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何語か分かりません。英語っぽいんですが、ところどころ単語が出てこなかったりします。 ちなみに、このメッセージの相手はトルコ人です。 誰か訳せる方、宜しくお願いします。 if you come as my guest who is okay, but if you will remain I <<<this is succession from the computer phrases I ceviriyom <<<and to know you to be close to the ıstıyom.. 何といってるのでしょうか?


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たぶん翻訳ソフトを使っているのでしょう。 下の2つのトルコ語動詞が、方言かネット用語かつづりミスで、 標準トルコ語でないため、英訳されずに残ったもの。 (トルコ語を似たつづりの英語と読むとデタラメですよ。) ceviriyom → çeviriyorum 回す、戻す ıstıyom  → istiyorum  ほしい おそらく元のトルコ語の表現もスラング的なもので、 的確に英語訳しにくいものでしょう。 相手のトルコ人は、顔見知りですか。 何のジャンルで何を見て何に対して書いてきたのか。 特に ceviriyom の方が前後の英語とうまくつながらない。 トルコ語の元の文でもあればいいのだが。 お客さんとしてちょっとくる分にはいいよ。 長くとどまるなら、もっと仲良くなりたいね。


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これは全くの推測ですのであまり当てにしないでください。 おそらく文字化けしている箇所を以下のように補正してみました。 if you come as my guest who is okay, but if you will remain I <<<this is succession from the computer phrases I symptom <<<and to know you to be close to the I system. ゲストとしていらっしゃるのは大変結構なんだけれども、Iを残していって欲しいんだ。これはI-シンプトン(兆候)というコンピュータフレーズからの続きで、こうすればI-システムからログオフしたことになるんだよ。



「I」を残していってほしいんだって何なんですかね(笑 ありがとうございます。参考にさせてもらいます。


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    この文章を日本語に翻訳をお願いします、雰囲気的になんとなく意味は分かるのですが・・・ i just want to know if you are good thereを翻訳お願いします

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    お願いします。 (5) When the scribe out your name, you are afraid you heard wrong. Your knees feel a little weak. You've never left your village before. What will the world be like in the north across the Nile from the capital? (6) You rush home to pack your things. While piling your clothing in a square and tying it into a bundle, you suddenly feel too old for your mother's kisses. She's weeping behind you. But when you turn you see the pride in her eyes. Maybe she is thinking that if you help build the king's pathway to the heavens you will get to journey to the afterlife, too. (7) The barge is waiting by the dock. You and several others from the village hurry to board. The boat is already loaded with young men from villages even farther south. As the river currents carry you swiftly northward, you watch your village grow smaller and smaller until you aren't sure if you can see it. The ship is noisy with bragging men who have worked many flood seasons at Giza. Their voices fade, because suddenly you wish you were back in your village, watching your mother weave reed sandals, and not on a barge among men you don't know. (8) What was it like for young people who worked on the pyramids of King Khufu and the pyramids of his sons? To come from small farming villages, float up the Nile to the Giza Plateau and live in a barracks town of thousands? As they approached Giza, the Great Pyramid must have appeared to thrust out of the plateau as if it would pierce the sky. The monument was so massive that it took more than 4,000 years for humans to build anything taller. Until the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris in 1889, the Great Pyramid was the tallest building on earth. What would it have felt like to a simple Egyptian peasant to be part of such a huge project? How would you have felt that first day at Giza?

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    先日、Tumblrでリブログできなくなるというトラブルがあり、サポートセンターに問い合わせました。 私は日本語で質問をし、相手にもできれば日本語で返信がほしいと付け加えましたが無理だったようで英語で返信が来ました。 返信内容で私が理解できるのは… ・最新のブラウザを使っているか? ・最新のものなら、バージョン番号とオペレーティングシステムのバージョンはなにか? ・アドオンを無効にしてみろ の3ヶ所だけです。 以下が返信内容です。日本語に訳して頂けると助かります。 Are you running the latest version of your preferred browser? Older editions of most mainstream browsers will not properly display the new post forms, which can cause problems with your overall posting experience. If your browser is up to date, what is the version number and operating system version you are using? In addition, running extensions, add-ons, or plug-ins in your web browser may cause problems with Tumblr's new post forms. If you disable all extensions, add-ons, or plug-ins in your web browser, does the problem you're having remain? Even if they are extensions you consider necessary, this will help us diagnose where the conflict is. Different web browsers have different steps to configure add-ons and extensions, but you can consult the Help files or documentation for your specific web browser if you need a little help.

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    Um, prepare supper for eighteen hundred, and then eighteen hundred to twenty-two is wash up after supper.And twenty-two to zero-two you can just sit and drink tea, ok? With regard to watches, um, if you can be on time, be vigilant ,keep the log, which is the log book we have to write,and stay awake. Josh, if you want to take care and do the anchor and get a couple of people to help you. 上の文章は、船長らしき人が船員に向かって言っているのですが、数字のeighteen hundred、eighteen hundred to twenty-two、twenty-two to zero-twoは何を示しているのでしょうか? また、最後の文章の、if you wanto to take care and do the anchorですが、何をtake careするのでしょうか?このanchorは碇でしょうか?get couple of people to help youは、人手が必要だったら何人か連れていっていい、と言う認識で大丈夫でしょうか?help youの後は、periodが入ってて、次はまったく別の話が始まります。 英語が得意な方、また船上で使われる言葉に詳しい方、教えてください!よろしくお願いします。

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    the post office wont take the bike the box is too big it can only go ups and that is $596 in shipping which is ridiculous, but I will do it if you want. I can give you a refund if you want, let me know. minus fees would be fare. ---------- 海外オークションで自転車を落札し、その出品者からのお知らせ文になります。 これはつまり、送料だけで$596ということなのでしょうか。 或いは、商品金額込みで$596なのでしょうか。 よろしくお願いいたします。

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    日本語訳をお願いします。 What impression do you have of homeless people? Dirty? If you had to sleep rough, you'd probably be dirty too. Lazy? If you can't find a job, it's hard to look busy. Dangerous? ((1)), homeless people are far more likely to experience violence than to farm others. For people who have never had to sleep rough or never been unable to find a job, it is (easy/hard) to feel sorry for the homeless. Yet (any/no) one of us could end up without a home. (Few/Most) people enjoy being homeless. If they are (able/unable) to receive social security payments, they have little choice but to beg for food. They get very little sleep each night, especially in winter. However, the biggest problem is their lack than anything else in this world, they (don't want/want) to be treated as normal human beings. ((2)), a new monthly magazine appeared on the streets of London. It was sold by homeless people who kept for themselves 60% of the sale price. This enabled them not only to wern a small income, ((3)) to make contact with people and Big Issue, ((5)), contains articles on social, political, and other topics. It has been (return to/stay away from) society, and is now sold in many other countries, including Japan. ((6)), don't just buy a copy and then walk away. (Talk/Tip) to the vendor: he or she values that more than your money. (1)~(6)に語群から適切な語句を入れなさい。 I:as the magazine is called II:in 1991 III:if you see it IV:on the contranry V:in fact, for many VI:but also (/)の適切な語句をどちらか選びなさい。 問題の方ももしできればお願いしたいです!

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    翻訳サイトで訳してみたんですが、 意味不明の訳になるので、日本語訳お願いしますm(_ _)m 状況は、インターネットからファイルをダウンロードで、 サイト上に「ABC.001」「ABC.002」「HelperFiles.zip」 という3つのファイルがあります。 「HelperFiles.zip」というzipファイルの中身は 「ABC.crc」「join.bat」という2つのファイルがあります。 Intructions: Download the *.001 and *.002 file. If you know how to join files then just join them as "ABC.ts" Windows only help: Download the HelperFiles and unpack them to the same place you downloaded the other two files to. if you have Total Commander double-click (from within Total Commander) on the *.crc file to join. Otherwise double-click on "join.bat". You can also use any binary file joiner you may have installed.

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    長いですが日本語に訳をお願いします! aspect→アスペクト past life→過去世 His eighth house conjuncts your eleventh house in Cancer. Theeighth house is about death and reincarnation and past lives.The eleventh house is friendship and hope. This shows that in a past life you knew each other, you lived in the same area, possible the same building or close neighbourhood in early life and grew up as friends. The part of the past incarnation spentwith him was a period of life that felt secure and happy, and safe. A feeling that you would like to return to in this life. I cannot tell how long you knew each other in the past incarnation, but you had a friendship that was deep enough to want to carry it through to other lives. Or to want to return to.This aspect is only one of friendship, it doesn’t show what else happened in the past life, you’d need the other aspects to know that, and this is a synastry not a karmic synastry. But its was not an ordinary friendship. You spent time together in homely places and with creative people. There may have been long gaps in the friendship. One of you may have had to wait for the other to return home, to continue the friendship. You were also both with your family’s and local community Which suggest it happened at a young age, in that life., The friendship between you is never destroyed with this sign. You would have both wished to meet in another incarnation and you have, and will do so in many future incarnations.

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    うまく日本語訳ができません。だれか教えてください。お願いします。 (1)When you return to your home country after a long period abroad it is rather normal to need time to re-adjust to the country you call home. (2)Education is all about going to another country and living there for long periods of time. (3)It takes about the same amount of time to adjust to your own country as a foreign country when you have been abroad for a long time. (4)It might be a good idea to search out people who are about to spend time abroad if you want to maintain your contact with the international scene. (5)Spending time abroad is a skill, as you learn about different cultures and also how to interact with different people, and you should use this skill wisely. 問題は以上です。よろしくお願いします。

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    日本語訳をお願いします。。 (自然な意訳よりも単語の意味がわかる直訳が知りたいです) 1.Beware salespeople who promise offers that seem too good to be trusted. 2.Salespeople are under the supervision of the floorwalker. 3.He would come and confront me and persisting in asking me. 4.Already, efforts are underway to make that exemption permanent. 5.Timber cutting and logging operations remain labor intensive, in spite of efforts to limit the manpower required. 6.The position you're being considered for is a lateral move, but it could eventually lead to a promotion. 7.Dust contains numerous particles that can abrade your machine's internals. 8.After she received the award, she expressed her gratitude to the staff for all of their support. 9.The organization was committed to excellence and invested in employee training and quality control. 10.We are dedicated to raise your perception of what a luxury hotel was meant to be and to inspire your finest performance. 11.Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not all fire and brimstone there. 12.Discretion in hiring is a must these days and we provide the tools to do so unobtrusively, yet effectively. よろしくお願いします。。