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英作文に添削お願いします。 I respect Ai Miyazato who is a prefessional golfer.There are several reasons for it. First, she has a lot of victories, because she is tough.She has won the 1st prize many times from junior high school student until present time.Second, she is good at not only golf but also English.She has taken place in American tour since 2006, so she has spent a lot of time in Amica.At first, she coudn't speak English well, but she can speak it well now.Third, she always care her fashion.She choose her clothes by herself.She has an eye, so she is fashionable.Fourth, she has her motto;"Where there is a will, there is a way."(意志あるところに道はある)This motto strikes to the heart, so I like it.She has her own mind. It is reason why she is tough.For these seasons, I respect Ai Miyazato very much, so I am going to continue supporting her.


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I respect Ai Miyazato*[,] (who is) a prefessional golfer.There are [several→four] reasons for [it→this]. First, she has a lot of [victories→winning records], because she is [tough→working hard]. She has won the 1st prize many times *[from→since she was a] junior high school student until [present time→recently]. Second, she is good at not only golf but also English. She has taken *[place→part] in [many] American tour[s] since 2006, so she (has) spent a lot of time in Amica. At first, she coudn't speak English well, but she can speak it well now. Third, she always care her fashion. She [always] choose her clothes by herself. She has an eye [for fashion], so she is [always] fashionable [in front of us]. Fourth, she has her motto;"Where there is a will, there is a way."(意志あるところに道はある)This motto strikes *[me] to the heart, so I like it[, too]. She has her own mind. [It→This] is [the] reason why she is [always] tough. For these seasons, I respect [Ai Miyazato→her] very much[,→.] [so→So] I am going to continue supporting her. 人の見ていないところでがんばっているところがあなたとの共通点ですね.飾り気のない表現で,かえって好感を持てました. (不要) [追加] [削除→書きかえ] 欲張って訂正しすぎたようです.*マークだけの添削で十分です.参考にしてください.



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    私は毎日大学入試の過去問の英作文を書いているのですが、15日まで学校が閉まっていて先生に添削してもらうことが不可能なので、正しい英文なのかどうか分かりません。 どなたか添削お願いします。 (1)キャシーがいなくなって初めて彼女の優しさが分かりました。  It wasn't until Cathy vanished that I realized her kindness. (「いなくなる」をどう表現すればいいでしょうか?) (2)自分が持っているもので満足している人は幸いです。(what one hasを使って)  A person who is satisfied with what he has is happy. (3)彼女こそ君が話したいと思っていたその人ではありませんか。  She is the very person whom you have wanted to speak with, isn' she?

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    I am a mentee in a "future women leaders" program at my organization. I am paired with a director of a different department. She and I get along very well, but she is not on speaking terms with the director of my department, and has gone so far as to file a complaint against my immediate supervisor, a woman I respect greatly. So far, my mentor has not reached out to me to organize our first mentoring session. Perhaps it is because she is very busy, but I suspect it is also because she is basically at war with my department, going so far as to instruct some of her subordinates not to speak to my colleagues (although they still speak to me). I sent an initial, "Thank you, and I'm looking forward to working with you" email to her upon the human resources department informing us that we were paired together. I have not reached out to her again and haven't heard from her. I am not sure how I would handle any discussions about my department, in particular my supervisors, should it come up. should it come upの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    オーラルの授業で「友達」について10文弱と 「親」について10文弱を先生にスピーキング しないとなりません。 そこで私が考えた文に文法的に間違いがないかチェックしてくださいm(_ _"m)ペコリ スピーキングなので単語のスペルの間違いは 関係ないですo(*^▽^*)o 「友達」  I speak about my friend His name is Shirai We are the same age He is an industrious student His study hours was 16 hours a day when he was a high shcool student He passed the entrance of Tokyo University I respect him 「親」 My home is single-mother family My mother is in her 40s She divorced her husband 4 years ago She is a part-timer She has a serious nature She is a hard worker I respect her ですm(_ _"m)ペコリ どうかよろしくお願いしますm(_ _"m)ペコリ

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    大学入試対策の自由英作文なのですが、添削お願いします。 テーマは「尊敬している人物」についてです。 I respect my mother. She has taught my little brother,big sister and me what is right or bad,so we made few mistakes. Three years ago,she divorced our father and had to take care of us by herself. However she has never complained to us and has worked harder than before. I owe what I am to her,so I thank her much. できれば、英文の文法的な面だけでなく、内容的な面についてご指摘頂きたいです。 では、よろしくお願いします。

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    大学受験対策の自由英作文なのですが、添削よろしくお願いします。 テーマは「あなたが大事にしているもの」についてです。 I cherish a bag which is a black and expensive one. I found it three years ago,but I had no money to buy it,so I spared money in order to get it. Two weeks after that,I finally bought it and was delighted at it. It has been so tough that it is like a new one now. I wish to have it as long as possicle. では、よろしくお願いします。

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    This urge to say "I'll show them" could certainly explain why Victoria has succeeded in the way she has for, as she herself is the first to admit, there are many more talented performers out there who haven't had a smidgen of her success. ”彼らに見せてやるわ”と言ったこの衝動が何故ビクトリアを成功へ導いたかを確かに語っている。 (・・・・・・・・・・)、少しも成功することがなかった才能のあるパフォーマーがたくさんいる。 *上の文の”she has for”というのは、意味、文法上どのような役割ですか? あと、as she herself is the first to admit,の訳はどうなりますか?

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    同じ意味になるように穴埋めする問題 について答えあわせをお願いします 1、 IT IS CERTAIN THAT SHE HAS REMARKABLE ABILITY SHE IS CERTAIN 括弧1括弧2 REMARKABLE ABILITY 括弧1→GOING括弧2→TO でしょうか? 2、 THE GIRL IS SITTING OVER THERE. I LIKE HER. THE GIRL 括弧3括弧4括弧5 IS SITTING OVER THERE. 括弧3→ WHO 括弧4→ I 括弧5→ LIKE 3、 IT IS RAINY, SO I CAN NOT GO OUT NOW. IF IT 括弧6,I 括弧7 GO OUT NOW. 括弧6→ウェザー 括弧7→COULD 括弧に入る単語は正しいでしょうか? 頭の悪さに悲しくなりますが、これから勉強頑張りたいので教えて下さい

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    自分で和訳しました。 添削よろしくお願いします。 Over the course of the school year, Rose became a campus icon and easily made friends wherever she went. →学校の一年のその講習で、ローズはキャンパスの像になった、そしてすぐに友達を作り彼女はどこかに行った。 She loved to dress up and she enjoyed the attention bestowed upon her from the other students. →彼女は仮装するのが大好きで彼女は他の生徒から注目を授かり楽しんだ。 She was living it up. →彼女は生きていた。 At the end of the semester we invited Rose to speak at our football banquet. →学期が経過して私たちは私たちのフットボール宴会でローズに演説をしてもらうため招いた。 As she began to deliver her prepared speech, she dropped her note cards on the floor. →彼女は彼女の準備されたスピーチを述べ、彼女はメモ用紙を床に落とした。 Frustrated and a bit embarrassed, she leaned into the microphone and simply said, ゛I'm sorry I'm so nervous. →失望し少し決まり悪く、彼女はマイクに寄り掛かり簡単に言った、「すみません。私はとても臆病です。」 I gave up beer for forty days until Easter and this whiskey is killing me! →私は私をへとへとにさせるウイスキーとビールをイースターまでの四日間やめた。 I'll never get my speech back in order, so let me just tell you what I know." →私は決して私のスピーチの順番を戻さないだろう、だから私に話し方を教えて下さい。

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    1My grandmother gave me_it for my entrance celebration. 2I made fabric by my self with my grandmother. It has flower design. There is no oter fabric in the world. 3This book mame is nontan. This is the first book for me. 4This is the coolest_ball of all my own balls. よろしくお願いします

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    下記の英文の添削をお願い致します。 When I got up in the morning,I felt srtange atomoshere. I noticed my oclock aram did not go off.I had to go now. but I wanted to have a breakfast.I asked by myself what sholud I do. I made a decition I have a breakfast puickly. If I skip a breakfast,I feel bad and somthing happen during a class. so I think my decition was correct. As a result,I could get to the school on time. Morning class I studied about a fairlytale especially little red riding hood . the fairytale is called AKAZUKINTOOOKAMI in Japan. first,I talked about the import of this story in own country. Among stories is a little different. Second,We listened to another story on youtube I tell you about the story of summary. When The wolf hanged on in forest,he finded one house which a grandmather live.He is hugrry so he tyied to eat her.He came into her house and eat her up!He knew a liitle girl is coming.He waited for her in the house. A littl girl came into the house and met him.She did not realized he is wolf.she said,What great big eyes you have.He replied,All the better to see you with. but she came up with idea he has cool fury so I want the fury. she has guns and shout him.He was dead. She made a fury coat out of wolf slkin. She said,Hell,and do please note my lovely furry coat. I finished made up a story. but I worked with classmate that she ignored to me. I could not stand over again but I can not be helped. I think I am the worst level in this class.I can not speak English very well. Evening class We talked about heart. I think It is difficult to explain heart.It is depend on person. but We couled talk about having heart ot heart. After school I went to the Oxford Circe which is famous for shopping road. I bought some underwear which is Small size and a T-shirts, I was filld up satisfaction. At dinner My host mother told me about a tommorow's dinner. A familly is going to come home at dinner time and have a dinner with us. I feel complax and better at the same time. I can talk person who is diffrent usual but I do not have confedence. I think I lose my confidence tomorrow.