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●The late hours he works is evidence of his commitment to his clients. 「彼が夜遅くまで残業しているのは顧客のために全力を尽くしている証だ。」 hours が正しいのでしょうか。。hour ではだめですか?


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仮に、単数形にすればどういう意味になるか考えてみましょう。 ●The late hour he works is evidence of his commitment to his clients. 「彼が夜遅くまで残業している一時間は、顧客のために全力を尽くしている証だ。」 ** 何時間か分からないときにはよく複数形のままにします。上の英文で"-s"がなかったなら、彼の残業時間はいつも決まって1時間きっかりだということになります。 ** ほかの例で言いますと、「1月1日の正月の元旦」のことを、"New Year's Day"と言います。 正月三が日のことは"the first three days of New Year"とか"three days following New Year's Day"と言います。 ** "New Year's Days"と複数になるときは、東南アジアなどで、正月を年に3回、太陽歴の正月、太陰暦の正月、そしてソンクランの日の正月を祝うとされています。 ●数えられる名詞で"a"がついていなくて、複数形の"s"もついていない場合は「単数形」を意味すると覚えてください。 ** "per day"というと「一日につき」という意味で、"per week"は「一週間につき」という意味で、"per head"は「一人につき」という意味になります。





  • この英語文法を間違っていないか見てくださいm(_ _"m)ペコリ

    オーラルの授業で「友達」について10文弱と 「親」について10文弱を先生にスピーキング しないとなりません。 そこで私が考えた文に文法的に間違いがないかチェックしてくださいm(_ _"m)ペコリ スピーキングなので単語のスペルの間違いは 関係ないですo(*^▽^*)o 「友達」  I speak about my friend His name is Shirai We are the same age He is an industrious student His study hours was 16 hours a day when he was a high shcool student He passed the entrance of Tokyo University I respect him 「親」 My home is single-mother family My mother is in her 40s She divorced her husband 4 years ago She is a part-timer She has a serious nature She is a hard worker I respect her ですm(_ _"m)ペコリ どうかよろしくお願いしますm(_ _"m)ペコリ

  • he enjoys this parの訳し方

    Mark is a sales manager at his company, and he often has to take his clients out for dinner. He is a very friendly person by nature, so he enjoys this part of his job. という文なのですが、he enjoys this part of his job. の部分のいい訳はないでしょうか? 仕事のこの部分を楽しむではあまりにも直訳なような気がします。「部分」と「楽しむ」がなんとかできればと。

  • 英語です。適語を入れる問題です。得意な方

    2つの文が同じ意味になるように(--)の中に適語を入れなさい。 1.This is the reason why I came late.= This is the reason (--) (--) I came late. 2.I know an old man named Smith.= I know an old man (--) name is Smith. 3.May 5 is my birthday.= May 5 is the day (--) I was born. 4.I know a girl with brown eyes.= I know a girl (--) (--) brown eyes. 5.The building on the hill is a castle.= The building (--) (--) on the hill is a castle. 6.I didn't believe him.= I didn't believe (--) he said. 7.The road is full of cars, so it is the most dangerous place in the city.= The road, (--) is full of cars, is the most dangerous in the city. 8.I called on my aunt, but she was out then.= I called on my aunt, (--) was out then. 9.He had two sons,but both of them were killed in the war. = He had two sons, but both of (--) were killed in the war. 10.It was not the thing that I wanted to do now.= It was not (--) I want to do now. 11.Everyone longs for peace and security.= There is (--) one (--) longs for peace and security. 12.He came to the dinner because he admired her.= His admiration for her was the (--) (--) he came to the dinner. 13.His father was a barber. He loved his father deeply and lived in the same house for thirty-five years.= His father,(--) whom he was deeply attached and (--) whom he had lived thirty-five years,was a barber. 14.I am ready to do (--) service may be in my power.= I am ready to do (--) service (--) may be in my power. 長くなりましたが、できる方、お願い致します

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この場合 hours なので、本来は are なのですが、The late hours を1ユニットとしてとらえているのでしょう。hour にすると1時間のニュアンスになり、不適切と思います。evidence の前に the を付けたほうがいいいようにお思います。




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  • bakansky
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私の手持ちの辞書 (「スーパー・アンカー英和辞典」 ver2) を見ると、「(勤務・営業などの) 時間」 という意味で用いられる場合には hours という形を取るようです。





  • よろしくお願いします

    Calvin works only enough hours to leave time to drink at his favorite bar, which is across from the store where he and my husband work. We usually drive him to work, he works for about four hours and then drinks at the bar until my husband picks him up to come home (we live less than two miles away from the store). Calvin has four grown children who live about an hour away. Yesterday, one of his kids gave Calvin a car. He does not have a driver's license and today he drove himself to work. As I write this, it's too early in the day to know if he stopped at the bar before driving himself home. What should I do, if anything? it's too early in the dayのin the dayはなぜ必要なのでしょうか?あと、ここでのif anythingの訳し方を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

  • 英語の並び替え問題

    英語の並び替え問題です 1.Osamu is now able to beat his father,(from,he,him,how,learned,to,whom)play beseball. 2.What(gave,he,the reason,was,which,why)for being so late? 3.There are some problems(have,I,that,to,which,with) deal immediately. 4.I am sorry for (any,caused,have,I,inconvenience,may,you,what). 5.Experience is a school (a man,he has been,learns,where,what a big fool,which). ( )の中を並び替えるんですけど、訳も答えなければいけません・・・。 さっぱりです><; お願いします。

  • chargeの意味

    I just left my dermatologist's office after waiting an hour to see him, and I'm furious. Don't doctors realize that their patients' time is also valuable? Another doctor left me sitting in his office for two hours, and I was the second appointment of the day. When I asked the receptionist why the long wait, she told me the doctor likes to flirt with the nurses at the hospital. This same doctor charged me for a hospital visit after he popped his head into my room to say he was running late and didn't have time to see me. ここでのchargedはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 英語

    1.She started drinking and staying out late at night,((1)what (2)which (3)in whom it (4)to which she) caused her parents a great deal of anxiety. 2.His hair was going gray,(1)which (2)what (3)that (4)its) fact bothered his wife a great deal. 3.When taking a test,many people have ((1)to be so (2)to collect (3)that's (4)what's) called "test anxiety". 4.His hard work made the company ((1)which (2)what (3)how (4)that)it is today. できれば訳もお願い致します。

  • 時制について 現在完了形、 過去形と過去進行形

    時制についての質問で疑問に思ったことがあるので答えていただける 方がいましたらよろしくお願いします。 「彼は仕事をやめてしまって、いま別の仕事を探している」 正しいのは He has quited his job and is looking for a another job なんですが He qited his job and has been looking for a another jobは なぜ間違いなのでしょうか?こちらは完了進行形と言われています。 正しい方は、現在完了形の結果用法と呼ばれるものです。 また別の質問がありまして、 I studied English for two hours yesterday I was studying English for two hours yerterday 正しいのはどちらでしょうか?

  • yetとalthogh

    ある参考書に載っていた問題ですが、下の文の( )の中に入る適切な語句を次の中から選びなさいという問題ですが、選択肢の中で yet と althoughがあり、どちらを選ぶか迷いました。どちらが正しいと思いますか? His strengh is in his original works, ( ) it is in his reworkings of what others had done that he is most famous for. 私は最初althoughを選択しましたが、正解はyetでした。 althoughでも文法的に正しいと思ったのですが、後に続くit is ~ が強調文になっているからyetの方が適切と言うことでしょうか?

  • 翻訳をお願い致します!

    According to Examiner.com, former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland showed up an hour late to his show in New York at The Paramount on Sunday. Examiner gave the show 1 star and said, “Scott Weiland took the stage almost an hour late and he gave a lackluster performance throughout the evening. Most of his vocals were off-key, pitchy and horrid. Scott seemed to be doing his own little show, thus losing complete touch with reality. The majority of his fans left half-way through his set.”

  • この英語の問題の解答を教えてください。お願いします。

    この英語の問題の解答を教えてください。お願いします。 ( )内にははいる最も適当な語句をa~dで選びなさい。 1,( ) of our department is Ms.Vance. a,Head b,A head c,The head d,heads 2,The airplane flew over ( ) . a,a Alps b,an alps c,the Alps d,Alps 3,It is ( ) day that I would like to go on a picnic. a,so a lovely b,such lovely a c,a quiet lovely d,such a lovely 4,We have rented the car ( ) . a, by the hour b,by every hour c,by an hour d,by hours ( )内に適当な冠詞を入れなさい。不要な場合は×を入れなさい。 When Ali was still a schoolboy,he wanted to be ( ) tescher. He was very interested in ( ) history and wanted to study ( ) history of his owncountry and then teach it. In Ali visited village there was ( ) old man who had read a lot of history books. Ali visited him ones ( ) week during school holidays, and wrote down what ( ) old man told him about fifty years before. 各文の誤りを抜き出して訂正しなさい。 1,She patted me on my shoulder. _________________________ → ________________ 2,It is said that rich are not always happy. ____________________ →_____________ 3,In the sense, your opinion is right.

  • 【至急】 高校英語問題

    高校英語の問題集を解いています。 分からない問題を載せたので、協力をお願いします!! 解説、和訳等があると大変助かります。 よろしくお願いします! 【A】 各組の英文の( )に共通して入れることのできる語を答えなさい。 (1)[a] I turned ( ) the volume of CD player.   [b] Karen often stays ( ) late to watch late-night programs. (2)[a] We spend weekends in Hakone from ( ) to ( ).  [b] As I arrived there too early, I killed ( ) at a coffee shop. (3)[a] The painter asked me ( ) my honest impression of his picture.  [b] FBI is short ( ) Federal Bureau of Investigation. 【B】 英文の意味が通るように、( )内の語句を並びかえなさい。 (1) He (to / knows / on / better / spend / than / all his money) gambling. (2) I think (less / person / selfish / more / every / is / or). 以上5問です。

  • 適当な1語をお願いします

    I couldn't catch <><><>.Please say it again. 君の言ったことを聞き取れなかった。もう一度いってください I like <><> he wears his shirt 私は彼のシャツの着かたが好きです He is not such a nice man <><><> 彼は君が思ってるようないい人ではない <>is often the case <> him,he came late this morning 彼にはよくあることだが、今朝遅刻してきた Be kind to <><> in trouble 困っている人にはだれにでも親切にしなさい He is absent <><><> I call on him. 彼はいつ訪問しても留守です