My Experience in Cairns: A Surprising Discovery

  • I recently started writing English compositions every day to improve my writing skills. It can be embarrassing to write at a lower level, so I would appreciate it if you could point out any grammar or small mistakes.
  • During my first visit to Australia, I experienced a sense of time moving slowly in Cairns. As a popular tourist city, it attracts people from all over the world and has a similar vibe to Hawaii. However, there were a few things that surprised me. Firstly, I witnessed someone walking around shirtless, which would be considered unusual and potentially illegal in my home country. Additionally, I noticed that many people in Cairns have tattoos, which contrasts with the negative perception of tattoos in my country, where they are often associated with gangs. Despite these surprises, I found Cairns to be a friendly city with affordable commodities, making it a place where it is easy to live.
  • In my quest to improve my English writing skills, I have been writing daily compositions. Despite the embarrassment of writing at a lower level, I hope to receive feedback on grammar and other minor mistakes. During my first visit to Australia, I discovered that time seemed to move slowly in Cairns, a popular tourist city similar to Hawaii. However, I was surprised by some cultural differences. Witnessing someone walking shirtless, which would be frowned upon in my home country, was quite unexpected. I also noticed that many people in Cairns have tattoos, a contrast to the negative perception of tattoos back home. Overall, despite these surprises, I found Cairns to be a welcoming city with affordable living options.
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すいませんが最近英語力のライティングをあげようと英作文をまいにち書くようにしてます。 レベルのひくい英作文ではずかしいのですが。できれば文法や細かい間違いを指摘して頂けると幸いです。 I have been there when I came to Australia first time. I think that the time flows really slowly in Cairns. This is because Cairns is a kind of tourist city. Many people are coming from all over the world. It may look like Hawaii. There was one thing that I could not believe was that someone walked with strip to the waist. Someone call the police and catch him if he would do it in my country. So I didn’t believe it. And I have one more thing surprising me is that many people have tattoos in Cairns. My country image of tattoo is very bad. There are few people have tattoo in my country. For example, like a group of gangster. My mother said “you mustn’t have a tattoo” before going to Australia. However, there are many tattoos includes women as well. Cairns is small city but people are good and commodity price is not expensive. Cairns is one of the city that live easily.

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I have been there when I came to Australia first time. Cairns - I have been there when I visited Australia first time. 『英語はコミュニケーションの言葉で日本語は相手の気持ちを探る言葉です。最初からthereと書かれてもきょとんとした感じ。ですから町の名を書き出しにおいてみました。この叙文(イントロ)は日本語の場合は良いですね~』 I think that the time flows really slowly in Cairns. 『the time flows really slowly = the time flows very slowly か time goes by so slowly がいいです。』 This is because Cairns is a kind of tourist city. It may look like Hawaii. 『It may look like Hawaii.を下の文からここに移しました。tourist cityを説明するために』 Many people are coming from all over the world. People come here from all over the world to enjoy his small tropical city. 『町の風景などを書いたらもっと読者に興味を与えるチャンス - 何かもっとかいてみたら?』 『上記は町についてのパラグラフでしたね。下記はcultural differencesで新しいパラグラフなので最初にはっきりしましょう。cultural shockを受けたと書き出しそして二つの例をあげる』 I was stunned at some of the things I saw there. It was cultural shock to me. For example, some people walked down the street half-naked. If it was happening in Japan, someone would have called police and be arrested. Another example is that many men and women have tattoos. My mother had told me before I left to Australia, “You mustn’t get tattoos.” 『最後に町の良い印象で終わりましょう』 Cairns is small city but people are good and commodity price is not expensive. 『People in Cairns are nice and friendly. In addition, the weather is pleasant, and living cost is reasonable. としたらどうでしょうか。commodity priceは日常生活ではつかいません、貿易や取引などでは使われます(commodity market, commodities trading)』  Cairns is one of the city that live easily. 『Cairns is one of the city all about laid-back attitude and easy living. 』 まあ、こんな程度でどうでしょうか?間違っていると思いますか回答が入ってなかったので私がチャレンジしてみました。今日始めてこのサイトに登録したので回答をインプットできるようになった次第です。私も一年前から独学。あなたの英語はとってもいいですよ。お互いがんばりましょうね。



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  • 英語日記23 語学を学ぶのに一番大事なこと

    最近ながい文章がかけません。すぐにかくことがなくなってしまいます。。。。。 なにか良い方法ありますか?? すいませんが最近英語力のライティングをあげようと英作文をまいにち書くようにしてます。 レベルのひくい英作文ではずかしいのですが。できれば文法や細かい間違いを指摘して頂けると幸いです There are many people in the world who want to learn foreign languages but what is the most important to progress of one`s ability of languages. In my opinion, The fastest way for you to improve your language skills is to go to the country where the language you want to learn is spoken However, there are a lot of people who go abroad every day in Japan but I think that they tend to gather up with their own country. This is because they feel relieved when they talk with their own country people. you have a big misunderstanding if you think that you would be able to speak foreign language easily the way of just going abroad.

  • 英語日記12 すきな歌手について

    すいませんが最近英語力のライティングをあげようと英作文をまいにち書くようにしてます。 レベルのひくい英作文ではずかしいのですが。できれば文法や細かい間違いを指摘して頂けると幸いです About my favorite artist BIGBANG. I would like to introduce you about BIGBANG today. They are 5 people. They have awarded many prizes in Korea. They made a big successful in Korea. Recently they are starting the singer activity in Japan. There are many fancied people in Japan. My favorite member is g-dragon because his talent is wonderful. BIGBANG has many songs. G-dragon made there all songs from only his ability. Which <it> is including write songs and compositions. You should listen to their songs if you have never listened that. Many Korean artists become the singer activity. Which<it> is called K-POP. However I hope that the Japanese music industry will grow up more.

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    お願いします! Aに関しては翻訳も A 入る語を下から選び適切な形に 1The countryside has () vegetables  than cities. 2Which are more (),cities or country  areas? 3The countryside is () than the city. 4You may not have as( )information  in the country as in the city. [ crowded fresh much quiet ] B並べ替え 1都会の生活の方が田舎よりやることがたくさんあるので好き I like life in the city because there are (things/more/to do) than in the country. 2日常生活は田舎よりも都会の方が生活のペースが速い Everyday life is(than/faster/in the city/in the country). 3田舎の生活は都会の生活と同じくらいよいと考える人達もいる Some people think that (as/as/country life/good/is)city life.

  • 英語日記11 なぜ勉強するのか

    英語日記11 なぜ勉強するのか すいませんが最近英語力のライティングをあげようと英作文をまいにち書くようにしてます。 レベルのひくい英作文ではずかしいのですが。できれば文法や細かい間違いを指摘して頂けると幸いです。 Why people study? What do you answer if you are asked why do you study? To get a good job? To earn many money? Maybe many young students answer YES. It is said that there are many smart people in Japan. I also think so. However, do you think that if a number of smart people increase, which give a chance to develop in Japan? The answer is NO. I think that talent is much more important than studying. Of course, studying is important thing, but looking for your own talent is more important.

  • 英語日記

    英語の日記を書いてみたのですが、良ければ見て頂いて、文の間違いや 不自然な箇所などを指摘して頂けませんでしょうか。 稚拙な文と英語で申し訳ありませんが、よろしくお願い致します。 In Japan, there is a custom called "HANAMI". In HANAMI, people enjoy looking at cherry blossoms, eating and drinking. However I don't like HANAMI very much because there are a lot of people who lack common sense and don't follow the rules. Some people use fire though they are not allowed to there, others throw away their garbage. Such people are not intersted in beaty of cherry blossoms ,only want to have a party.

  • 英語日記22 日本の大学

    日本の大学 今回は日本の大学について書いてみました。 最近誰も回答してくれないのですが。英語のためがんばります。 実際僕も大学生の年齢なので、よく大学のことはわかるつもりです。 ちなみに20です。 すいませんが最近英語力のライティングをあげようと英作文をまいにち書くようにしてます。 レベルのひくい英作文ではずかしいのですが。できれば文法や細かい間違いを指摘して頂けると幸いです。 I would like to talk about university in Japan. It is said that university in Japan is difficult to enter it, but it is easy to graduate from your university. How about foreign universities are. In the USA, on the contrary, it is easy to enter a university and difficult to graduate from it, so many student in the USA drop out from their university. I have friends who are university student in Japan. This is in my opinion, I think that my friends who are university student don’t trend to study hard. I am not criticizing them just because there are many temptations so many university students yield to temptation. I think if I were a university student in Japan, I would not study hard. This is because I tend to puzzle from surrounding environment. However, I like people who are university student !!!

  • 英語の間違いについて

    少し長いのですが・・・ First, I am going to talk about friends. Many people have views. (たくさんの人がそれぞれの考え方を持っている) And it is not similar. (それは似ていない) If I had live in a big city, I could meet people who have some views. I have friends when I was high school student. Some friends of mine goes to college. But others don't go to college. This is because they have a dream. A friend of mine wants to be dancer. She don't go to college, but go to dance school. Thus, I can meet many people because I live in a big city. So I can make many friends. They and I have different views. Therefore, I like talk people. I suppose that we can meet many people in a big city than a small town. もし、間違いやアドバイスなどあれば教えてください。

  • 英語の問題お願いします!

    英語の問題お願いします! 空所に適当な語句をいれてください! 1.Harry as well as you () responsible for that accident. (1)are (2)do (3)does (4)is 2.Both my brother and my sister () studying abroad. (1)are (2)have (3)is (4) was 3.Some of the most remarkable scientists in history () not considered especially intelligent in their school days. (1)is (2)are (3)was (4)were 誤った箇所を指摘し正しい形になおしてください! 4.Most of the class members (1)[is] working (2)[people] and (3)[very] few of them ever (4)[miss]a class. 5.There (1)[has] been many (2)[cases] of (3)[the] flu in this area (4)[in recent] years. 以上の5問です! 見づらいかもしれませんがお願いします!

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    日本語→「タトゥーは肌に傷をつけてかいた字や絵で、入れ墨とも言います。世界ではタトゥーが昔からの文化になっている国もあります。しかし、日本ではタトゥーがある人は怖いと思う人がいるため、タトゥーがあると入ることができない温泉もあります。」 英語→「A tattoo is a character or a picture to scratch on the skin, it also called an "IREZUMI." And, in the world, there are countries where tattoos have been an ancient culture. But, there are people who think them who with tattoos are sacred, so there are hot spring that can not be entered with tatoos. 」 二文目に「も」という言葉があるので、初めをAndと訳してみました。 こちらの英文をなるべく日本語とイコールになるように正しい文法に直して欲しいです。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の手紙チェックして下さい。すいません何回も…↓

    前のやつに自分なりに直したやつを乗っけようと思ったんですが、場所が無く(どこに書けばいいのかわからない)ので、もう1つ立てちゃいました…↓すいません。メインの2つの違いと1つの似ているところの文章だけですが、チャックよろしくお願いします。 First of all, Canadian people enjoy doing the winter sports while not many Japanese people enjoy doing that. Although we have snow in Japan, we don't really enjoy having the snow. However, Canadian people enjoy it and do some winter sports like dogsled, canoeing or skiing. Second, there is a lot of nature in Canada while there is not much nature in Japan. When I was watching the movie, I realized that there is nature everywhere in Canada. Finally, I found one similarities between Canada and Japan! There are a lot of water place in Japan and Canada! I could see many rivers and lakes in the video, and I see them in Japan, too. です。