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大学受験浪人生のものです よろしければ添削お願いいたします<m(__)m> 設問 Some people argue that personal relationships have improved because of new technologies, and others argue that they have weakened What do you think about this? Write a paragraph defending ONE of these positions, giving at least one appropriate reason to support your answer. 自分の解答 I think that personal relationships have weakened because of new technologies. This is because, more and more new technologies such as the Internet are prevailed, the less time people spend communicating with other people face to face. よろしくお願いします


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 解説忘れました(^^;。  the Internetは、現実に今我々が使っている「ネット」をさす場合は定冠詞theを付け、大文字Iで始めなければいけません。the NetでもOKです。技術文書などで、インターネットの内部技術などを記述するときはinternetと書く場合があります。  第二文は以下を使っています。定冠詞theに注意です(^^)V。 「the more A the less B Aすればするほど(ますます)Bしなく[でなく]なる The ~ she talks, the less he listens.  彼女がしゃべればしゃべるほど彼は聞こうとしなくなる.」 (プログレッシブ英和中辞典 第3版 小学館 1980,1987,1998)



解説までつけていただき本当にありがとうございます^^ 教えていただいたことはすべて吸収して受験につなげます 本当にありがとうございました<m(__)m>

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質問者さんの解答で十分だと思います。No. 1さんのでも十分だと思いますが、揚げ足をとるようですが、ちょっとNo. 1さんのを添削しますね(theの使い方とかが違うので) >In my opinion, personal relationships have weakened because of new technologies. Because the more new technologies such as the Internet has prevailed, the less people spend time on communicating with other people in face to face. In my opinion, personal relationships have weakened, because new technologies such as internet have prevailed and now less people spend time communicating face to face each other.



十分と言っていただき恐縮です ご回答ありがとうございました<m(__)m>

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 ちょこっとだけ変えればOKです。 In my opinion, personal relationships have weakened because of new technologies. Because the more new technologies such as the Internet has prevailed, the less people spend time on communicating with other people in face to face.



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    自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 コンビニの24時間営業について、反対か賛成か。 I don't agree with the opinion that convenience stores do business for 24 hours. This is because they have a bad influence on the environment. The use of energy around the clock contributes to global warming seriously. As you know, Global warming is one of the most pressing problems that the world is now facing. But, you may say that to stay open for 24 hours is convenient or even necessary for people who work night shifts. However,I think that global warming is bigger problem than that because these people only change their lifestyles. For this reason,I think convenience stores shouldn't stay open in the night-time. ※私は大学受験生です。周りに添削してくれる方がいなく困っています。どんな些細なことでもいいのでご指摘くださればありがたいです。よろしくお願いします。

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    (琵琶湖の汚染が叫ばれている昨今であるが、) 公共の場に平気でゴミを残していく人間の心の汚染のほうがよっぽど深刻だと思う。 I think it is far more serious that some people have got so wicked that they don't feel about leaving garbage in public places. 大学受験レベルで問題がないか確認お願いします。

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    自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 少子高齢化が生じる原因と問題点、そしてあなたが考える解決策を書きなさい。 I think that what is causing an aging society with a low birthrate is that the average life expectancy has been rising, and fewer babies have been born. One of the problems of this is that Japanese economy will get to recession. This is because the working-age population in Japan is decreasing. To solve this problem, we should make more positive use of women and older people. If we create the environment in which they can work easily, I believe Japan will overcome this difficult problem. ※自分は大学受験生です。周りに添削してくれる人がいなくて困っています。どんな些細なことでもご指摘いただけたらありがたいです。 毎回ご丁寧な添削ありがとうございます。回答者の皆様にはご負担をおかけしてしまっていると思いますが、皆さんに添削していただくごとに合格へ一歩ならず、何歩も近づけていると感じます。これからも、ご迷惑かもしれませんが、よろしくお願いします。

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    2007年の早稲田大学法学部の問題です。 Students at many universities in Japan are required to study a foreign language, usually English. Some universities require students to study more than one foreign language. Some people say universities should not require students to study a foreign language at all. Which do you think is the best policy? Write a paragraph explaining your opinion. Give at least one appropriate reason to support your answer. I agree with the request for students to study more than one foreign language.This is because not only japan but also other countrise all over the world have been heading for the globarization and foreign languages,especially English have been getting more and more important.If they don’t learn more than one language at their college,they may be left from international society.It is true that foreign languages are not necessary to some of them.However,they should not ignore the fact that there are international disputs around the world.So,they need to study foreign languages so that they can understand other countrise. 合格点(6,7割)を目指しているのですが、この程度ではやはり程遠いでしょうか? アドバイスや感想などありましたらよろしくお願いします。

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    自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 テーマ:Many medical students become frustrated that the basic memory skills that allowed them to pass the entrance exam have not prepare them for the increased pace of university study. Indeed, doctors need to be highly motivated, self-directed learners to keep up with the ever-increasing changes in medical knowledge. Describe how you could be a good medical student and what your priorities will be. Detail three of your good points and three bad points clearly. 条件:3パラグラフ構成以上、150字以上、序論・本論・結論が明確であること。   It is often said that many medical students become frustrated because they have to memorize various kinds of things about human body to keep up with university study. In case with me, one of my bad points is that when cannot understand the things, I am unable to go next step until I understand them. In addition to this bad point, I also think almost all things so deep. For example, I always worry about that whether my opinions or actions hurt my friends or not. Moreover, my third bad point is that I often care about people around me too much. My sister usually told me not to take care of her so often. However, I think these bad points are also my good points. When I cannot understand something, I ask my friends or teachers how to solve the problem. This action makes our relationships better. Next, my worrying about everything and tending to take care of people around me mean I have abilities to imagine other people’s feelings and to try to help people who are in trouble. This will motivate me to become a good doctor. Although I have bad points, everyone also has them. The important thing is not that you do not have bad points, but that you have the ability to change your bad points to good points. This is needed to become a good medical student.(238words) 自分の良い点悪い点について具体例を3つずつ、ということなのですが、 どういうふうに羅列したらよいか悩みました。 いい点と悪い点を一対一対応にして書くべきなのかとも考えましたが、 3つの悪い点→全部良い点へと変換しました。 先日期待と不安の添削をしていただいたときに不安→期待の方がよいというアドバイスを頂いたことを参考にしてみました。 序論も結論も弱い気がしますがボキャブラリーや結び付け方がへただなぁと・・・ 本番まであと1週間なのでかなり焦っています(´;ω;`) よろしくお願いします

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    ・たくさんの本を読めば、ますます物知りになると信じている人が多い。 A lot of people believe that the more books they read, the more knowledgeable they become. ・今度の家の部屋数は前に住んでいた家の倍だ。 Our new house has twice as many rooms as the one where we used to live. ・英語ほど世界中で広く使われてい言語はありません。 Nothing is more be widely used than English all over the world. ・過去について知れば知るほど、過去から学ぶことの大切さを教えられます。 The more you know the past, the more importantly to learn from the past you learn. 文法的、意味的に自信がありません;; 宜しければ添削お願いします。

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    「私は白い御飯が大好きで……」 と言う若い女性が増えた気がする。昔はそんなことはあまり言わなかった。好むと好まざるとに関わらず、米の飯以外の選択肢は少なかった。それ以前の、米の飯すら贅沢だと思われていた時代と比べれば幸せということだが、ことさらに 「白い御飯が大好き」 なんていう人は、それほど多くなかった。 I think the number of women who says that they love rice which is not added any flavor.But in the past, they didn't offen said that. Because regardless of one's taste, there is few option except rice. Compared with former age where people thought even rice is expensive on which people live, people in that age is happier, but there weren't so many people who especialy say they love rice. よろしくお願いします。

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    (1)Do you think it is important to study english? (2)What kind of job do you want to exprience? という問題がテストに出るので事前に考えてくることと言われましたが、作ってみたところ文法的に正しいかどうか分かりませんので添削お願いします。 高一までの学習範囲で、できればお願いいたします。 (1)yes,I do the two reasons First I like A foreign film Therefore I want to watch it without translation (←勉強をして)をいれたい Next I want to go to the university Because of that I think it it important to study English (2)Yes,I do I want to be A programmer The two reasons First,I like to use the PC second, I can make a lot of people efficient Because of that Ihink want to Be a programmer という内容なのですが、現在仮定法を学習しているので一つぐらい使いたいです。あとここはthat節を使ったほうがいいなどという点があれば教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いいたします。

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    以下の英作文の添削をお願い致します。 When a strike breaks up, some students who are very sceptical and cynical think that they will have some holidays, that it is troublesome, or people who are demonstrating on the street are thinking of becoming politicians. ●英文の意図 (学生)ストライキが起こったとき、ある懐疑的で皮肉屋の生徒は 休みがもらえると思ったり、迷惑なことだと思ったり、通りでデモをしている人は政治家になろうとしているのだ、などと思ったりする。 S think A, B, or C. という構成にしています。 some students (who are very skeptical and cynical) think that they will have some holidays, that it is troublesome, or (that) people (who are demonstrating on the street) are thinking of becoming politicians. ネイティブからは "confused of the meaning" と言われました。 何が悪いのかよく分かりません。 皆さんよろしくお願い申し上げます。

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    大学受験浪人生です よろしければ添削お願いいたします あなたは日本のどこかの大都市がオリンピックを招待すべきだと思いますか、思いませんか。 またそれはなぜですか。 あなたの考えを80語以上の英語でまとめよ I agree that somewhere city should invite Olympics. This is because I think that Olympics improve economics in many ways. For example, some people will want to watch Olympics directly so people will visit the city where Olympics are held and they will live in the city for a while. While they are living in the city, they will buy a lot of goods at the city and consequently, it will make economics improve. That is why I agree that somewhere city should invite Olympics.