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Those who do not conform find it hard to prosper in society. I very much fear that the first type of individualism, however, is now extremely common in japan. The young have taken up this negative form of individualism as a way of rebelling against authorities, school and parents. This is largely because the second type of individualism is not well understood in japan and not tolerated if it is. Administrators, teachers and parents do not know enough how to “bring out” the best in those under them. Europe has been able to produce an endless stream of original minds and intellectual geniuses of all kinds because of the existence and enkouragement of this creative individualism. Intellectual freedom and mental stimulation are the secret of European people's succes―as pioneers of ideas, ideals and attitudes; as inventors and “discoverers”. 少し長いですがよろしくお願いします。


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集団に同化しない人々は、社会で成功するのは難しいと気付きます。 しかし、最初のタイプの個人主義が、現在、日本でとても日常的になっているのを、私はとても恐れます。 若者は、当局、学校、親への反抗の方法として、この否定的な形の個人主義を利用するようになりました。 これは、主として、第2のタイプの個人主義が日本で十分理解されないからで、もしそれが理解されれば、大目に見られることがなくなるからです。 役人、教師、親は、彼らの下にいる人々の「長所を引き出すべき」方法について十分にわからないのです。 ヨーロッパは、この様な創造的な個人主義が存在し奨励されるために、あらゆる種類の独創的な精神や知的な天才の無限の流れを生み出すことができました。 知的な自由と精神的な刺激は、思想、理想、態度の先駆者としての; また、 発明者と「発見者」としての ― ヨーロッパの人々の成功の秘訣なのです。





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    Enhancement technologies give those who can use them an edge and have often been criticised for the injustice that this supposedly creates. But we have always enhanced ourselves and our environment in ways that are not immediately available to all: education and medicine are obvious examples, but synthetic sunshine is perhaps closest to synthetic biology. Before fires, candles, lamps and other forms of man-made light, most people went to sleep when it got dark. Candles enabled social life and work to continue into and through the night and conferred all sorts of advantages on those who couldn't or didn't. Contemporary and future biological enhancements may create problems of injustice both in that they provide a means for some to gain an advantage (those who read by candlelight gain a way that others do not), and because they may create unfair pressures as a result of the capabilities conferred by enhancement (like the pressure to stay up late and read or work because one can). The solution is establishing “fair” working hours and provision, at public expence if necessary, of sources of light-not banning candles. The solution is a combination of regulation and distributive justice, not a Luddite rejection of technology. よろしくお願いします。

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    経済英語の和訳を冷やかし無しでお願いします・・。 Before developing these propositions, the term industrial enterprise needs to be defined. Used in a broad sense, it means bere a large private, profit-oriented business firm involved in the handling of goods in some or all of the successive industrial processes from the procurement of the raw material to the sale to the ultimate customer. Transportation enterprises, utilities, or purely financial companies are not then included in this study, while those firms concerned with marketing and with the extraction of raw materials as well as those dealing with processing or manufacturing do fall within this definition. An industrilal enterprise is thus a subspecies of what Werner Sombart has described as the capitalistic enterprise, which as "an independent economic organism is created over and above the individuals who constitute it. This entity appears then as the agent in each of these transactions and leads, as it were, a life of its own, which often exceeds in length that of its human members."

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    And should we defeat every enemy, and should we double our wealth and conquer the stars, and still be unequal to this issue, then we will have failed as a people and as a nation. For, with a country as with a person, "what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" There is no Negro problem. There is no Southern problem. There is no Northern problem. There is only an American problem.This was the first nation in the history of the world to be founded with a purpose. The great phrases of that purpose still sound in every American heart, North and South: "All men are created equal." "Government by consent of the governed." "Give me liberty or give me death." And those are not just clever words, and those are not just empty theories. In their name Americans have fought and died for two centuries and tonight around the world they stand there as guardians of our liberty risking their lives. Those words are promised to every citizen that he shall share in the dignity of man. This dignity cannot be found in a man's possessions. It cannot be found in his power or in his position. It really rests on his right to be treated as a man equal in opportunity to all others. It says that he shall share in freedom. He shall choose his leaders, educate his children, provide for his family according to his ability and his merits as a human being. To apply any other test, to deny a man his hopes because of his color or race or his religion or the place of his birth is not only to do injustice, it is to deny Americans and to dishonor the dead who gave their lives for American freedom. どなたかお願いします。

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    Today I brought your presents to work. All my colleagues were very happy ... but also very surprised (this is very unusual in European culture). Ok ... it's probably unusual in every part of the world except Japan :) It's too kind for th rest of the world. And all my colleagues hope you will come back to Belgium soon ... because they all like the crackers :) But no one is hoping you come back as much as I do ... 以上です。ありがとうございました。

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    和訳をお願いします 1As is often in this part of the country, the graveyard is around the church. 2As is so often pointed out , knowledgee is a two-edged weapon. 3In the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere the winds do not aalways blow in the same direction as they do on the earth's surface. 1・・・・・・この地方では墓地は教会のまわりにある as is often the case ならよくあることだがなんですが 2よく指摘される事だが・・・・ 3地球の大気の上層では・・・・ よろしくお願いします

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    Japanese are fond of saying that Japan is a very small country and America a very large country. America is not the largest country in the world, and Japan is not the smallest. If one limits oneself to the forty-eight states that are the main part of the country, the United States is not even the largest country in the western hemisphere. Brazil is larger. Japan, on the other hand, is larger than any European country except France and the Soviet Union, and about the same size as two Germanies combined. Yet it remains true that America is a much larger country than Japanese. The area of the forty-eight adjoining states is more than twenty times that of Japan, which is almost exactly the same size as the third largest of the forty-eight, Montana.

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    Yes very much, people of japan are hard working, they have their own and beautiful culture and traditions:) also as much i know, they are of helping nature too and i don't think there is any reason that one shouldn't like japan. Although good and bad people are everywhere but in fact after my country i like japan most in this world. What do you think about India? 和訳して下さいm(_ _)m

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    This operation requires the special device. Considering that in such situation of crisis the availability of this device, is not sure as for example because of absence of the electric power supply line, it could be interesting to keep a manual handling device available, stored in the facility and mentioned in the procedures. 和訳と、文法解説をお願いします。 宜しくお願いします。

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    5. What foods do you like to eat :D ? 6. Which foods do you not like D:< ? 7. What do people in the US eat that you think is gross? 8. Explain how you perceive your own culture in Japan: 9. What are some of the things you love about your culture in Japan? (traditions, values, practices etc.) 10. What do you think the US and Japan have in common?

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    Anyway, the funny thing is I have not dated once in those 12 years, because I sense pitfalls and know about age gap problems, and sometimes I do that goofy formula that says the appropriate age to date is half yours plus seven years (or older). sometimes以下の和訳をよろしくお願いします