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少し長いですが、よろしくお願いします! But the primary way people affect the environmental quality of their community is related more to what products they use and how they treat the land around them. By products, we mean everything from simple everyday objects like newspapers, food, and clothing to larger items like cars, houses, roads, bridges, and other community infrastructure. When we extract raw materials such as metals, minerals, and fossil fuels from the earth, we generate waste materials at the mining or drilling site. Harvesting renewable resources such as food, fiber, and wood can cause soil erosion and other environmental damage. Moving the raw materials to factories and the finished products to the consumer requires vehicles, roads, and fuel, along with buildings from which to sell the goods and services.


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 しかし、主としてどの様に人々が彼らの地域社会の環境の質に影響を及ぼすかと言うと、彼らがどんな製品を使用するか、そして、彼らがどのように周囲の土地を扱うかと言うことにより関連があります。  製品と言う言葉で、我々は、例えば、新聞、食料品、衣料品ようなありふれた日常的な物から、車、家、道、橋、他の地域社会の基盤と言ったより大きな物まですべてを意味します。  我々が、地球から金属、鉱物、化石燃料のような原料を取りだす時、我々は採掘現場や掘削現場で廃棄物を生み出します。 食物、繊維、木のような再生可能資源を収穫することは、土壌侵食や他の環境破壊を引き起こす可能性があります。 原料を工場に、また、最終製品を消費者に届けるには、車両、道路、燃料に加えて、その商品やサービスを販売する建物が必要なのです。 ☆最初の文は、直訳すると「人々が彼らの地域社会の環境の質に影響を及ぼす主たる方法は、・・・」となりますが、自然な日本語に多少とも近づけてみました。



直訳と意訳ありがとうございました!! 助かりました。


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    下の文を和訳していただけませんか? In addition to improving existing products, nanotechnology is expected to enable people create raw materials and food from atoms and molecules. Today, manufacturers make goods from raw materials like wood, metal, and cotton and we eat fruits, vegetables, and grains that are grown on farms. One goal of nanotechnology is to create wood from atoms instead of cutting trees and to make vegetables by combining atoms that will grow and reproduce themselves in portable nanofactories called molecular synthesizers. Food synthesizers would enable us to create delicious foods in machines at home instead of growing them on farms. Therefore, far fewer raw materials would be necessary for our existence.

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    高校英語和訳 (1)A fer groups buy threatened land in order to keep businesses from destroying it. (2) Most environmental organizations obey laws, but sometimes members of environmental groups are arrested for civil disobedience. German police arrested protesters who sat on railroad tracks to prevent trains from transporting nuclear materials. In America, some environmentalists have destroyed tractors and other machines used to destroy nature. For these environment is more important than following laws.

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    Have you ever stopped to wonder about things, especially something new? Most people are blessed with the gift of curiosity. We like to discuss our views of how such-and-such works or how such-and-such happend. という文なのですが ラストの一文,We like ~のところがうまく訳せないので 教えていただきたいです。お願いします。

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    In the new settlements abroad――New France, New Sweden, New Amsterdam, Nova Caledonia, New South Wales, New Zealand, and so many others――adaptation became even more important. Settlers could bring only a minimum of possessions from the old country to the new land. They had to manufacture the other tools which they needed after arriving at their new locations. If familiar raw materials were not available, they had to adapt the raw materials of the new land to their purposes. They environment. Thus geographic mobility and self-sufficient family units encouraged invention and adaptation. 翻訳サイトの使用は控えて頂けると嬉しいです。ご助力お願い致します。

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    ネットを見てたら気になる英語のサイトを見つけたのですが、英語が全くわからず訳すに訳せず、翻訳サイトを使ってもしっくりこないものとなってしまうのでどなたか和訳をお願いします。 Food faddism is as an exaggerated belief in the impact of food and nutrition on health and disease. Food faddists insist that food and nutrition are more significant than science has established. Such thinking frequently leads people to overestimate the beneficial effects of some foods (e.g., whole grains such as unpolished rice) and condemn others (e.g., refined sugars, flour and grains such as polished rice). Apprehension about particular foods or food components or about food manufacturing processes has led many people to adapt unorthodox food practices and to seek nonconventional approaches to nutrition. Many sensible, sincere people are also motivated to seek alternative food styles for ecological reasons. They are worried about environmental pollution through the use of agricultural chemicals and have turned to“organic” and other types of“health” foods. People have been led to believe that food grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers but with the application to the soil of natural fertilizers and other organic matters are more nourishing and less hazardous. They put an absolute faith in“organic” food and, as a corollary, ask for provision of evidence of absolute safety, an unrealistic and unattainable goal, with the application of new technologies such as genetic engineering to food production. When scientists discover that some component in a conventional food staff can be the risk factor for some life-style related disease, many people lose their faith in conventional nutrition and adopt approaches with the emphasis on new materials. Heightened health awareness caused by increase in information transfer, mainly through the mass media, has created expectations that at present exceed the ability of science to deliver. So-called health hustlers with application of pseudoscience take advantage of this situation. They promote tailor-made products and systems, which they insist, help one to resist disease, improve overall health or slow the aging process

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    We believe customers expect the same quality of products and service from our licensees as they do from us and we strive to ensure customers have the same experience whether they visit a company-operated or licensed store.

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     Gone foe the most part are the days when parents decreed and children bowed meekly. More often now, parents (and aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friend and neighbors)consult extensively with the bride-to-be or groom-to-be and find out what they would like in a partner. Then keeping in mind their offspring's interests, temperament and family background, they send out feelers into the community. In Indian communities all over the world, once they locate likely prospects, they create a venue (often a party at a common friend's home )for the young people to meet informally. If the "couple" like each other, they are encouraged to meet again, so that they may get to know each other. The final decision - to marry or to look further - is theirs to make.  Friends, who have been brought up on a diet of Hollywood movies where couples go off starry-eyed into the sunset, are still suspicious. "But how can you stand to marry someone you don't love?" they ask. "How can you be happy together?"

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    下記の翻訳の和訳をお願いできませんでしょうか? Fashion remanufacturing is a process of disassembling discarded garments to recover materials, re-cut and re-design them, and re-making in to new garments, explains Geetha Dadigamuwage from the UK's Sustainable Consumption Institute at Manchester University. "(It) recovers the intrinsic value of material and restores the discarded product back to its useful life instead of being downcycled into low value products. The process also reduces the requirement of virgin materials and hence reduces the environmental impact causing in raw material production and processing.

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    どなたか、下記の文の和訳おねがいします。 Ah the British sense of humour varies from place to place but in general we like sarcasm. As for my personal group of friends and family (including myself), we like banter. We like to mock each other jokingly and usually rudely :P. And a lot of people I have met are just the same. Obviously I can't speak for the whole of britain, just the things I know! To be able to call each other names and know not to take it seriously is a good measure of friendship I believe haha

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    We can only think wisely about what we actually know. No person, however intelligent, can ever "know" the Earth. Since none of us can really know more than a small part of this world,"global thinking" is an illusion. Wendell Berry, the writer and philosopher, warns of the many harmful consequences of "Thinking Big." He understands the limits of human intelligencee and admires the age-old wisdom of "thinking little." To learn how to "thinking little," Berry recommends that we start with the basics of life: food, for example. How do we confront the giant agribusiness firms that now control 85% of the world trade of rice, wheat, corn, and other grains, or the four big corporations that raise and sell most of the chickens that Americans eat? These large businesses produce food cheaply but destroy small, independent family farms. Moreover, the pesticides and other farm chemicals they use ruin the quality of farmland and water and contaminate the food supply. The first step in dealing with agribusiness is to realize that all global companies have to operate locally. Only at the level of the neighborhood grocery store or supermarket can they sell their products. It is here, at the grassroots, that people can oppose the big food corporations most effectively and wisely. People at the grassroots are beginning to understand that there is no need to "Think Big" in order to free the food they eat from agribusiness control. They are learning simply to say "No" to cheap fast-food products, while buying local organically produced food that is safe to eat and does not damage the environment. One interesting reaction to global agribusiness is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). This growing grassroots movement is teaching people in towns and cities how to buy from local farmers who grow healthy crops. By supporting local food, farms, and farmers, CSA members are providing an alternative to "industrial eaters." Industrial eaters are people who care only about buying food at the lowest prise and ignore the harm done by transnational agribusiness. よろしくお願いします。