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翻訳サイト以外での 和訳をお願いしますm(__)m Shopping fulfills your desires, just as eating something delicious at dinnertime does. Because seeing something we like encourages us to work harder so that we can buy it next time we go shopping. It is a coined word combining ゛shopping" and ゛alcoholic", and literally means a person who cannot stop shopping, just as an alcoholic cannot stop drinking. The truth may be that, while shopping seems to be a kind of therapy, it can never work as a true medicine.



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買い物はあなたの望みを満たします、ちょうど夕食で何か美味しいものを食べることと同じです。 自分の好きな物を見ることで、私達はもっと懸命に働こうという気持ちになります。だから次に買い物に行く時に、それを買うことができるのです。 ※ it の指しているものが不明です。買い物に行って、好きなものが一つだけしかない、という状況がつかみにくいです。もし一つしかないなら買い物依存症にはならないと思います。 それは「買い物」と「アルコール中毒」か造られた造語でてす。そして文字どおりには「買い物をやめられない人」という意味になります。ちょうどアルコール中毒者が飲酒をやめられないのと同じです。 「買い物が一種の治療法だと思われる一方で、本来の医薬品のような効果はない」というのが、真実なのかも知れない。



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ショッピングとは欲求を満たすものである。それはおいしい食事を取ることに似ている。 つまり欲しいものを眺めることが我々の労働意欲を促進し、次にはそれを手に入れることが出来るという寸法だ。 それは“ショッピング”と“アルコール中毒”を組み合わせた新語であり、文字通りアルコール中毒患者が飲酒を止められないのと同様、ショッピングをせずにはいられない人を意味する。 その真相とはこういうものだろう。ショッピングを通じてある種の心理療法の効果は期待できるのだが、決して根本的治療にならないということである。



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    Happiness is not something that happens. It is the result of good fortune or random chance. It is not something that money can buy or power command. It does not depend on outside events, but, rather, on how we interpret them. People who learn to control inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy. Yet we cannot reach happiness by consciously searching for it. It is by being fully involved with every detail of our lives, whether good or bad, thatv we find happiness, not by trying to look for it directly. ========================== Thanks to reason, our status could - philosophers proposed - be settled according to an intellectual conscience, rather than being abandoned to the whims and emotions of the market square. And if rational examination revealed that we had been unfairly treated by the community, philosophers recommended that we be no more bothered by the judgment than we would be if we had been approached by a confused person bent on proving taht two and two amounted to five. この2つの文章を和訳して下さい。 よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m汗

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    大学入試の過去問を解いていて、分かりにくいところがありました。 下記の英文の和訳をお願いします。片方だけでも構いません。 (1) The fundamental nature and meaning of music lie not in objects, not in musical works at all, but in action, in what people do. It is only by understanding what people do as they take part in a musical act that we can hope to understand its nature and the function it fulfills in human life. Whatever that function may be, I am certain, first, that to take part in a music act is of central importance to our very humanness, as important as taking part in the act of speech, which it so resembles, and second, that everyone is born with the gift of music no less than with the gift of speech. (2) So far as I know the word “musicking” does not appear in any English dictionary, but it is too useful a conceptual tool to lie unused.

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    “Show your loved ones you appreciate them by doing something nice; it can be as simple as saying ‘thanks’.” を訳したいのですが、とくに公判の文のニュアンスに迷ってます

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    下の文を和訳していただけませんか? The1997 Kyoto Protocol, the first international agreement on global warming, was adopted in Kyoto, Japan. Since Then, scientists have made it clear that global warming cannot be stopped or reversed. We will have to deal with climate change and the resulting problems, such as flooding, rising sea levels, desertification, and gradual changes in food supplies for the rest of our lives. Although global warming cannot be stepped or reversed, scientists think that it can be slowed, that some of its negative effects can be lessened, and that some of its worst effects can be prevented. It will be necessary for all countries to mitigate, in other words, to take steps to make the effects of global warming less severe, and to adapt to changing climate. Four countries have already taken steps to mitigate and adapt.

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    It should be borne in mind,' says Dr. Buckland, that the object of the account was, not to state in what manner, but by whom the world was made.' Every one must see that this is an unfounded assertion, inasmuch as the greater part of the narrative consists in a minute and orderly description of the manner in which things were made. We can know nothing as to the object of the account, except from the account itself. What the writer meant to state is just that which he has stated, for all that we can know to the contrary. Or can we seriously beleive that if appealed to by one of his Hebrew hearers or readers as to his intention, he would have replied, My only object in what I have written is to inform you that God made the world; as to the manner of His doing it, of which I have given so exact an account, I have no intention that my words should be taken in their literal meaning? We come then to this, that if we sift the Mosaic narrative of all definite meaning, and only allow it to be the expression of the most vague generalities, if we avow that it admits of no certain interpretation, of none that may not be shifted and altered as often as we see fit, and as the exigencies of geology may require, then may we reconcile it with what science teaches. This mode of dealing with the subject has been broadly advocated by a recent writer of mathematical eminence, who adopts the Bucklandian hypothesis, a passage from whose work we shall quote.

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    I cannot say everything on 〇 address because it is sometimes checked if they pick up key words. About us, I just wanted you to know: 私は〇のアドレスで全てをいう事ができない、なぜかというと時々チェックがあるから。もし彼らが私たちのキーワードをひろったら、私はあなたを知りたかった??? If you fall in love a japanese boy who can be with you every day, I cannot compete with that. If that ever did happen I hope we can still be good friends mail and see each other. もしあなたが日本の彼氏ができたらいつも(その彼と)一緒にいられる、わたしは競うことはできない?? もしそれがいつか生じたら、私たちは、いい友達でいてメールをし、お互い会えたらいいと思う。 お願いします(*_*)

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    We (especially Jens) have added a bunch of new content to Minecraft that we want to get out asap, so there will be a content patch update next week with a whole pile of fun new toys, including a water mob and quite possibly paint if we can figure out how exactly it should work.

  • 和訳をお願いします

    We (especially Jens) have added a bunch of new content to Minecraft that we want to get out asap, so there will be a content patch update next week with a whole pile of fun new toys, including a water mob and quite possibly paint if we can figure out how exactly it should work

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    With this information. we can see that the human body maintains a very delicate balance between cell creation and cell destruction, when this balance is disrupted the result can be a potentially fatal health condition, cancer is a disease in which too little apoptosis occurs, as cancerous cells often are corrupted in ways that make them resistant to the natural death process and can continue multiplying until destructive tumors are created. On the other hand, in a body that suffers from too much apoptosis, degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's can arise. With the process of apoptosis playing such a vital role in human health, it is no surprise that researchers are continuously studying it. If we can learn how to artificially control the apoptosis of cells in our bodies, it could lead to treatments for many life-threatening illnesses.

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    So it comes as something of a shock to be told by the experts that human beings have takun life about as far as it can go. 上の文で用いられているit comes asのasはどのような用法でつかわれており、どのように訳したらいいのでしょうか。