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flaming lipsのrace for the prizeという曲です。大好きなのでかっこよく訳してほしいです。よろしくお願いします。 Two scientists were racing For the good of all mankind Both of them side by side So Determined Locked in heated battle For the cure that is their prize But it's so dangerous But they're determined Theirs is to win If it kills them They're just humans With wives and children Upwards to the vanguard Where the pressure is too high Under the microscope Hope against hope Forging for the future But to sarcrifice their lives Both of them side by side So determined Theirs is to win If it kills them They're just humans With wives and children Theirs is to win It will kill them They're just humans With wives and children


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かっこよさを保証は出来ませんが。。。 二人の科学者が競っていた 人類のためと信じて 互いに追い抜き合いながら だから決めたんだ もっと競争に熱くなろうと 大切な賞を貰って救われるまでは それは危険なことだったのに 彼らはそう決意してしまったんだ 彼らは勝利をずっと目指した。 それが身を滅ぼすかも知れないのに 彼らはただの人なのに 妻もいれば子供もいるのに 二人は先駆者へと成り上がった プレッシャーはずっときつくなった 顕微鏡の下では 希望を見失うことだらけだったのに 未来のために自分達の理論を鍛え上げた 自分達の人生を犠牲にして 二人で互いに追い抜き合いながら だから決めたんだ 彼らは勝利をずっと目指した。 それが身を滅ぼすかも知れないのに 彼らはただの人なのに 妻もいれば子供もいるのに 彼らは勝利をずっと目指した。 それはきっと彼らの身を滅ぼすのに 彼らはただの人なのに 妻もいれば子供もいるのに



ありがとうございます。素晴らしいです!私はverse2辺りが全然わかりませんでした。 曲のPVなので良かったらみてください。 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN9zMTAAwqQ&feature=feedlik


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    I just think whoever wrote that doesn't really know what they are talking about. I think whoever wrote it is unhappy perhaps because no one has said I love you to them. よろしくお願いします。

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    いつもお世話になっています。 以下のように訳しましたが、掛かり具合とか、訳に自信がありません。間違っていると自分でも思います。。 アドバイス・訂正等お願いいたします。 This seems to reflect both the desire of women to spend time with their newborn children and a willingness by companies to allow it. ・これは、女性が新しく産まれた子供と共に時間を過ごしたいという願望を反映して、それを許そうという会社の意思のように思われる。 It is hoped that this is a sign that women are receiving more of the recognition that is due to them, not only as wives and mothers but also as employees. ・妻や母としてだけではなく、労働者として当然与えられるべき女性が評価を受けていることが望まれる。 以上、宜しくお願いします。

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    suggestible=被暗示性、という心理学用語ですm(_ _)m We are suggestible,ready to take ideas from others and make them our own. Suggestbility descnbes why people believe something that never happened. They become convinced because they are told about an event. They see it in movies,and they hear about it. So they combine theae thoughts into false memories―――but not real ones. Psychologists believe that many childhood memories are created by parents for their children. They tell the child that something happened: "Remember when we went to the seaehore?' And the child collects beach and vacation ideas into a memory. Propaganda is delibetately telling people ideas that you went them to believe. Advertising is another form of suggesting to people,and people of all ages tend to believe advertising. All of us are suggestible; children are particularly so.

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    If two American,girls vacationing in England hadn't stopped for five minutes in front of a shop window in the village of Newhaven, they would have been S25,000 poorer. Here's how it happened. The two girls, Betty and Jane had had a lovely holiday cycling around the lovely English countryside and now it was coming to an end. When they came to a little old village called Newhaven, they stopped to look at the shops for five minutes. They needed a present for their mother back in New York. Soon entered a little old antique shop which sold china, silver and all kinds of antiques. Mr Hubbard, the owner, asked if he could help them. "Yes," replied Jane, we need something for less than a dollar as a present. It's very difficult to buy any kind of antique for such a low price but finally Mr. Hubbard offered them a small bead necklace for just 70 cents, which they bought. When they got outside the shop Betty said, "It seems mean to give mother such a dirty-looking old necklace, but at least she couldn't buy it at a supermarket. Perhaps we can have it cleaned up a bit when we get to London. They went up to London that afternoon, then when they'd checked into a hotel, they took the necklace to Coghill's, a famous jeweller to have it cleaned. They 10 were told it would be ready for them to pick up the following morning. After a good night's sleep, they went to the shop and when they asked for the necklace, the man at the counter asked them to follow him to the president's office: In the beautiful room they were greeted but by Mr. Grisby, director of the not only by the president, was British Museum. Beside him in a red velvet-lined box, their necklace, now it looked different. Mr. Grisby said, "As you see, this is a necklace of beautiful black pearls, not beads. But more important is the fact that this is the most historical necklace in Britain. It belonged to Mary, Queen of Scotland who is said to have worn it in 1587 when she head cut off at the order of her cousin Queen Elizabeth 1 of England. At that time it was lost and we've been looking for it for nearly 400 years. Now you have found it. We hope you'll accept s25,000 for this necklace." Jane and Betty were so amazed they couldn't speak. They nodded their agreement.

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    I just saw them this past weekend Masakari-kinta you're in for a good one

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    検索して出て来たのが変な日本語だったのでよろしくお願いします 曲名:Fallen Run for cover My sense of fear is running thin Undercover Just like a candle in the wind Tell everybody, tell everybody Brothers, sisters, the ending is coming We are fallen, we are fallen We are fallen, we are fallen Now we're just gonna ride it out Every morning I'm staring shadows in the eye Oh, good morning Will you just wait until I die? Tell everybody, tell everybody Brothers, sisters, the ending is coming We are fallen, we are fallen We are fallen, we are fallen Now we're just gonna ride it out I just want to take it in Even when your fire runs out Will you start it up again? We are fallen

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    長文で申し訳ありませんが、 よろしくお願いします I'm very flattered to know that you think like that for me?️! My friends & sisters are really very kind to me! I'm just returning those kindness to them by being a good friend & co-workers also ! And Im so happy that you feel their concern it for me.?️ Actually some of them started to practice for the showtime even I'm not present! They really looking forward for my fast recovery . Once again...thank you! よろしくお願いします

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    下記の文章の和訳をお願いします Maybe they're curious to see what happened to the whose desperate pleas for acceptance kept them laughing semester after semester.

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    以下の英文の和訳を教えてください! よろしくお願いします! Their hope is that Karen Overall can help them change his behavior. If she can't, they face the painful prospect o f having Emerson euthanized. Five million dogs a year in the U.S. suffer that fate, most offen because of behavioral problem. Most probrem dogs, according to Overall, aren't really sick. It's just that the behaviors bred into them are a poor match for the life they're asked to lead.

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    緊急で和訳お願いしたいです! (1)What do you words,little ones, urchins, or brats tell us? Language often allows us several ways of saying the same thing.but there are very slight differences between them.Here are Mary.Susan, and Joan talking about some children playing in the next room. Mary: Listen to those little ones! Susan: Listen to those urchins! Joan: Listen to those brats! The words tell us something about the feelings of the speakers.We can guess that Mary thinks the children are really cute and sweet.Susan thinks they're a bit mischievous, and maybe they're a little dirty and not so neat.Joan thinks they're bad and they're misbehaving.If they don't want to show their feelings.of course, t can just say: Listen to those children because children is a neutral word. When words cause us to have different feelings, then we can say those words have different connotations. Little ones, urchins, and brats have different connotations. Some connotations are positive-they give us pleasant or comfortable feelings. Some connotations are negative - they give us unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings. Every language has hundreds of words which make usort think of things in an emotional way. Here are some more word-pairs which mean almost the same thing. In each case, the 'good' meaning is first and the bad' meaning is second. Tom is thrifty. Tom is stingy. Our house is cozy. Our house is cramped. He was behaving in a childlike way. He was behaving in a childish way. できるだけ速い回答をお願いします!!!