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先日、Aliexpressで注文したのですが、このようなメッセージが返ってきました。 Hi, (名前), we checked with DHL, your address post code (郵便番号) is remote area for DHL shipping, can we send your order via UPS? We can keep the same shipping cost for you. Look forward to hearing from you soon. So could you let us know what you would like to declare and how much to value on the shipping invoice to reduce your country customs tax for you? 意味がわからず、困っております。 こちらから何かしないといけないのでしょうか? 翻訳の程、宜しくお願いします。 また、できましたらどうすればよいのかも教えてください。


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  • ecoyan
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はじめまして。 親切な売り手さんのように見えます。 内容はNo.1の方の回答が正しいと思いますので、訳は書きませんが、私のわかる範囲で補足いたします。 UPSを調べたところ、下記のちゃんとした(宅配?)業者のようです。 http://www.ups.com/asia/jp/jpnindex.html 伝票番号とかを入れると出荷状態などが調べられるみたいです。 私も外国の友だちにプレゼントを送るときに、価格を書く欄があるのですが、あまり高いと関税がかかるのかと思い、適当に安い値段を書いています。(関税がかかるかどうかは確かではないのですが) ですので、(これは100%確かとは言えないのですが)半分くらいの価格として書いてもらっても良いのではないかと思います。 ということで、完璧な英語ではありませんが、下記のように書けば相手には通じると思います。 (ほかの回答者の方がもっと良い英語を教えて下さったらそっちを使ってくださいね。) (相手の名前) Thank you for your message. UPS is Ok with me. Regarding the value of shipping invoice, please declare the price as $500(半額の値段を入れる)if it is possible for you. Again, thank you for your kind attention. (自分の名前)



  • 海外通販でのメール 

    ↓のようなメールが届いたのですが、自動翻訳を使ってもいまいち意味が分かりません。翻訳できる方お願いしたいです。 We just received inventory and is in the process of shipping to you. However, we find the shipping cost to ship to you via UPS or DHL as your original choice was way too high for us to cover. Here is a list of choice to ship to you: USPS Priority Mail International $56.00 USD 6-10 business days USPS Priority Mail Express International $74.87 USD 3-5 business days UPS Worldwide Expedited® $82.76 USD 4-5 business days UPS Worldwide Saver® $84.79 USD 2-3 business days DHL Express Worldwide $85.52 USD 2-4 business days As you can see, Dhl and UPS are around 90$, we won't be able to cover the difference. We can use USPS priority to ship to you if that's ok with you, we will cover the extra charges. However I do need to let you know USPS is less reliable and a lot slower than UPS and DHL. It might take more than one month for your order to arrive after it's shipped. If you do not might the wait, we will ship it out via USPS priority for you. If you would like to use UPS or DHL, we will have to charge you the difference I'm so sorry about that. Or we can cancel your order for you if shipping is not ideal. Also, we need to inform you, you will be charged custom fees for importing U.S. goods into your country.Customs and import fees are separate from the shipping cost and are paid directly to your country's customs for importing USA goods - we have nothing to do with it nor have any control over these fees. You are responsible for any local customs, fees and duties on your order. You will either be contacted by your local delivery courier or UPS via phone and/or email. Failure to pay for import customs or refusal of the order will result in the items being shipped back to us. If the order is sent back to us, then you are responsible for the original shipping expenses, as well as any additional duties, fees, customs or taxes incurred in shipping the package back to us. We are very sorry in regards of the shipping situation. We wish we have more control over it and wish we are able to help more. Please let us know what works for you. Best, Chloe

  • 翻訳お願いします、サイトで翻訳してみたのですが、いまいちわかりませんで

    翻訳お願いします、サイトで翻訳してみたのですが、いまいちわかりませんでした よろしくお願いします。 This wheel is available now. The total you are looking for is $1460.00 ( 4 wheels & shipping ) 195 per rim *4=$780.00 shipping by ocean fright $680 For the import tax duty ,we are not able to get the amount for you,when the package arrive to Japan then your country custom house should contact to you for the tax payment,or you may ask for broker to help you on this. for the payment we will request money wire,please feel free contact to me if you are ready to place this order.

  • 翻訳お願いします

    Thank you for your reply. Please find the quotation as below. After your confirmation we will send you the proforma invoice. For the payment we can accept 100% T/T in advance (wire transfer).

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  • hrsmmhr
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DHLでは送れない(料金がかさむ?)からUPSで送りたいが、それでよいか聞いてます 費用は前と同じらしいです それと入国の際にかかる関税をうまく減らせるようにインボイスを書こうと思うが どう書いておいたらいいのかを聞いてきてます 個人輸入(?)でも関税が上乗せされて運送会社から受け取る際に請求されます 何をいくら買ったのかわかりませんし、関税は詳しくありませんので、そのアドバイスは控えます



  • 通販のため海外のショップとやりとりをしています。以下のようなメールがき

    通販のため海外のショップとやりとりをしています。以下のようなメールがきたのですが、どう翻訳していいか分かりません。教えて下さい。 we will credit your for them and you can have the HALTER TOP for free to make up for the return shipping costs.

  • 英語の翻訳お願いします。

    輸入ブルーレイを海外から購入したところ、違う商品が送られてきちゃいました。 ネットで例文を引用してなんとか【間違ったの送り返すから正しいの送って下さい】 というのを、海外の取引先にメールしたところ、以下の長文が送られてきて無料の翻訳を使ってみたのですが、ちんぷんかんぷんで。。。 長文ですが、どうか宜しくお願いします。 body We are happy to reimburse for return shipping up to $10.00 for international orders when the return is due to our error. For a return on box sets or where the return shipping is more than $6.00 due to item size or weight, please contact us for preauthorization and a receipt for the shipping will need to be emailed or faxed to us. Delivery confirmation, insurance, mailers and expedited shipping costs are not included as reimbursable items. Another option we offer are partial refunds in lieu of returning items that have minor case damage or scratches or we can send you a replacement case for single disc CD's or DVD. Please ask your customer service representative for this option if you are interested. **To expedite the return process, please cut your shipping label from the mailer your order arrived in and include it with the return form found at the link below. This will have much of the information we need to identify your order. Please be as detailed as possible below so we can ensure proper handling of your return. For defective or damaged items, we will ship you another brand new, item once we receive the defective/damaged one back at the warehouse (with RAF completed). Please note: Region errors are not considered defective. For incorrect items received due to packing or listing errors, we will ship you the correct item as soon as the incorrect item is received into our warehouse (with RAF completed) or completely refund your order if it is determined we are unable to obtain the correct item due to a listing or UPC error. For all other returns (dont want, region error, duplication) a refund minus S&H will be processed after we receive the item back in our warehouse (with RAF completed). Please explain the reason for the return. Return shipping will not be reimbursed. 以上です。 よろしくお願いします。。。

  • 海外通販の翻訳をお願いします

    英語は苦手なのですが、海外通販をしました。 イギリスの化粧品のショップでネイル用品アイシャドウなどを購入したのですが 注文し、発送の連絡後の約2週間後に下記のメールが届きました。 ネイルポリッシュが原因でロイヤルメールで送れないようなのです。 詳しい内容は英語力不足で理解できません。 下記のメールの翻訳をお願いします。 そして、注文してから日数もたっているし、ネイルポリッシュが一番欲しかったものなので 他の商品もすべてキャンセルし、払い戻しをしてほしいのですが可能でしょうか? 支払いはペイパルで済ませてます。 どうぞ、宜しくお願い致します。 Thank you for your recent order place on ○○○. As you are aware, the Royal Mail has recently place restrictions on hazardous packages (including nail polishes) shipping out of the UK. Having spent the last few days trying to get clarity on the whereabouts of your order, we can now confirm that the Royal Mail has returned your parcel to us. We apologise for the inconvenience this has cause you. Please be reassured we have been working hard to resolve the situation and we are pleased to announce that we have found a solution. We have found an alternative delivery provider for all ○○○ international deliveries who will deliver your order using your local postal service within your country. With this new solution ALL our overseas customers can order as much nail varnish as they like without concern and without us having to increase deliver charges. We would now like to know if you would like your order resent to you (at no further cost to yourself) or if you would prefer a refund for your order. Please let us know what the best option would be for you and we will organise this straight away. Once again please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you. Kind regards,

  • 通販のため、海外のお店とやりとりをしています。

    通販のため、海外のお店とやりとりをしています。 以下のようなメールがきたのですが、よく分かりません。翻訳お願いします。 特に「credit」の解釈の仕方が分かりません。 よろしくお願いします。 we will credit your for them and you can have the HALTER TOP / Solid Teal for free to make up for the return shipping costs.

  • 翻訳お願いします!

    ここのカテゴリーであってるかわからないのですが。。。 ネットで買い物をしました 商品代金と送料込みの値段を支払ったあとにこんなメールが来ました はじめのメール hi, thanks for your purchase.your watches will be wrapped with bubble wrapper and put in a box with styrofom.we can only post the items on tuesday(post office is close on sunday and monday is a public holiday).we will inform you once we post and declare your items at $60 .is this ok?thanks ここで$60ドルといわれている意味がわからないのと送料$9支払っているので聞いてみました 次のメール hi there, what i mean $60 is the declaration to custom(just to write $60 in the declare form).if i declare the actual value i'm afraid thatyou may be tax in your country. i am not sure about your country tax payable.the carriage is $9 with tracking no.you already made all the payment and you don't have to pay anyhings else.thanks 追加分 hi, i will post the item in a box. i will let know the tracking no. after i post it.i think you misunderstood my good intention about shipping and custom declaration.if you have any doubt, please message me. thanks 以上です 英語に堪能なかた教えていただけないでしょうか?

  • 翻訳出来る方、教えて下さいm(_ _)m

    翻訳出来る方、教えて下さいm(_ _)m   The freight offer was based on AIR CARGO  not on DHL  this time.  But the Japanese forwarder (partner of Panalpina)  does not accept to make customs clearance for private persons, except if the supplier pre-pays the import duties.  So they are the following 2 solutions now:  1)      We send your shipment by DHL  as allways        -  The freigth charge is Euro 180,00 higher than  with air cargo.  You could pay this difference of Euro 180,00 to us together with your next order 2)      We send it by air cargo  and accept to prepay the Japanese customs duties.  In that case we will send you the invoice for the customs duties after we paid it and will ask you to pay it back to us  by PayPal or bank remittance  Please let us know which solution you prefer.  Your shipment cannot be dispatched before we answer to the forwarder.  Sorry for this inconvience.

  • 翻訳をお願いします。

    翻訳をお願いします。 海外の方がネットで商品を購入していただき、その後に来たメールです。 Hi thank you for helping me. Yes I will take all. Please send me an invoice. On the shipping invoice can you please put a lower value.. put USD200 or less... I don't want to pay more taxes.. いまいち意味がわからなく、よろしくお願いします。

  • 海外通販で困っております

    海外通販をしています。 この様なメールが来ましたがよく分かりません。 どなたか英語が得意な方ご教授ください。 私は相手側にどの様な対応をすれば良いのでしょうか? Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We apologize for the delayed response. In regards to your inquiry we do need you to contact us to verify this order. We will need you to provide the billing and shipping information pertaining to this order along with the last four digits of the credit card used and the cardholder name. Also for this order to be approved we will need you to send in a copy of the credit card used with the last four digits and cardholder name visible. This can be faxed or emailed to us. Please be sure to include your order number.

  • 海外通販のVATについて翻訳お願いします

    海外通販のサイトで、海外配送を選択しても表示価格がVAT込みの価格のままだった為、 VATは免税にならないか問い合わせしたところ、下記の内容で返事が来ました。 どうやら免税にはならないようなのですが・・・ その理由がよく分かりません。 §4 No. 1 a §6 UStG が特に意味不明なのですが どなたか翻訳お願いできないでしょうか。 The price shown on the webpage will be same amount stated on your invoice. However, your delivery will be a tax exempt export and therefore, according to §4 No. 1 a §6 UStG the invoice amount contains no VAT. So, to answer your question, the VAT will not be deducted. For futher questions do not hesitate to contact us again.

  • 英語を日本語に翻訳してください

    How much money would you want to declare?We can declare any value as your request. The frame are already, just wait 2pcs spare derailleur hanger, will be sent you the all goods at these days.