are expected to be at the forefront in more than a third of the states, according to an analysis by Associated Press statehouse reporters around the country. At least 10 states might consider new revenue for transportation in 2016, building on a trend in which at least half the states already have acted in the past several years. States that rely heavily on the energy industry for tax income, such as Alaska, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wyoming, are taking big budget hits due to falling oil, natural gas and coal revenue. But tax cuts could be on the agenda in more than a half-dozen other states, including Arizona, Florida and Maine.

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    以下の文を正しく訳したいのですが、日常会話と違ってうまくまとめられません。 お知恵をくださいm(_ _)m Certified to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a register of births, Still-births or Deaths in the District above mentioned. Given at the General Register Office, under the Seal of the said Office on 1st February 2009. 上記の一部 the certified copy ofに補足があり、 If the Certificate is given from the orignal Register, the words *the certified copy of* are struck out. There are offences relating to falsifying or altering a certificate and using or possessing a false certificate. これは出生証明書の最後に書いてある英文です。 最初の文が、 出生・死亡登録の謄本の項目の正当なコピーであると証明されます。 みたいな事を言っているのはわかるのですが、 Still-birthsの意味や、ここでのSealの意味わからず文がまとまりません・・・(T∇T) 最後の段落は、 「証明書を不正にコピーしたり、偽造した証明書を使用または所有すると違反になります。」 で正しいでしょうか? どなたか翻訳にご協力いただける方、宜しくお願いいたします。

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    移民についての短文ですが、上手く訳すことができず、困っています。 日本語訳をお願いします。 I believe immigration is the body and soul of America. It is a cornerstone value of our nation that constantly renews its greatness. But today,our immigration system is in crisis. It is estimated that there are now over 11 million illegal immigrants is the United States, 1.7 million of whom are children. Because of a shortage of visas, many immigrant families are forced apart. Husbands and wives, parents and children,and brothers and sisters are unable to reunite. This system allows unscrupulous employers to ignore the law and to use undocumented workers as cheap labor. It's time to face the facts: our immigration system is badly broken and we have to find a practical but fair solution to fix it.

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    In much of the world, authority is not challenged, either out of respect or out of fear, and, sometimes because a hierarchy of rank has been fixed for so long that people have been trained for generations never to challenge it. In such countries children are not expected to question their teachers in school, and brilliant young scholars or inventive industrial geniuses are hampered in technical research because they hesitate to disagree with their "superiors." Clever researchers may be considered too young to have any right to present findings that contradict the knowledge and wisdom of their elders. The American is trained from childhood to question, analyze, search. "Go and look it up for yourself;’’ a child will be told. In many schools tasks are designed to stimulate the use of a wide range of materials. An assignment to "Write a paper on the world's supply of sugar," for example, will send even a young child in search of completely unfamiliar ideas. Even in the primary grades children are taught to use libraries and to search for new ideas. By the time they are 14, 15, or 16, many young scholars are making original and valuable contributions in all fields of science. Industry is so aware of this untouched resource that each year, through national competitions, it offers awards to teenagers in order to seek out (and later employ) young people with brilliant, inquiring minds.