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高校英語です。添削をよろしくお願いします。 1、美術館は駅から約十分西へ歩いたところにあります。  The museum is an about ten minutes' walk in the west from the station. 2、彼は高校を出たら大学に進学せずに働きに出ると言っています。  He says that he will not go on to university but work. 3、なぜ医者に言われたように寝ていなかったの? 言うことを聞いていれば2,3日で良くなっただろうに。  Why haven't you slept as the doctor had told you? If you had followed his advice,you would have got well in a few days.



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1 It is about a ten minute walk toward the west to the museum from the station. 個人的には towards を使いますが。 2 He says he will get a job after high school without an intention of going on to university. 3 Why didn't you stay in bed as the doctor told you to ? あとに続く文はあなたのでいいと思います。 寝ていなかったの?は実際の睡眠ではなく、なぜベッドや布団の中で体 を休めなかったの? という意味なので  stay in bed や have a rest でその意味合いが出ます。 これはあくまでも一例で、他にも訳し方はあるので他の回答も参考にして下さい。



詳しい回答ありがとうございます。大変参考になりました! stay in bed、忘れていました。そうですよね。 どうもありがとうございました!!

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2, He says that he will get a job(work) after graduate from high school instead of going on to university. 3 Why haven't you slept as the doctor told you. If you stuck to the doctor's orders, ......... . こういう言い方もあるという事で、ご参考にしてください。 3.の後半は非常にネイティブ的表現だと思います。



回答ありがとうございます。なるほど。とても参考になりました! 英作文は苦手ですがこれからも頑張ります! どうもありがとうございました!!


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    高校英語です。よろしくお願いします。 1、彼は煙草をやめてからとても太って、今では体重が75キロもあるそうだ。  It seems that he weighs seventy-five kios now because he has been fat since he stopped smoking. 2、海外で日本について研究している人は少なくないし、日本人以上に日本のことを知っている外国人は決して珍しくない。  Not a few people study about Japan in a foreign country and a foreigner who knows of Japan better than Japanese is not uncommon. 3、こんな退屈な本になけなしの金をはたかなければよかったと後悔した。  I regretted having spent what little money I had had on this book.

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    大学受験で自由英作文があるのですが、塾にも通えず英語の先生にも添削を断られてしまったため こちらで私の書いた英作文にアドバイスや指摘をして頂きたいと思い、投稿します。 ・パラグラフ構成をしっかりさせること ・150word以上 テーマ:医学部を卒業したあと、その地域の医師として働かされるべきか。 I agree with the idea that newly graduated doctors from this university should be sent to rural areas in this prefecture for several years of compulsory service. Needless to say, doctors can establish better relationship with people living in rural areas than in urban areas. Of course, there are so many doctors and patients in urban areas that the newly graduated doctor is able to acquire latest technology by them or see vrious kinds of patients there. However, if there is a few people in rural areas, the doctor can do the almost same thing everywhere. What is more, it is the most important thing for doctor to save people's life. Many rural areas being short of trained doctors mean that if people are sick in those areas, they couldn't see a doctor and they would even die. For these reasons, I suggest that newly graduated doctors should be sent to the place which does not have enough doctors and establish a mutual trust with people living there. よろしくお願いします

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    自由英作文の課題を解きました。突っ込み所満載だと思うので時間のある方のみで結構ですのでご教授下さい。 問:中学校第三学年の英語の授業で、「あなたの身の回りにある便利なものを紹介しよう」の単元を導入する。その単元の最初にsmall talkをするとき、あなたが生徒に聞かせる英語を書きなさい。 条件(1) have toを使うこと。 条件(2) 100語程度の英語で書くこと。 What is useful things around you? In my case, it is "car" for two reasons. Firstly, it enables me to move much faster than walking. For example, it takes about forty minutes from my home to here by car. But it would take more than three hours if I walk same distance! Secondly, it make it possible for me to move door to door. I mean that I don't have to walk if I use it. But If I use public transportation, I have to walk to the station. These reasons I said car is useful things for me! What is useful things for you? 訳:あのたの身の回りにある便利なものは何ですか。 私の場合、それは二つの理由により車です。 一つ目は、徒歩よりもかなり早く移動できることです。 例えば、私の家からここまで車で約40分程です。しかし、同じ距離を歩くと3時間以上かかるでしょう。 二つ目は、ドアトウドアの移動が可能だということです。 つまりそれを使うと歩く必要がないということです。 しかし、公共交通機関を使うと駅まで歩かなければいけません。 私の言ったこれらの理由により、車は私にとっての便利なものです。 あなたにとって便利なものは何ですか。

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    『現在夢中になっていること、一生懸命やりたいこと』をテーマの英作です。 私は中学、高校とテニスをしていて、そのことについてを書きました。 自信のないところは和訳を付けておきます。 As you know,I belong to tennis club. I have started regulation tennis(硬式テニス)since I entered the high school. And, when I was a junior high school student, I played soft tennis in the club. I'm so crazy about tennis. This winter, we had many practice games. I found my weak points through them. One of them is about my mind. I tend to be weakhearted in the game.(私はゲーム中、弱気になりがちなのです。) Such time, there is a phrase which I remember.(そんな時、思い出す言葉があります) "Even though you lose the skills, don't lose the spirit."(技術で負けても、精神では負けるな) It is my junior high school teacher's. I want to be good at playing tennis so I'll practice hard keeping this phrase to myself.(私はもっとテニスが上手くなりたいので、この言葉を胸に、一生懸命練習したいです。) 添削お願い致します。

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    英作文の添削をお願いします。詳しく添削してもらうとありがたいです。 テーマ;修学旅行で海外に行く学校が増えている。それについての賛否。  I agree with the increasing trend that students go on aschool trips abroad. You may say that it is too expensive for most parents to afford to have their children go abroad. However, in my opinion, it is more valuable than saving money. as globalazation becomes more common, we must develop views toward various cultures and thoughts. school trips abroad is a chance to interact people different from culture, creed and so on.

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    問題文はImagine yourself ten years from now. Describe your life at that time,and the steps you will take to get there.という内容です。 After ten years from now,I will be an English teacher. To become an English teacher, there are three steps. First, I enter a university. I will study English hard there. Second, I go to theU.S. to study English. I would like to learn English expressions and American culture. At the same time, I want to make friends with there. I will have a good time with new friends. In addition to that, I would like to visit traditional placeses in theU.S. these experiences let me grow up to teach skills. Third, I get the teacher's license. Through these steps, I will be an English teacher. 文法的な誤りや内容構成など添削よろしくお願いします。

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    自由英作文の添削をお願いします。 テーマ:Many medical students become frustrated that the basic memory skills that allowed them to pass the entrance exam have not prepare them for the increased pace of university study. Indeed, doctors need to be highly motivated, self-directed learners to keep up with the ever-increasing changes in medical knowledge. Describe how you could be a good medical student and what your priorities will be. Detail three of your good points and three bad points clearly. 条件:3パラグラフ構成以上、150字以上、序論・本論・結論が明確であること。   It is often said that many medical students become frustrated because they have to memorize various kinds of things about human body to keep up with university study. In case with me, one of my bad points is that when cannot understand the things, I am unable to go next step until I understand them. In addition to this bad point, I also think almost all things so deep. For example, I always worry about that whether my opinions or actions hurt my friends or not. Moreover, my third bad point is that I often care about people around me too much. My sister usually told me not to take care of her so often. However, I think these bad points are also my good points. When I cannot understand something, I ask my friends or teachers how to solve the problem. This action makes our relationships better. Next, my worrying about everything and tending to take care of people around me mean I have abilities to imagine other people’s feelings and to try to help people who are in trouble. This will motivate me to become a good doctor. Although I have bad points, everyone also has them. The important thing is not that you do not have bad points, but that you have the ability to change your bad points to good points. This is needed to become a good medical student.(238words) 自分の良い点悪い点について具体例を3つずつ、ということなのですが、 どういうふうに羅列したらよいか悩みました。 いい点と悪い点を一対一対応にして書くべきなのかとも考えましたが、 3つの悪い点→全部良い点へと変換しました。 先日期待と不安の添削をしていただいたときに不安→期待の方がよいというアドバイスを頂いたことを参考にしてみました。 序論も結論も弱い気がしますがボキャブラリーや結び付け方がへただなぁと・・・ 本番まであと1週間なのでかなり焦っています(´;ω;`) よろしくお願いします

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    自由英作文の添削をよろしくお願いします。 テーマ:いじめに対するアドバイス 条件 ・150words以上 ・3パラグラフ構成以上 ・序論・本論・結論が明確であること。 These days, the problem of bulling is often picked up on the TV program. Some students choose to kill themselves because they feel that they have no another choice to solve the problem. Other students ceased to go to school and study at home. Still others rely on their parents and their parents speak to child’s teacher or the principal and ask them to tell bully to stop bulling. In my opinion, the best way for being bullied students to solve the problem is just continuing to go to school. Of course, I can understand that their parents worry about child’s safety. However, if parents tell them not to go to school, students never change their thought. In my experience, I did go to school when I was bullied, even though I wanted to quit the school or kill myself. But now, I think it was a good experience for my long life. Since I had been mentally injured a lot, I got my heart strong and when my friends or people related me are in trouble, I can give them more proper advice than other people who had never been bullied. For this reason, even if you feel miserable or feel like killing yourself now, you should go to school. This makes you stronger and some day it will be a good experience for you. (226 words) 結論が短いため主張が弱いとは思うものの、文章展開の仕方や肉付けがうまくできていませんが アドバイスや指摘などいただけるとありがたいです。 宜しくお願いします。

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    1)Akio probably wouldn't act that way if he (were) in Japan. 2)If it (stopped) raining soon,shall we go out for a walk? 3)"I couldn't finish my homework yesterday." "If you (had asked) me,I would have helped." 4)It's about time you (went) home. 5)(Had I known) it was going to rain,I would have brought an umbrella. 6)Naoto is a good skier. I wish I (could ski) like him. 7)If Rod had followed my advice at that time,he (would be) happy now. 8)(Without) your financial help,we wouldn't be able to carry out our plan. 9)Nicola swims very well as if she (were) a mermaid. 10)Ron might be earning a better income if he (had studied) more when he was a student. 英文が多くてすみませんm(__)m ()内の添削をよろしくお願いします。 よかったら日本語訳も加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

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    1)These toys bring children the idea that blue and doctor is boys is a boy at the same time pink and nurse is a girl. 「これらのおもちゃは、ピンクと看護師が女の子であるという考えと同時に、青と医者が男の子であるという考えを子供たちにもたらします。」 2)When you walk the toys department in the shop and find the shelves of toys in a pink package, you will get it right away who is that target for? 「お店の中でおもちゃ売り場を歩きピンクのパッケージに入ったおもちゃの棚を見つけた時、誰をターゲットとしたのかすぐにわかるでしょう」 こちらの2文を添削してほしいです。 よろしくお願いします。