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和訳をお願いします The worker called the doctor and then found Emily's owner. An airline company heard about this story in the news and gave Emily a free plane tickct back to the United States. Can you believe it? Emily flew home in business class! On the flight home, Emily was served a nice salmon dinner from the menu,but she wouldn't eat it. She chose French cat food instead.


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従業員は医者に電話してエミリーの飼い主をみつけだした。 とある航空会社がこの話をニュースでみてエミリーにアメリカへ帰国する航空券を贈呈した。 これ信じられる???(すごくない??) エミリーはなんとビジネスクラスで帰国! 帰路での機内でエミリーは立派なサーモンディナーを与えられたのに食べようとしなかった。 そのかわりに彼女はフレンチキャットフードを選んだのであった。


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会社員は医者に電話をして、エミリーの所有者を見つけました。 航空会社はニュースでこの物語について聞いて、エミリーにアメリカ合衆国までの無料の飛行機のチケットを与えました。 あなたは、信じることができますか? エミリーは、飛行機でビジネス・クラスで帰って来ました! 帰りのフライトで、エミリーはメニューからおいしいサーモン・ディナーを出されました、しかし、彼女はそれを食べようとしませんでした。 彼女は、その代わりにフランスのキャットフードを選びました。



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    和訳をお願いします Emily,a gray and white cat,became famous for a 4,000-mile trip that she made recently. Emily lives with the McElhiney family in Wisconsin,a state in the United States. One day in September,Emily didn't come back after she went out for a walk. The McElhineys looked for Emily around the neighborhood for three weeks but couldn't find her. The family almost gave up hope of seeing her again. A month later,however,the family got a call from France. Emily was there,thin but healthy. How did this happen? Emily probably walked into the warehouse of a paper company near her house and got into a big box full of paper. The box traveled by truck to the port and then it went by ship across the Atlantic Ocean! The ship reached a port in Belgium,and Emily ended up at another company in Nancy,France. One of the workers at the company found the thirsty cat hiding in their box. The worker looked at the tag around Emily's neck.The tag had the phone number of the cat's doctor in Wisconsin.

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    "Oh," said Tommy. "What a waste! When you're through with the book, you just throw it away, I guess. Our television screen must have had a million books on it, and it's good for many more. I wouldn't throw it away." "Same with mine," said Margie. She was 11 and hadn't seen as many telebooks as Tommy had. He was 13. She said, 'Where did you find it?' "In my house." He pointed without looking, because he was busy reading. "In the attic." "What's it about?" "School."

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    下記はアメリカの新聞の投稿記事の末尾の文です。 どのような理由でそのペットボトルを選んだのかを、彼女が尋ねられている所です。 As the line moved forward, I exercised my New Yorker’s right to butt in, and asked her why in the world she would drink that stuff. She looked at me as if I were asking a dumb question, and said: “I wouldn’t touch it. I need it for a prop in a play. The character has to drink his own urine, and this is the closest I can get to the right look.” She looked----以下のところをどのように訳せば良いのかわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    和訳を教えてください 1) He made it known that he had no intention to enter politics. 2) We hear it always said that we live in a computer age. 3) I saw him put the key in the lock, turn it and open the door. 4)This statue looks out over the open sea, and anyone on a skip entering or leaving the harbor can see the torch lifted hight in the air. よろしくお願いします

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    Can you believe everything you see? Not always! You may see something one way, and then find out you were wrong. You might even "see" something that isn't there at all. Errors like these are called optical illusions. Optical means related to sight, or vision―the way we see things with our eyes. An illusion is something that is not what we think it is. Vision is also a personal thing. You may not see things in the same way as someone else. Look at these optical illusions, and compare what you see with your classmates. Do you see the same things? 1、Which red dot is larger? Most people say it's the dot on the left. Now measure the dots. They're the same size. The red dot on the left seems larger in relation to the blue dots around it. 2、Do you see dark dots inside the white circles? They're not really there.The difference between the dark squares and the white circles confuses your brain. Therefore, your brain thinks you see the dark dots. 3、Look at this picture of a vase. Can you see the faces? Look again! Your mind has to choose the correct image, so it keeps changing between the vase and the faces. Vision is not always straightforward. Sometimes, your eyes see something, and your mind undestands it easily. At other times, you may need to look twice. When this happens, you may be seeing an optical illusion.

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    USATodayの記事の一部です。 「The military phase of the Bush administration's campaign against bin Laden and his allies hasn't even begun and the fear of how the terrorists might respond has set off a wave of jitters across the globe. In India - another country that has joined the U.S. anti-terrorist coalition - a bogus report of hijackers aboard a passenger jet caused the pilot to lock the cockpit and reroute the plane to New Delhi. It wasn't until after the plane landed and was stormed by Indian commandos that the hoax was discovered.」 この、「It wasn't until after the plane landed and was stormed by Indian commandos that the hoax was discovered.」はどう正しく訳すべきでしょうか。

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    和訳をお願いします。 I arrived at Shishmaref in the summer of 1971 aboard mail plane. I was nineteen. As the plane landed, the villagers gathered from all around. Crowds of children came running up. Opening the door of the plane, I smelled the sea. Before I had time to find my host , he was by my side with a great smile on his face. "Michio?" "Yes, yes!" We shook hands, and in my broken English I managed to thank him for answering my letter. He wore glasses and, when he smiled, his whole face lit up. He had very friendly eyes. The Eskimos lived far from Japan, but their faces were like my own. I already knew that they would be, but it was a surprise to see them all the same.

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    it looks like the paket stucks on customs, so can you tell me please, have write on the paket gift and is there an invoice on or in the the paket? maybee you can send me an invoice via mail over 43 dollar so i can fax it to customs and they send it to me, so i must not drive 50 km and pay 19% tax

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    TOIEC(part2)のコツの説明が英語で分かりません。出来ればでかまわないので正確な和訳お願い致します。 Listen for time markers in yes/no questions. A time marker is any word that helps you determine when an action occurs. The plane is always on time,isn't it? Can you tell me when the movie begins? Do you think that the flight will be late? Have the other flights been canceled yet? You were supposed to leave a week ago, weren't you? Is it possible to finish this today? Your cruise took longer than you thought,didn't it? I suppose they'll serve dinner on your flight,won't they? 全部でなくてかまわないので和訳お願い致します。よろしくお願いします。

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    My girlfriend recently bought a vibrator for us to use together (we’re both women). However, it’s been a couple months and we haven’t used it together once. We have had sex several times, but once we were in bed and I suggested we use it and she said it had dead batteries. Should it upset or worry me that she is clearly using it on her own time? Should it upset or worry me that she is clearly using it on her own time?の和訳をよろしくお願いします