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1:He looked a little too pleased with his success. 2:It was disappointing that so few people showed up. 3:I am convinced that hewill pass the entrance examination. 4:There was a road leading to the town on the other side of the river. 5:This is an important notice. The people concerned should study it carefully. 訳をお願いします


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1. 彼は、自分の成功に喜びすぎているようだった 2. あまりにも着た人が少なかったのはがっかりだった 3 彼は入学試験に合格するだろうと確信している。(convinced=確信して) 4. 川の向こう側(反対側)に町まで通じる道があった 5. これは重要な通知です。関係者はよく読んで理解して下さい(study =読んで学ぶ/理解する、という意味が含まれます


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1)彼は自分の成功にちょっと喜びすぎに見えました。 2)あまりにも少数の人しかこなかったのは失望することであった。 3)彼が入学試験に受かるだろうということを納得させられた。 4)河の反対側にある町にその道は通じていた。 5)これは重要な書き物です。関係者はそれを注意深く学習し理解しなければならない。


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1.彼は、成功に少し喜びすぎているように見えました。 2.ほとんど人が現れなかったことは、期待外れでした。 3.私は、彼が入学試験に合格することを確信しています。 4.川の向こう側の町に通じている道が、ありました。 5.これは、重要な通知です。 関係する人々は、慎重にそれを検討するべきです。



  • 和訳をお願いします。

     Joe was not a good student. He tried hard, but he was not clever enough to understand everything that he was supposed to learn. In fact, whenever Joe had examinations in the past, he had become so nervous that he could not even remember the little he had learned in class. He would sit there, holding his pen tight and scratching his head while other students were busily writing their answers.  Then the time came for the final examination, and Joe spent sleepless nights trying to remember everything he had been taught that year, so that when he went into the examination hall, he was tired and unhappy.  The examination papers were handed out, and Joe looked quickly at his copy. The first question was as difficult as he had feared. He read it through several times, and then slowly began to write, but nothing seemed to come easily. Soon he began to sweat, and the drops fell on the paper.  To try to gain the teacher's sympathy, he drew rings round the drops with his pen and wrote 'MY SWEAT' under them.  The examination finished, and Joe met his friends in the entrance to the hall. They had found the examination easy, they said. "Of course they would!" Joe thought bitterly.  A few weeks later the students' examination papers were returned to them with their grades. Joe's friends had all passed, but Joe's grade was 'E', which meant that he had failed.  Then, when he looked at his paper more carefully, he saw that there were some more marks of water on it, and under them the teacher had written 'MY TEARS.' 長いですが、よろしくお願い致します。

  • 英語の文法 質問

    Later, the result was found that showed it was a fake. 文全体の言いたいことはなんとなく分かります。the result was found that までは分かりますがその後の文法構造がどうなっているか知りたいです。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 和訳お願いします

    長文でごめんなさい。 和訳お願いします。 I convinced myself that people in Japan could speak English. If they couldn't, I was planning on teaching it on them so that I wouldn't have to learn Japanese. Almost immediately upon my arrival on that cold, wet July day, I realized, when nobody spoke English, that learning Japanese might be a good idea. In spite of what I understood logically, I made very little if any effort to do so. On one level, I wanted to be included in the culture, but on another, I felt comfortable remaining outside it. I was also convinced that it would be almost impossible for me to learn Japanese.

  • この予備校テキストの英文ってミスですか?

    It was so large a room that a hundred people looked lost it. の文は「それはとても広い部屋だったので、多くの人々はそれに困惑しているように見えた」の訳でいいのでしょうか? looked lost itの部分がちょっと微妙です。 英文自体はあっているのでしょうか?

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    和訳教えてください 1)They found it impossible either to advance or to retreat. 2)Some people find it very hard to make up their minds. 3)I think it strange that he is in so much trouble. 4)It will be quite a long time before the boy learns what life is. 5)This picture reminds me of what we did together during out holidays. 6)a glance showed that something was wrong. .よろしくお願いします

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    It was so large a room that a hundred people looked lost it. の文は「それはとても広い部屋だったので、多くの人々はそれに困惑しているように見えた」でいいのでしょうか? looked lost itの部分がちょっと微妙です。 またa hundredを「百人」と具体的な人数で訳すとこの文では変ですよね?

  • 和訳をお願いします

    英文の和訳をよろしくお願いします The photograph was in my mother's bedroom. It showed a soldier with a gun. Below the photo there was the word "Speaking?" "Who's that soldier called 'Speaking'?" I asked one day.

  • 和訳代行 英語

    (1)Though eco-tourism is promising,it must be carefully developed,because if developed too rapidly,it can destroy rainforests just as cutting down tree has,and cause damage to the environment. (2)for eco-tourism to have a positive influence aon he environment and economy,policies aare required that promote responsible development of eco-tourism,and enable local people to benefit from it. 片方でも構いません おねがいしますm(__)m

  • 和訳お願いします。

    翻訳サイトで訳したら意味が通らなかったので、どなたかに訳して戴きたいです。よろしくお願いします。 What is the first thing you notice about the statue called the thinker? Many people respond that it shows a man in deep thought over a serious topic. That makes sense because this statue was designed to be placed over a set of great doors which would show the things that happened to people in Hell. Both the thinker and the doors were desrgned by Auguste Rodin, an artist who lived and worked in France around the same time as the painter, Claude Monet.

  • 英語の和訳をお願いします

    When do you turn your cell phone off? Now I am more careful about it, but my phone was always on until I (have) an embarrassing experience last summer. I went on a vacation with my friends.  It was just my (two) time on a plane, and I was so(exciting). We got to our seats and waited for takeoff.  The flight attendants came through the aisles, making sure no one was using their phones or other electronics.  The pilot said we were ready to take off.  The plane was quiet and everyone was settling in when all of a sudden someone's phone rang. It was so (loudly).  I felt upset because I knew cell phone users were supposed to turn their phones off at that moment.  Then I heard the second ring.  It was then that I realized the ringing was coming from my bag. It was my phone! I went into a panic, and it took me a minute to find and stop the ringing. Everyone looked at me, and I felt small. I slept for the rest of the flight. Since then, I have been more (care) with my cell phone. カッコ内は文法的に正しい形じゃありません。お願いします。