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特に後半の文章が良い日本語にならず困っています・・・ As a result Vivienne has created some of the most gorgeous clothes for women,but always with a twist-that is, with a special touch that marks them out as her individual work.


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    次の文章を和訳してください A slender acquaintantance with the world, must convince every man, that actions,not words, are the true standerd of judging the attachmentof friends, and that the most liberal professions of good-will are very far from being the surest marks of it.

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    And while many people have grown accustomed to recycling cans, bottles and newspapers, used clothes are generally thrown away. Britons on average discard about 65 pounds , or 30 kilograms, of clothing and textiles a year. Only an eight of that goes to charities for reuse. “In a wealthy society, clothing and textiles are bought as much for fashion as for function,” the report says, and that means that clothes are replaced “before the end of their natural life.” Julian Allwood, who led a team of environmental researchers in conducting the report, noted in an interview that it is now easier for British consumers to toss unwanted clothes than to take them to a recycling center, and easier to throw clothes into the hamper for a quick machine wash and dry than to sponge off stains. He hopes his report will educate shoppers about the costs to the environment, so that they change their behavior. There are many examples of how changing consumer priorities have forced even the most staid retailers to alter the way they do business.

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    Any rights inhering in an individual, therefore, must be “stolen” from society as a whole. Classical economists led by Adam Smith, a prominent figure of the Enlightenment, in contrast, developed the notion of the marginal contribution of each individual to the production process as the basis of his or her incomes. Implicitly, Smith’s followers argued that Marx’s view was inconsistent with human nature and therefore could not explain economic development. Marx did recognize that acquisitive human nature was not compatible with a collectivized state.

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    至急和訳お願いします! When I came to the United States as a lad of six, the most needful lesson for me, as a boy, was the necessity for thrift. I had been taught in my home across the sea that thrift was one of the fundamentals in a successful life. My family had come from a land noted for its thrift ; but we had been in the United States only a few days before the realization came home strongly to my father and mother that they had brought their children to a land of waste. Where the Dutchman saved , the American wasted. There was waste,and the most prodial waste, on every hand. In every street-car and on every ferry-boat the floors and seats were littered with newspapers that had been read and thrown away or left behind. お願いします!

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    和訳にどうしても困ってます><宜しくお願いします>< Besides, if one wished to decide by comparing bodies which is the more excellent of the two sexes, women could claim victory without even taking account of the internal structure of their bodies and of the fact thet the most interesting thing in the world takes place within them: namely, the conception of human beings, the most noble and admirable of all creatures. Who could stop them from saying that their external appearance makes them the winners, that grace and beauty are natural and characteristic of them, and that all this gives rise to effects which are as visible as they are common; and that if what they can accomplish as a result of what is in their heads makes them at least equal to men, their external appearance hardly ever fails to make them the victors?

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    In Figs. 7b and 7c (b=2.8 and 3.1) we find that the τ values of close-encounter orbits are confined in a region near τ=0 and, further, its width decreases with an increase in b. In particular, when b=3.1 (i.e., b very close to b_max), the τ values of the close-encounter orbits localize in a narrow region around τ=0. This comes from the choice of φ=0 in the initial conditions: When b is relatively large and the mutual gravity is weak, then a particle continues approximately its original Keplerian motion. When the guiding center of the particle comes across the x-axis (i.e., when t=0), its position is given by (see Eq. (7) with φ=0) x=b-cosτ, y=-2esinτ, (23) z=-isinω. The distance from the origin becomes minimum when τ<<π. Thus only particles with τ<<π can be disturbed drastically by the gravity of the protoplanet and have the possibility of encountering the two-body sphere. The fact that the width of τ in the finely dotted region (i.e., the τ of close-encounter orbits) decreases with an increase in b is also observed in other e and i, as long as b>e. This behavior is very useful to systematically find collision orbits. If we can once find an appropriate restricted region of close-encounter orbit, e.g., τ_1≦τ≦τ_2, for some b_1 (b_1>e), then for b>b_1 it is sufficient to search close-encounter orbits in the limited region between τ_1 and τ_2. よろしくお願いします。

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    The other point which has to be noted with regard to this criterion is as follows. I again quote from " Animal Intelligence :"— " Of course to the sceptic this criterion may appear un satisfactory, since it depends, not on direct knowledge, but on inference. Here, however, it seems enough to point out, as already observed, that it is the best criterion available ; and, further, that scepticism of this kind is logically bound to deny evidence of mind, not only in the case of the lower animals, but also in that of the higher, and even in that of men other than the sceptic himself. For all objections which could apply to the use of this criterion of mind in the animal kingdom, would apply with equal force to the evidence of any mind other than that of the individual objector. This is obvious, because, as I have already observed, the only evi dence we can have of objective mind is that which is furnished by objective activities ; and, as the subjective mind can never become assimilated with the objective so as to learn by direct feeling the mental processes which there accompany the objective activities, it is clearly impossible to satisfy any one who may choose to doubt the validity of inference, that in any case, other than his own, mental processes ever do accompany objective activities.

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    The word beginning,' he says, as applied by Moses in the first verse of the book of Genesis, expresses an undefined period of time which was antecedent to the last great change that affected the surface of the earth, and to the creation of its present animal and vegetable inhabitants, during which period a long series of operations may have been going on; which as they are wholly unconnected with the history of the human race, are passed over in silence by the sacred historian, whose only concern was barely to state, that the matter of the universe is not eternal and self-existent, but was originally created by the power of the Almighty.' The Mosaic narrative commences with a declaration that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.' These few first words of Genesis may be fairly appealed to by the geologist as containing a brief statement of the creation of the material elements, at a time distinctly preceding the operations of the first day; it is nowhere affirmed that God created the heaven and the earth in the first day, but in the beginning; this beginning may have been an epoch at an unmeasured distance, followed by periods of undefined duration during which all the physical operations disclosed by geology were going on.' The first verse of Genesis, therefore, seems explicitly to assert the creation of the universe; the heaven, including the sidereal systems; and the earth, especially specifying our own planet, as the subsequent scene of the operations of the six days about to be described; no information is given as to events which may have occurred upon this earth, unconnected with the history of man, between the creation of its component matter recorded in the first verse, and the era at which its history is resumed in the second verse: nor is any limit fixed to the time during which these intermediate events may have been going on: millions of millions of years may have occupied the indefinite interval, between the beginning in which God created the heaven and the earth, and the evening or commencement of the first day of the Mosaic narrative.'

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    This, however, can only be part of the explanation. There is also evidence that ethnic women have been ambivalent about their own kind of look for many years. For decades, women with dark skin the world over have tried to make their skin paler or their hair straighter, sometimes with dangerous chemicals. The model Alek Wek recently told Vogue India that, in her native Sudan, her dark skin is looked down on by lighter-skinned Sudanese. “What is this obsession with pigment?” she asked. Marriage adverts in India newspapers unselfconsciously express a preference for fair or wheat-coloured skin in women. Japanese and Chinese women regularly have cosmetic operations to remove the fold of skin above their eyes, so they look more like a “round-eyed” European, and dye their hair blonde. As Doukas said of a photoshoot in Japan recently: “The girls just didn't look Japanese. It was very sad.” Indeed, in my copy of Japanese Vogue, there was a total absence of Japanese models. “I am black but comely,” says the beautiful women in the Old Testament's Song of Songs. Why the “but”? よろしくお願いします。

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      We will add some comments on the choice of the initial conditions. It should be noticed that we need not survey every set of phase parameters, ε_i and δ_i, when the semi-major axis and the eccentricity of the particle orbit are once fixed. This is due to the fact that there are numberless same orbits with different sets of ε_i and δ_i. Therefore, noticing that δ_i has a 2π-modulous, we can represent, practically, all of the possible phase of the Keplerian orbits by ε_i=constant and -π≦δ≦π. Secondly, we will transform a_i and e_i to b_i~ and e_i~, respectively, according to                       a_i=1+b_i~h (2・9) and                       e_i=e_i~h. (2・10) Here h is the radius of the sphere within which the gravity of the planet overcomes the solar gravity, i.e., the radius of the Hill sphere, and is defined in the units adopted here as                 h=(μ/3)^(1/3)=2.15×10^(-3), (2・11) where the planetary mass M is chosen to be 5.977×10^25g, i.e., one-hundredth of the present terrestrial mass. As shown by Hayashi et al, there exists an approximate similarity law between solutions to the plane circular RTB problem as long as μ≦10^-4, which is well scaled by the above transformations and, hence, the results obtained for the special choice of μ (or M) can apply extensively to the problem with different value of μ. 長い文章ですが、ご教授いただけると助かります。