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 Nancy steves ,marketing manager for the San Diego Natural History Museum, said, "When I heard about the local project with sustainability, where they use the natural resources of the amazon responsibly , it just suited so beautifully with the mission of this museum." Artisans get $10 to $12 for each basket , which sells for $40 in the United states. About a third of that goes into shipping and distribution , and the rest is retailer profit. Thus the regional enterprise that distributes the baskets get a little more per unit than each maket. Consequently Mr.Shany and Procrel receive nothing.


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サンディエゴ自然史博物館マーケティング・マネジャーのナンシー・スティーブスは、「責任をもってアマゾンの天然資源を使う持続可能性に関する地元のプロジェクトを私が耳にした時、それは全くこの博物館の任務にとても素晴らしく適合したのです。」と言いました。 職人は各々のバスケットに対して10ドル~12ドルを得ます。そして、それはアメリカで40ドルで売られます。 それのおよそ3分の1は輸送と配布に使われ、その他は小売業者の利益となります。 このようにして、バスケットを配布する地域の企業が、各々の市場より単位当たり少し多くを得ることになります。 結果として、シャニー氏とプロクレルは、何も受けとっていません。



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    サンディエゴ博物館の買い付け係、ナンシー•スティーブスは、「それが、アマゾン川流域の自然資材を責任ある形で(=乱獲、乱伐によらないで)使う、永続性のある地域プロジェクトだ、と聞いた時この博物館にうってつけだと思った」と言う。     職人は、籠一つあたり10ドルから12ドル受け取る、そのアメリカでの価格は40ドルになる。(差額の)約三分の一は、運賃と手間賃で、後は仲買人の利益である。     このようにして、籠を分配する地域企業は、(籠)一個あたり職人よりわずかに多い(金額)を得る。     結果として、シェイニーさんとプロクレルは何も受け取らない。





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    Nancy Stevens,marketing manager for the San Diego Natural History Museum,said “When I heard about the local project with sustainability,where they use the natural resources of the Amazon responsibly,it just suited so beautifully with the mission of this museum”

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    Artisans get $10 to $12 for each basket, which sells for $40 in the United States. About a third of that goes into shipping and distribution, and the rest is retailer profit. Thus the regional enterprise that distributes the baskets gets a little more per unit than each marker. Consequently Mr.Shany and procrel receive nothing.

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    Very little of what is said is important for the information expressed in the words. It is crucially important, as a way of showing that we are involved with each other, and how we feel about being involved. お願いします(>_<)

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    Critics scoff that the scientific debate is that the consquences are uncertain-and they're right . There is natural variability and lots of uncertainty,especially about the magnitude and timing of climate change.

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    What do our customers pay us for? Why do they buy from us? In a competitive, non-monopolistic market, and that is what the world has become, there is absolutely no reason why a customer should buy from you rather than from your competitor. None. He pays you because you give him something that is of value to him. What is it that we get paid for? You may think this is a simple question. It is not. I have now been working with some of the world’s biggest manufacturers, producers, even in Slovenia. I have been asking that question now for a year. We have two kinds of customers: one, of course, is the retailer and, if that soap or that detergent or that mayonnaise is not on the retailer’s shelves, the housewife won’t buy it.

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    you kind of caught me of guard with some of your questions. How can I know that there are not other things you havent told me? I don't want to doubt you have given me a reason to be skeptical (wonder about it). It's difficult and kind of unfair that I developed feelings for you before you told me about it. I focus on making the best of each day and letting things happen over time. I don't think I can handle that kind of guilt. I guess I am kind of an independent spirit/person so it takes me a while to really open up and say the kinds of things that you asked me about.

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    ANDREW SKURKA: “There is something about that stretch that made me feel so much more vulnerable and susceptible and exposed to the natural conditions. And I think a lot of it had to do with knowing that I was so far out there that if anything were to go wrong, help was a long way away” 10段落目 http://www.voanews.com/learningenglish/home/world/Explorer-Andrew-Skurka-Takes-Hiking-to-a-New-Level--118474734.html

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    Im originally from the USA but have lived all around the world. I can speak several languages including English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi. I have been living in Tokyo this time for about a month and am ready to get out of the house a bit. I started a company here that deals with e-commerce in the automotive industry. Let's get together and do something that we both enjoy.

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    インタビュー記事なので少し長いですが、和訳して頂けないでしょうか? 自動翻訳ではなくなるべく分かりやすく訳して頂けると助かりますm(__)m How did you first meet Tom? Oh my, Tom and I first met at a strip club in London. I was on the pole and he was my audience. You have shot Tom many times, what is it like to work together on set? Tom and I have been with each other from pretty much the beginning, I remember shooting him in a park for our first time. We combined our clothes and played dress up. We would put on clothes and explore London, watch trash TV and he would make me potato smilies. Being on set with him is magical, of course, he's everything I live for and I'm so proud of him. My girl is breaking boundaries! How does he compare to working with female models? I don't think it's about gender with Tom and I don't think it should be about gender with anybody. We are who we are and we should be proud of that. The special thing about Tom isn't his looks, but more about that he is confident with who he is. Have you ever worked with someone who was a complete diva? Yes, but I can't say who! How did you handle it? I fell in love! It's showbiz. A lot of your photographs feature cigarettes, what is it about cigarettes that is appealing aesthetically? Emotion and movement to me is extremely beautiful, I think the shapes, dimensions and movement in smoke is interesting. Smoking makes a still photo almost seem less static, it adds action and an element of realism. It's personal and natural. Are you a smoker yourself? My caffeine intake is more worrying.

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    以下の英文を翻訳していただけるかたに、 お願いできますでしょうか。 何卒よろしくお願いします。 This dear Tomoko, is Soul Mate volume Four. An astrology reading always thrilling and yet a strangely disturbing experience because it stirs the depths, it echoes what your soul already knows. The previous readings have focused on the meeting, and on making an identifiable picture of the soul mate. This reading takes you a step further in time and reveals more about the future together. The stars in the sky shift their positions and change with time. Relationships also alter through the passages of time. Each love is an epic story in its own right with its own joys and tragedies. As each detail of the picture of the future becomes clear, there will always be some mystery’s that are unknown, because that is the nature of the stars.