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Hello, Our international customers are responsible for understanding and following the laws and regulations of the area they wish to ship to. We will not be responsible if the shipment is held by customs. If you have determined that the items you wish to buy are allowed to be shipped to as well as used in your area, you can simply place the order through our website, which will calculate shipping automatically. Sincerely, Steve Glauser International and Dealer Sales Specialist


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私どもの(私どもから見て)海外のお客様は、輸送先となる地域の法令・規則を理解しそれに従う責任を負います。もし税関によって輸送が差し止められた場合にも、私どもが責任を負うことはありません。 すでに購入ご希望の商品がお住まいの地域へ輸送され/お住まいの地域で使用されることが適法であるとご確認済みであれば、輸送について自動計算を行う私どものWebサイトを利用して簡単にご注文いただけます。 Steve Glauser(海外/販売担当) おおむねこんな感じかとー。 「Sincerely」は「草々」とかにあたる手紙の結びの語です。



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    We are giving 10 fans the chance to attend our rehearsal on September 1st in Los Angeles, CA before we head out on our US tour! If you are interested, please send your name, contact number, and social media account links (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube) If you are chosen, the full details will be provided to you. Please note, transportation will not be provided.

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    すいませんが翻訳お願いします。 We are writing to inform you that our products department had comfirmed that this item A0878000BQ is above 300mw. It has a strict quality check before shipping. And it is possible that the 200mw is much powerful than the 300mw. Would you please keep the item and we are willing to apply you $40 cash coupon as a gift? Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated! Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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    すいませんが、翻訳お願いします。 thank you for your cooperation and we have submitted them to our Product Department. We will keep you informed as soon as we have any news, all right? Please allow us some time handling this for you, okay? Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated. Any further questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you.

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    YOUTUBEの動画で使われている曲に対して、何の曲か質問したら 返事が返ってきました。 It is a song from the movie "Blood Diamond." Also, only if you are interested, I hope you will be generous enough as to check out my band's youtube channel page. We are two brothers, 21 and 17 (I being the latter) who make and produce our own original christian music. If you are interested, simply put in "fire and flame never let you go" into the search bar. I hope you like it もしよろしければ翻訳をお願いします。

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    INDIEGOGO UPDATE: Most of you have, but if you haven't received your perks yet they have been shipped and you will be seeing them in the mail shortly! We apologize for the delay but the process was complicated due to our being on the road and coordinating the shipment of certain items that had to be signed. If you don't receive your package in the next 10 days, please message us here. ALSO, the $5 raffle we had up on indiegogo is going back up on our official site starting November 5th and will be running through the month of December. Winner will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter, and Official website early 2014... those who have already entered in the raffle when up on indiegogo, your entries have been recorded and will automatically carry over.

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    ツイッターで突然のアカウント凍結されてメールしたんだけど英語で全くわかりません。 翻訳サイトで翻訳したんだけど意味が全くわかりませんでした。 何方かわかりやすい翻訳お願いします。 Hello, We understand that you're contesting an account suspension. Please be sure to read this entire email; you will need to take further action in order to reopen your ticket and trigger a review of your account. Twitter suspends accounts for a variety of reasons: • If your account was suspended for aggressive following behavior, you should have received an email notification to the address associated with your Twitter account. You'll need to confirm that you've removed all prohibited following automation from your account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behavior. To expedite your appeal process, please review our Best Practices page if you haven't already, and then reply to this ticket with a confirmation that you understand our policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behavior. • Please take a minute to review the Twitter Rules. • If you received an email from admin@twitter.com saying 'you're being suspended' or that we're going delete your account, you're safe; the email is fake. More information here https://support.twitter.com/articles/204820-safety-fake-twitter-emails • While we strive to avoid mistakes, it's also possible that your account was suspended in error. If after reviewing the Rules, you have no idea why your account was suspended, just reply to this email indicating as much, and we'll take another look at your case. Our apologies if the error turns out to be ours. Thanks, Twitter Support ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Responding to this email will reopen this ticket and put your ticket in queue for support. If you do not reply, your case will be closed. Note that you need to reply from the address this mail was sent to. If you use an alias (such as username+alias@gmail.com) to manage your account, ensure that your reply comes from the alias address or your ticket may not be seen by our support staff. Please note, we cannot accept email attachments at this time; please include all information in the body of your request. Your request summary is:

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    (1)Since the online store is not yet online, the first drop will be slightly different and will require your presence at time of drop. (2)Since the current shop redirects you to the supreme homepage, the start timer will not be the best route to go. You can use it, but you would need to set it to open a couple seconds after the drop and even then the site may not have yet updated and you will be redirected to the homepage. (3)Keyword finder may or may not working depending on site changes, but manually clicking on items will most likely lead to the best odds on drop 1. IF you do wish to use the keyword finder you it will need to be timed correctly when you hit the save button, if you hit save and you are redirected to the supreme homepage, close the window and try again – timing will be key here (4)For JP codes will not be posted until after the UK drop – for this reason we recommend not using the keyword finder for the first drop. (5)Lastly, if this is your first season with us, all this may seem complicated but once you can actually use the bot and run tests you will quickly get a grasp of how it all works (6)Updates to the bot will begin after the first drop if needed, this tips above only apply to the first release. In the event that some features on the bot do not work, please rest assured that updates will begin immediately right after and be released for the following week.

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    海外のショップに問い合わせをして、その返信メールです。 翻訳をお願いします。 We ship to Japan often. We also ship orders to shops in Japan. On our website is a list of overseas shops that sell our threads and some tatting supplies. All of our orders we ship US Priority Mail. If your order was small enough we could ship it in a flat rate box which would be cheaper. To order you need to go to what threads you want, put in how many balls you want and click on “Add to Cart”. When you are done ordering you will need to finalize your order and enter all of your shipping and billing information. If you have more questions please ask.

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    発送のことでの翻訳お願いします。 I have an important question to ask, and I hope you’re able to help. We are considering switching our shipping service to UPS – UPS offers a lot more favorable benefits for our business but I am worried about what they will charge for duty/brook age/and other fees to our customers. Do you have any experience with receiving boots from USA by UPS? Any information will be helpful and taken into consideration. The bottom line is we are looking out for our customers, and if this transition isn’t favorable to our customers, we are going to continue using USPS like we have always done.

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    翻訳お願いします。 Sorry to disturb you. We are writing to inform you that we have received the item you returned. And we have also asked the professionals to recommend an item for you, to fix the problem, would you please just search on our website and choose any item that you like. Once you decided, please contact us about the SKU number of the item, we will arrange the shipment for you as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in advance. If there is anything else we can do for you, just feel free to contact us. Have a nice day!