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「彼らは、私の人生の先輩」ですを英語で言うにはどんな言葉が最適でしょうか? たとえば、 私にとってサリーさんとベティーさんは、私の人生の先輩で私は彼女達をとても尊敬しています。彼女らは非常に愛情深く、思いやりのある方々です。 人生の先輩は、「mentor for life 」又は 「mentors for life」かな?って考えてますが。。。 To me, Sally and Betty are the mentors for my life and I respect them very much. They are very loving and caring people. いかがでしょうか? ご意見、宜しくお願いします。


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「私にとって」と断っているので、mentors of the lifeぢゃないでしょうか。 Because Sally and Betty are mentors of the life for me, I respect them very much. They are very affectionate and considerate to everyone. 位になるんぢゃなかろうかと思います。



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    和訳お願いします (1)When people travel to other countries, they find that many things are different from the things in their own country. (2)It can be very hot in summer and very cold and snowy in winter. (3)People who come from hot countries often find that it is too cold for them in December, January, ane February. (4)It is sometimes difficult to talk to them on the street because they are always very busy and don't have much time.

  • 英語プレゼンテーション

    明日英語のプレゼンがあるのでどなたか添削をお願いします 英語に関しての知識が全くといっていいほど無いので、訂正して頂けるとありがたいです Hi,everyone. I am going to give a presentation about my parents. First of all, I respect my parents. Because they gave birth to me, and they brought me up. My father is a very severe person. I was not able to approach my father when I am young. Because he was taciturn and stern. However, he worked really hard. My father is office worker. He was working overtime almost everyday. He was going to work on Sunday. It is thanks to father that can spend snug life. I want to become father like him. In addition, My mother is a kind woman. She has brought me up heartily. She is very humorous. I am so happy when I talk with her. She works in supermarket about 3days a week. She succesfully combined her job and housework. She always disguise her sorrow. I suppose it shows her excellence. But it sometimes makes me worry about her very much. I regard them not only my good friend but also a mentor for life. I want to treasure our friendship forever. I have the utmost respect for my parents. Thank you very much for kind attention. こんにちはみなさん。私は両親について発表しようと思います。 まず、私は両親を尊敬しています。 なぜなら、私を産んで育ててくれたからです。 私の父はとても厳しい人です。 私は幼い頃父に近寄ることが出来ませんでした。 なぜなら、彼は顔が怖くて、無口だからです。 けれど、彼は仕事に一生懸命でした。 私の父は会社員です。彼はほぼ毎日残業をしていました。 彼は日曜日にも出勤していました。 私が何不自由なく暮らせるのは父のおかげです。 私は彼のような父親なりたいと思います。 更に、私の母はとても優しい女性です。 彼女は私を一生懸命育ててくれました。 彼女はとてもユーモラスです。 私は彼女と話している時、とても楽しいです。 彼女は私の職業選択の際に相談に乗ってくれました。 私の母は週3日ほどスーパーに勤めています。 彼女は仕事と家事を両立させています。 彼女はその苦労を決して顔には出しません。 それはすごいことだと思います。 しかし、私は時々彼女のことがとても心配になります。 彼らは私のよき友であり、人生の大先輩でもあります。 私はこれからも彼らとの絆を大事にしていきたいです。 私は両親をこの上なく尊敬しています。 ご静聴ありがとうございました。

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    There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real.

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    (1)~(3)は、both - and -に書き換える問題です! (4)~(6)は、too + to-Vに書き換える問題です! 和訳もお願いします! (1)Mary is a Girl Scout. Betty is also a Girl Scout. (2)Sally is a fine baby-sitter. Daniel is a fine baby-sitter,too (3)The Pilgrims had a fine party. The Indians had a fine party,too (4)I am very tired.I can't work. (5)The ground is very soft.We cannot walk on it. (6)Mother, I can't wear this dress to the party. It's too old.

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    My childless sister “Sally” and I are close but are having a disagreement. Sally lives several hours away, and my 8-year-old daughter and I try to visit for the weekend about once per month. The problem is that my daughter has severe pet allergies, and Sally has two cats and a small terrier. Though she keeps her house as clean as possible, the very presence of these pets causes my daughter to sneeze, congest, and sometimes break out in hives. break out in hivesはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    以下の英文を訳していただけませんか? When you find that man who is very loving and caring to you... do not let a day go by where he doesnt feel that love from you. よろしくお願いします。

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    どなたか添削をお願いいたします。 Thank you for talking me to the oo and buy the present for my family yesterday. 今日はooを案内してくれて、家族にお土産まで買ってくれて昨日はありがとう。 I arrive at home 17:00. 家には17時には家に着いたよ。 I am glad that know your office and your place. あなたの職場も住まいもみれてよかった。 Also I am glad that I could see your pictures, I little bit understand how was your life. あなたの昔の写真をみて、あなたの過去の人生を少しわかった気がして嬉しかった。。 I think you are very blight, smart. あなたはとても明るくて賢いく育った人だと思った。 You must be tired today so please take a good rest. 今日はとても疲れたはずだから、ゆっくり休んでください。 When you can't sleep, please call and email me anytime. もし眠れない時は、いつでも電話でもメールでもしてください。 I am really healthy and nothing any problem on my body and health. それと、私はとても健康で、何の問題もないです。 I couldn't control any my life because God's plan our life,,, 神様の計画だから、私が全てはコントロールできなかった、様々な事を。

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    When I'm free, I usually read books or comics. It's because when I read them, I can feel as if I were in the world of them. For example, when characters fight against enemy in a story, I fight, too. When they feel sad, I feel so. Books and comics take me to various world and they are always exciting and surprising. Also, books and comics tell me many things. When I find that people who have opinions or thoughts which are utterly different from me, they often change my mind. For these reasons, I like reading very much, and it will continue to being the friend of my life. 文法、単語の使い方、文章構成などについて指導お願いします。

  • 宿題回答部分(英語)に自信がないので添削お願い致します。PART.2

    お世話さまです。 解答部分の英語添削お願い致します。よろしくお願いします!!!! Q:Could you get alone with a higher-ranking worker that is younger than you are? A:I have the confidence we get alone.Because I've already understood(known) that there are many younger people than I am who are better.Age has nothing to do with leadership.And It's difficult to judge their ability for age only.Anyway I'm lucky to meet them.because I think they are wonderful and I have a lot of respect for them! はい。自信があります。なぜなら私はすでに私より若い方で優れた方を大勢知っていいるからです。年齢は関係ないです。そして年齢のみで判断することは難しいと思います。とにかく、私は彼らをすごいと思うし、尊敬していますから、出会えたらラッキーだと思います。

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    Become an internationalist and learn to respect all life. Make war on machines. And in particular, the sterile machines of corporate death and the robots that guard them.