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どなたか以下の文章を訳していただけませんか? 自分は2文目の初めのitはthat以下をさすと思うのですがどうでしょうか? Because its regime is one of the most loathsome in the world,there is a temptation to see every political development in North Korea as a precursor to the sort of instability that might one day lead to real change. So it has been with the announcement that Kim Jong Un,thought to be 27,a son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il,had been promoted to general -a sign that he is likely to inherit his father's,and his grandfather's,mantle.


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「北朝鮮政権は世界でも最も危険な政権の一つであるため、北朝鮮での新しい情勢や展開のどれもが、いつかは現実の変化となってしまうような、そんな不安定さからくる予兆である、と考えたくなる誘惑に駆られる。だから、27歳になると見られる金正恩が将軍に任命されたという公式声明も、彼がおそらくは父親の、そして祖父の衣鉢(いはつ)を継ぐという予兆なのだろう。」  仰るitは、"political development in North Korea as a precursor to the sort of instability that might one day lead to real change"を受けていると思います。  ちなみにmantleは国(北朝鮮)のトップの地位ということでしょうね。



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このITは前の文のPrecursorを指します。 前の文で、Every political developmemtが、~のprecursor(予兆)と考えたくなる、といっています。 これを受けて(so,)、it(予兆)が~という公式発表と共にあった(~という公式発表がそういった予兆になっている)。 - a signは,文の最後でそのitを具体的に示しています。すなわち~の後継者になるしるし(=予兆) development(進展)に続いて~のprecursor(予兆)が the announcementとともにit=a signがある。 現在完了になっているのは、公式発表があってからまだ~の予兆(sign)が続いているというニュアンスがあります。 TIMEの文はこのように、非常に理屈っぽい(よくいえば理論的)な構成になっていますから、文法の勉強には最適かもしれません。


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ある一般的な意見とか、起こりがちなことを述べておいて So it is with X. で、 「X の場合においてもそうである」 というような意味になります。 今回、X の部分が the announce that ... となっているわけですが、 that は同格の that と呼ばれるもので「...という公表」という意味になります。 続きは後ほど。


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 「北朝鮮は世界で最も忌まわしい国の一つである、だから、北朝鮮のどの政治的進展でも、将来、真実の変革をもたらすような不安定さの前触れだと思いたくなるのは人情だ。だから北朝鮮の指導者金正日の27歳になると言われる息子、金正雲が、彼の父、および彼の祖父の後継者としてほぼ決定したと考えられる、将軍の地位に昇格した時も、そう(真実の変革をもたらすような不安定さの前触れだと)思うのが人情だ。」  第二文の it は、前文の there is a temptation 以下を指しているのではないでしょうか、そして、次の来る第三文でひっくり返す、すなわち  第一文 XがあるとYと解釈する傾向がある。  第二文 ZはXだ。  第三文 しかしZはYではない。  もっとも第三文が逆に進んで「ZはYだ」となる可能性もあります、それは事実に反するとは思うんですけれどこの雑誌は時々妙なことを言うんで、、、



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  • NHK WORLD Carter sends

    The Korean Central News Agency said on Thursday that Carter offered his condolences to the late leader's son, Kim Jong Un, and the Korean people. It says Carter also wished Kim Jong Un every success as he assumes his new responsibility as leader and that he looked forward to visiting North Korea again. (1)as he assumes his new responsibility  彼が新しい責任を担うように (2)that he looked forward to visiting North Korea again  は時制の一致で仮定法過去ではないですよね? よろしくお願いします。

  • 難関大学の英語の和訳

    以下の文の解説と和訳お願いします。 it would be idle to deny that the development of the law of contract in most legal systems, and certainly in English law, has been influenced by considerable number of factors but it is probably exaggeration to say that two of these factors have been of far greater importance than any others. these are the moral and the economic or business factor. Although one of the first lessons which a law student must learn is that law and morality are distinct, it is none the less true that the law reflects to a considerable extent the moral standards of the community in which it operates. ここまで読んでいただきありがとうございました。

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    The question of the meaning of the word bara,'create,'has been previously touched upon;it has been acknowledged by good critics that it doesn't of itself necessarily imply 'to make out of nothing upon the simple ground that it is found [to be]uesd in cases where such a meaning would be inapplicable . But the difficultly of giving to it the interpretation contended for by Dr Buckland and of uniting with this the assumption of a six days' creation, such as that described in Genesis, at a comparatively recent period, lies in this,that the heaven itself is distinctly said to have been formed by the division of the waters on the second day. Consequently , until. The first Mosaic day of creation, there was no sky, no local habitation for the sun,moon and stars, even supposing those bodies to have been included in the original material. Dr Buckland doesn't touch this obvious difficulty, without which his argument that the sun and moon might have been contemplated as pre-existing , although they aren't stated to have been set in the heaven until the forth day, is of no value at all.

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    It is the use we make of the powers entrusted to us, which constitutes our only just claim to respect. He who employs his one talent aright is as much to be honored as he to whom ten talents have been given. There is really no more personal merit attaching to the possession of superior intellectual powers than there is in the succession to a large estate. How are those powers used how is that estate employed? The mind may accumulate large stores of knowledge without any useful purpose; but the knowledge must be allied to goodness and wisdom, and embodied in upright character, otherwise it is naught. よろしくお願いします

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    I think it is the year 1909. I feel as if I were in a moving-picture theatre, the long arm of light crossing the darkness and spinning, my eyes fixed upon the screen. It is a silent plcture, as if an old Biograph one, in which the actors are dressed in ridiculously old-fashioned clothes, and one flash succeeds another with sudden jumps, and the actors, too, seem to jump about, walking too fast. The shots are full of rays and dots, as if it had been raining when the picture was photographed. The light is bad. It is Sunday afternoon, June 12th, 1909, and my father is walking down the quiet streets of Brooklyn on his way to visit my mother. His clothes are newly pressed, and his tie is too tight in his high collar. He jingles the coins in his pocket, thinking of the witty things he will say. I feel as if I had by now relaxed entirely in the soft darkness of the theatre; the organist peals out the obvious approximate emotions on which the audience rocks unknowingly. I am anonymous. I have forgotten myself: it is always so when one goes to a movie; it is, as they say, a drug.

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    BEIJING, Oct. 8 -- China welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday with a 21-gun salute, meetings with its top three leaders and glowing state media headlines about the first official visit of a Japanese head of state in five years. But the threat of a North Korean nuclear test clouded the trip that has been heralded as a turning point in China-Japan relations. North Korea declared last week that it would conduct its first nuclear test to bolster defenses against the United States. Sunday was considered a likely date because it is the anniversary of Kim Jong Il's taking leadership of the Korean Workers' party. 和訳頑張ってますがうまくできません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    (4)Now, imagine trying to carry out a simple arithmetical task, such as 2253+1337, with Roman numerals. Here is how it would look on paper: MMCCLIII+MCCCXXXVII=MMMDLXXXX.The task is painful, as readers can confirm for themselves. It is further complicated by the fact that a smaller numeral appearing before a large one indicates that the smaller one is to be subtracted from the larger one.For example, the numeral for "ninety" is represented by (XC)("one hundred minus ten"). Crearly, it would take quite an effort to carry out the addition, keeping track of all the letter-to-number values, especially when we compare it to the minimal effort expended in performing addition with the decimal numerals. (5)As mentioned the superiority of the decimal system over the Roman one lies in the fact that it is based on the reasonable principle, according to which the position of a digit indicates its value in terms of a power of ten.The 0 digit in this system makes it possible to differentiate between numbers such as "eleven"(=11) and "one hundredand one"(=101) (6) additional numerals. The digit 0 in a numeral tells us simply, that the position is "void" or "empty", since multiplying any number by 0 always yeilds 0. (6) 1.through the use of 2.thanks to 3.without the use of 4.by multiplying (6)No wonder, then, that the numeration system in use in the world today is the decimal one.It was first developed by the Hindus in India in the third century B.C., and was then introduced into the Arabic world around the seventh or eighth century A.D. The Hindu-Arabic system first reached Europe in the year 1000 through the efforts of Pope Syllvester II.But it hardly got noticed at the time.It was reintroduced in a much more practical way to medieval Europeans a few centuries later by an Italian businessman called Leonardo Fibonacci.With the publication in 1202 of his textbook, Fibonacci succeeded in convincing his fellow Europeans that the decimal system was far superior to the Roman one.He did this essentially by devising a series of pazzles and practical problems that could easily be solved with it. Shortly after its publication, mathemetics became a widespread science throughout Europe.

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    It has been widely recognized in recent years that one of the limitations of classical probabilistic risk analysis (PRA) is that although it does include operator failures that are directly involved in the failure modes,it does not identify those that affect the system indirectry,nor does it point to the organizational roots of these errors. っていう文なんですけど、ちょっと手に負えなくて困っています。英語に自身のあるかたお願いします。 特に後半の各節がどのように結びつくのかがさっぱろです。

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    At the power station a reporter began to shoot inquiries at Clarke,who took off his glasses and slowly started to clean them with his handkerchief in order to consider his replies.He then cautiously began:''The explanation of any trouble of that kind is very difficult.In fact,we haven't given it consideration yet,and we have no evidence that the shocks,if there were any,came from ourstation.' 'You have wires laid at that point.' 'Yes sir.' ''The question is then,would it not be possible for a horse to be affected by the electricity from your wiers?' 'We can say,generally speaking,that if you should connect two poles of any electric battery or dynamo to two pieces of damp ground ,while a current was prevented from passing over the strip of dry ground,if it were narrow enough, could make contact between two poles,and could receive a shock.' Then Clarke drew a sketch that explained the Nassau Street mystery without confirming it.Later on in the day,Edison told Clarke that the leak occured because some men who had dug there had spiked one of the electric tubes. Well-known electricians of that period began to discuss this little and unimportant occurrence seriously,and one of the sages said:''The electrical world in general,and Mr.Edison in paticular have been confronted with a new problem which no amount of forethought unaccompanied by practical experiments could have guarded against.It is evident to me that Mr.Edisonwill have to devise another system of underground conductors that will meet the requirements of the conditions which we now see are imposed upon him before he can ever hope to reach a practical and commercial success in his enterprise.'

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    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 身内についての説明文かもしれませんが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 n the previous two readings I told you of your future partners Mother and then his Father In this reading to complete the picture I will tell you something of the rest of his family. His siblings or other close relatives. It is the parents who always show most distinctly and clearly, because their influence on your partners early fate and background in generally the stronger, but some details about the rest of the family do show. The reason I only reveal his background step by step, when it is there to be found, is simply that while to you it may just be one paragraph that is quickly read, it takes a long time to detangle his family relationships from the web of fate in your chart. so there is only enough time to include a fragment in each reading, if we are to allow room for other important things.