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The hospital received thousands of get-well cards and requests to adopt Scarlett. A letter writing contest was held to determine the best owner for this heroic feline. Letters came from as far away as Egypt and Japan. もう、なにがなんだか、、、わかりません;; get-well?そこらへんから、、、、 助けてください~


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大意は、 「病院は何千通ものお見舞いと、スカーレットを貰い受けたいという趣旨の手紙を受け取った。 この勇敢なフェリンのために最もふさわしい飼い主を決定するべく、手紙のコンテストが行われた。手紙には、はるか遠くエジプトや日本から来たものもあった。」 といったところです。 「get-well cards」は「早くよくなってね」という「お見舞いの手紙」です。 「adopt」は普通「養子にする」ですが、この場合は「Scarlett(heroic feline=勇敢なフェリン(猫科の動物)の名前)」を「飼うために貰い受ける」の意です。 ご参考になれば幸いです。



お早い解答ありがとうございます。 なるほど「~card」までで、一つの意味でしたか、、、分かりました。大変参考になりました。


  • どのような意味でしょうか

    My friend and I enjoy writing letters and receiving things via regular mail. For my birthday, she told me to watch the mailbox because she was sending me something. Well, long story short, nothing arrived. I did get cards from other people in the mail. She also has my email address, but no birthday greetings came that way, either. came that way,はどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • My mother accepted things as they w

    My mother accepted things as they were and was determined to make the situation work out well. --- accept:受け入れる、認める、引き受ける determine:決心する、限定する、終結させる --- were and wasあたりが理解できません・・・ どのように訳せばいいのでしょうか 回答をお願いします

  • 和訳をよろしくお願いします

    Dear Annie: After reading the letters from "Tired of the Tips" and "Yes, I Have Tried Excedrin," who suffer from migraines and don't want to hear any more "helpful tips" from well-meaning friends, I'd like to offer another point of view. I, too, suffer from migraines, and I occasionally receive "new medical information" from friends. Though it's never actually been helpful as far as relieving my migraine pain goes, I appreciate that these people are showing concern for my well-being. I wouldn't want them to get the impression (which they might get from the aforementioned letters) that they deserve ridicule for their thoughtfulness. -- Another Migraine Sufferer Dear Another Migraine Sufferer: The intention was not to ridicule so much as to point out that unsolicited advice, however well-intentioned, can rub the recipient the wrong way, especially regarding health issues. The intention was not to ridicule so much as to point out that unsolicited advice, however well-intentioned, can rub the recipient the wrong way, の和訳をよろしくお願いします(not~so much asがわかりにくいです)

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    3)Create an original post in which you explain what you feel is romantic poetry as defined in Preface to Lyrical Ballads, and then analyze how well "Lines Written..." fulfills the definition. Do you like the poem? ディスカッションボードに上記の事についてオリジナルポストを投稿しなければならないのですが、何について書けばいいのかいまいちよくわかりません。上記の英文の意味を教えてください。 ちなみにこの分の前には下記のような事が書かれております。 1)Read the Preface to Lyrical Ballads to determine the unique vision of these poets as they helped define a movement in poetry. 2)Read "Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye During a Tour, July 13, 1798” and determine if this poem fulfills the goals of the romantic poet as outlined in the Preface to Lyrical Ballads.

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。日本人向けに注意書きがあったんですがすみませんが意味を教えて下さい。お願いします。 I hope that this finds you well. I received the exchange of email below from AAA  Brands as we handle all the apparel and accessory business for BBB as well as all its international distribution relationships. Would you mind sending information about your CCC, the type of brands (domestic and international) that you represent, and how you would like to plan to sell BBB accessories in Japan? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    I've always invested in a couple of go-to outfit: smart-looking ensembles that I can wear in a variety of situations and I know I look sharp. This is worth spending some extra money on, I think ― go to a nice store and get a couple of chic outfits that you'll have ready to go on a moment's notice. That helps up internally as well as externally. ここでのensembleとhelps upの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    I am 15, have ADHD, and am currently enrolled in an online school and taking a college course. My father is in the last stages of ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He has a tracheotomy and everything. A few months ago we moved to a new state because my father is dying and we want him to spend his last days with his family. I have been living with this for five years now. I don’t really have too many experiences making friends; I either get down shot, dropped, their parents get in the way, or they just don’t call. I have made a few online friends, but none IRL. It never really impacted me as much as one would think, but for the last few years I have been keeping to my thoughts a lot. I may also have a certain form of autism (HF) as well. I either get down shot, droppedとkeeping to my thoughtsはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    アメリカのネットショップでアパレルを購入しようと思っているんですが、Q&Aがありました。ちょっと意味がわかりません。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?お願いします。 Did you also stop producing shoes and T-shirts as well as bags and purses? Answer Shoes are discontinued. We could possibly allow you to develop t-shirts with the vintage logo.

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    Ok sorry all I make you upset will not do again and good to know you as well bye thank you. ”わかったよ すべては私があなたの気分を悪くさせた。もうそんなことはしない。 あなたがそんな人だとわかってよかった。 さよなら ありがとう”

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    And I always get excited when I see an email on my phone, but not unless it's from you...because.. well, do I have to say...