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以下の文なのですが、この人だけ翻訳サイトを利用してもチンプンカンプンです。 本当に困っているので、宜しくお願いします。 「i dont know what to do but relist i thought you have bought off ebay before i never had this problem before its been over two weeks and you cant figure it out wish i could do more, but i sent you invoice the rest is up to you trust me i want your money lol but dont know why you cant get to my pay pal account let know thanks」


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「イーベイを使ってお買い上げいただきました件につき、2週間以上に渡って、状況を再度リストアップするなどしてはおりますが、今回のような問題は過去に例がなく、当方も有効な打開策を見いだせないでおります。  お客様におかれましても、ご尽力いただいておりますのに、大変恐縮です。  残りのインボイスはお客様宛にお送りしておりますので、そこだけはご信用頂きたく存じます。  ご送金につきましては、お客さまにおかれまして、なぜ私どものペイパル口座がご使用いただけないか、分かりかねております。  その点につきまして、詳細情報を補足して頂けますと、幸いに存じます。」  原文がかなり崩れている感じですが、以上のような内容と思います。



本当に有難うございます!!!!! 助かりました!!!!!!

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少し修正して訳してみました。修正した英文が正しいかどうか判りませんが、以下の様です。 I don't know what to do but really I thought you have bought at ebay before. I never had this problem before. It has been over two weeks and you can't figure it out. I wish I could do more, but I sent you invoice. The rest is up to you. Trust me. I want your money (lol), but I don't know why you can't get to my pay pal account. Let me know. Thanks. 私はどうすべきかわかりませんが、本当に、私はあなたが前にebayで買い物をしたことがあると思いました。 私は、以前にこの種の問題にあったことは全くありません。 2週間以上になります、しかも、なたにはそれがわからない。 私がもっと役に立てればと思いますが、私はあなたにインボイスを送りました。 後は、あなた次第です。 私を信用して下さい。 私はあなたのお金が欲しいです(笑)、でも、私は、あなたがなぜ私のペイパルアカウントにアクセスできないかについて、わかりません。 連絡して下さい。 宜しく。



本当に有難うございます!!!!! 助かりました!!!!!!


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    外国人の方とメールをしていて分からない文があるので教えてください。よろしくお願いします。 I want to go to Japan. but i dont know When. So I will tell you If I go there,OK? where do you live in Japan??

  • 英語得意な方お願いします><

    自分で書いて英語詞です よかったら感想ください>< the memory of spending it together it's seeming to disappear few how many things have i done that i wanted to do with you i believed what you said and thought that you would be back someday im still waiting you do you see how much i need you? you dont stay with me even if i wish so much even if i wanna hear your voice you dont let me do so but i cant dislike you everytime i part from you i hold my tears so you won't notice if i cried i wonder if you'd come back what can i do for you to come back here? im still looking for the answer do you see how much i need you? you always disappear from here so easily you dont tell me anything true it hurts this much but i cant dislike you i wonder if we could go back like befoe there's a me that's still expecting but the more i expect the more it becomes painful so much that i cry i know how much i want to see you i really need you

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    多分お別れのmailなんだけど綺麗に訳してもらえませんか? it bothers me when you are late and leave so early.  we don't spend enough time together. when you walked out on me you crushed me. Maiko I love you but cant be with you anymore... Im sad but I want you to have a good life.  I know you want children later and  I cant give that to you.  I dont want to be selfish and waste your time. I dont want to hurt you.  I dont want you to regret life later.... Im letting you go because its better for your future.

  • 長文ですが、翻訳お願いします!

    i will agree to 160.00 as long as you do not mind sending it as a "gift" through pay pal so i dont get charged the pay pal fees to receive. i am not 100% sure the amount of sending certified will be ...i cant imagine it being more than $15.00 total including shipping costs/weight....if more than that i will let you know.....but i will make sure its insured so we have no problems.

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    至急お願いします。 誰か訳して下さい。 why did you wait so long to tell me I asked you before what you wanted to do and it lead up all the way here because both of us can't communicate so well being with you this summer my feelings for you grew day by day but this relationship is just a pause to me .. yea my love was real too .. i am going to miss my 2013 summer with you .. i dont know why the whole time we talked about the things we did.. but it was an encounter and an experience, because it was with you. thanks babe

  • 英語の文に関して。

    英語の文について質問があります!! ・what are some of the fun things to do in your city? って聞かれて、私大阪の者なんですが何も思い浮かばなくて 何か思いつきませんか? i dont know if you've ever been to LA but theres lots of things to do around here. 「この文は、君がLAに行ったことがあるか分からないけど、LAにはいろいろあるよ」的な感じで解釈していいんですかね?

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    以下文の翻訳をお願いいたします。 Well, I have not really dont that before, what are you thinking about and what do you think is fair price wise for me to send you those? I will have to ship them to my location first. お力をお貸しください。 宜しくお願いいたします。

  • 英語できるかた。。お願いします。

     昨日、私が好意を抱いている男の子(アメリカ人)とメールのやりとりをしました。(彼)how are you? i'm not too good. cause i hurt a close friend cause i cant love her. i love her with all my heart but i am not in love with her..do you know the difference between the two? i already told her how i feel and she will not date me. so now i feel alone.. i dont deserve love at all..not from anybody..ときたのですが。。。 彼とはほぼ毎日メールしています、彼からhow are you?や are you doing anything tonight?のようなフレーズからメールが始まる感じです。デートにも誘われました。。 彼は私に何を求めているのか、何と言ってほしいのでしょう??。。。困ってます。 よろしくお願いします。

  • この英語の歌詞を訳せる人いませんか?

    I didnt hear you leave I wonder how am I still here I dont want to move a thing It might change my memory Oh I am what I am Ill do what I want But I cant hide I wont go I wont sleep I cant breathe Until youre resting here with me I wont leave I cant hide I cannot be Until your resting here with me I dont want to call my friends They might wake me from this dream And I cant leave this bed Risk forgetting all thats been Oh I am what I am Ill do what I want But I cant hide I wont go I wont sleep I cant breathe Until youre resting here with me I wont leave I cant hide I cannot be Until your resting here with me よろしくお願いします。

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    すみません。 友人からメールもらったんですが英語読めません。。。 どなたか訳していただけませんか^^; Anyway I'm fine. Recently I'm getting bored.......Already I want to go back to Japan. I really miss Japan. Many my classmates do back to thier own countries, so I feel so sad, especially when I go to the airport to say good-bye to my friends. Oh, gosh. And my English didnt improve....... I dont know what should I do...... I know I have to study hard, but I cant... So, what I want to say is I want to go back to Japan as soon as possible. But dont worry about me, maybe in 2weeks I will be fine. Anyway take care,