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和訳お願いします。 You batter your head against the door until you begin to wonder whether it is a door at all. Suddenly it opens, and you find yourself flying through space. The superstores' green conversion is astonishing, wonderful, disorientating. If Tesco and Wal-Mart have become friends of the earth, are there any enemies left? These were the most arrogant of the behemoths. They have trampled their suppliers, their competitors and even their regulators. They have smashed local economies, broken the backs of the farmers, forced their contractors to drive down wages, shrugged off complaints with a superciliousness born of the knowledge that they were unchallengeable. For them, it seemed, there was no law beyond the market, no place too precious to be destroyed, no cost they could not pass on to someone else. よろしくお願いします。


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あなたはそのドアに頭をぶつけます、そしてついには、そもそも、それがいったいドアであるかどうかについて疑問に思い始めます。突然、それは開きます、そして、あなたは自分自身が空間を飛ぶように通リ過ぎてゆくことに気づきます。スーパーストアの緑の転換(環境に優しいスタイルへの転換)は、驚くべきもので、素晴らしくて、方向感覚を失わせます。テスコとウォルマートが地球の友人になったならば、残る敵がいるでしょうか? これらは、最も尊大な巨大企業でした。彼らは、納入業者、彼らの競争相手、彼らの監督機関さえ踏みつけにしました。彼らは地域経済を壊し、農民に過度の負担を負わせ、彼らの契約者に賃金を下げることを強要し、自分たちに挑戦できるものはないと知っていることから生まれた傲慢さで、苦情には取り合いませんでした。彼らにとって、市場に勝る法律、あまりにも貴重で破壊出来ない場所、彼らが他の誰かに転嫁することができない様な費用、は存在しないかのようでした。





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    Pericles' Funeral Oration 431 BC: "...In the fighting, they thought it more honourable to stand their ground and suffer death than to give in and save their lives. So they fled from the reproaches of men, abiding with life and limb the brunt of battle, and in a small moment of time, the climax of their lives, a culmination of glory, not of fear, were swept away from us." 後半が分かりません。 よろしくお願い致します。

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    What are the live of these refugee children like? Think about the case of the children in this photo. They are from Kosovo. Their village was attacked. Their father and older brother were in great danger and had to run away. These children and their mother were left behind. But they were in danger too. They had to leave. They became refugees. There are million of children like the. These children are refugees living in Africa,Asia and Europeーーーeverywhere.

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    下の文はJomo Kenyattaの演説で比喩表現が入ってるらしいのですが、それ自体ががどこにあるのかも分からないので誰か分かる方は教えてください><↓ 'There is no society of angels,whether it is white, brown or black. We are all human beings, and as such we are sure to make mistakes. If I have done a wrong to you, it is for you to forgive me; and if you have done something wrong to me, it is for me to forgive you. The Africans cannot say the Europeans have done all the wrong; and the Europeans cannot say the Africans have done all the wrong.... You have something to forget just as I have. Many of you are just as Kenyan as myself.'

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    和訳をお願いします! ナレーション部分 It they lacked Connor's eye, and his respect for the artwork. 以下は証言 seems like the people who went in were people who were following, you know, the kind of plan that Connor would have organized.But without him there, they sort of freelanced as they went along. So they broke glass here to get at paintings, they cut other paintings out, and they ended up not taking all the best or most valuable items. 著名な絵画を盗んだ犯人に対して、捜査官がコメントしている状況です。 どうしても意味がわかりません。。。 よろしくお願いします!

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    If two American,girls vacationing in England hadn't stopped for five minutes in front of a shop window in the village of Newhaven, they would have been S25,000 poorer. Here's how it happened. The two girls, Betty and Jane had had a lovely holiday cycling around the lovely English countryside and now it was coming to an end. When they came to a little old village called Newhaven, they stopped to look at the shops for five minutes. They needed a present for their mother back in New York. Soon entered a little old antique shop which sold china, silver and all kinds of antiques. Mr Hubbard, the owner, asked if he could help them. "Yes," replied Jane, we need something for less than a dollar as a present. It's very difficult to buy any kind of antique for such a low price but finally Mr. Hubbard offered them a small bead necklace for just 70 cents, which they bought. When they got outside the shop Betty said, "It seems mean to give mother such a dirty-looking old necklace, but at least she couldn't buy it at a supermarket. Perhaps we can have it cleaned up a bit when we get to London. They went up to London that afternoon, then when they'd checked into a hotel, they took the necklace to Coghill's, a famous jeweller to have it cleaned. They 10 were told it would be ready for them to pick up the following morning. After a good night's sleep, they went to the shop and when they asked for the necklace, the man at the counter asked them to follow him to the president's office: In the beautiful room they were greeted but by Mr. Grisby, director of the not only by the president, was British Museum. Beside him in a red velvet-lined box, their necklace, now it looked different. Mr. Grisby said, "As you see, this is a necklace of beautiful black pearls, not beads. But more important is the fact that this is the most historical necklace in Britain. It belonged to Mary, Queen of Scotland who is said to have worn it in 1587 when she head cut off at the order of her cousin Queen Elizabeth 1 of England. At that time it was lost and we've been looking for it for nearly 400 years. Now you have found it. We hope you'll accept s25,000 for this necklace." Jane and Betty were so amazed they couldn't speak. They nodded their agreement.

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    These new, fresh troops allowed the Romanians to gain numerical superiority over the Bulgarians, but once again they were delayed on their way and would arrive gradually on the battlefield, reducing their impact on the overall course of the battle. The first reinforcements crossed the Danube late in the afternoon and during the night on 4 September. When they stepped on the southern shore they were immediately parceled out to strengthen the different sectors, with no regard for the direction of the main Bulgarian attack or for the establishment of a sufficient reserve.

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    有名な漫画ピーナッツからの引用ですが、まるで意味がわかりません。 和訳よろしくお願いします。 I think it is possible to be too nice! By golly, nobody’s gonna walk all over me! No, sir! If anybody’s gonna do any walking, it’s gonna be me! There’s only one way to survive these days... you have to walk over them before they walk over you! It must be nice to have a philosophy that will sustain you in times of need!

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    And there were many things and many people, some that still seem to stand out clearly and some that are vaguer; but all these people were beautiful and kind. In some way - I don't know how- it was conveyed to me that they all were kind to me, glad to have me there,andfilling me with gladness by their gestures ,by the touch of their hands,by the welcome ane love in their eyes. いろいろなことがあって、多くの人がいた。今でもはっきりと目立っているように思われるものもいれば、もっと漠然としているものもあるが。でも、すべてその人たちは美しくて親切だった。 ある方法でー私は知らないがーそれは私に伝えられた。彼らはみな私に親切だった、 私がそこにいるのを喜んでいた、そして彼らの振る舞いから、かれらの手の感触から、彼らの 歓迎と愛のまなざしは私を喜びで満たした。   ※一見意味がわかりそうですが、読み返すとなんだか わけのわからない和訳になっていますよね? この和訳にどなたか駄目だししてください!

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    Ever since the advent of science in the seventeenth century , we have rejected mythology as a product of superstitious and primitive minds . Only now are we coming to a fuller appreciation of the nature and role of myth in human history . In human these five lectures , the distinguished social anthropologist , Claude Lévi-Strauss , offers the insights of a lifetime spent interpreting myths and tyring to discover their significance for human understanding .  Entitled ❛ Myth and Meaning , ❜ the talks were broadcast on the CBC Radio series , Ideas , in December 1977 . They were assembled from a series of lengthy conversations between Professor Lévi-Strauss and Carole Orr Jerome , producer in the Paris bureau of the CBC . The programs were organized by Geraldine Sherman , executive producer of Ideas , and produced by Bernie Lucht .  The lectures have been expanded for publication to include some material which , for reasons of time , could not be used in the original droadcasts . The spoken words have been minimally edited to make xviii A Note from the Publisher them conform to the more rigid conventions of print . Carole Orr Jerome's main questions to Professor Lévi-Strauss , which helped shape the course of the lectures , were as follows : CHAPTER ONE Many of your readers think that you are trying to bring us back to mythical thought , that we have lost something very precious and that we must try to gain it back . Does this mean that science and modern thought must go out the window and that we must go back to mythical thought ?  What is structuralism ? How did you arrive at the idea that structural thought was a possibility ?  Is it necessary to have order and rules to have meaning ? Can you have meaning in chaos ? What do you mean that order is preferable to disorder ?

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    The following morning, the Germans were subjected to an additional 45 minutes of heavy artillery bombardment, before the assaulting troops advanced behind a generated smoke screen. The Germans are believed to have been taken largely by surprise as they offered little resistance and the Canadians were able to take approximately 200 prisoners. With the exception of the trenches at Hooge, the Germans fell back to their original lines and in a little over an hour the assault was over. On 14 June, the Germans launched two counterattacks which were repulsed, after which they advanced their trench to within 150 metres (490 ft) of the Canadians but made no further assaults.