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2度目の投稿です。前回はご回答ありがとうございました!!とても参考になりました。 今回はタイトル通り関係詞関する間違いです。 I have a cousin where lives in Denver, Colorado. She's married and has a little girl whom is two years old. The company that's she works for has a daycare center, so she can take her daughter to work with her in the morning, play with her during lunchtime and take her home after work. She told me about one company who's management even lets a new parent bring the baby to his or her office! Mycousin's husband works, too. He's an American whom she met him in college. She's happy with her life. And one thing what makes her VERY happy is that her husband does ALL the cooking. I wonder if he has a brother whose single. これが文です。例:1行目の「cpusin where」がwhereでなくwhoです。このように他に6個あります。 是非、力を貸してください!


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1 little girl (whom) → ( who) 2 The company (that's) →  (that or which) 3 one company (who's) → (that's ) 4 American (whom) (that)? このセンテンス、間違いないですか、何か言葉が多くないですか? 5 And one thing( what) makes her → (that) (which) 6 a brother (whose) single →  (who's)



ありがとうございます!! 間違いないはずです・・・


  • 関係詞についてです!

    関係詞の問題を自分で解いてみたのですが、自信がないのでご回答お願いします。 (1)関係代名詞を用いて2文を1文にする問題 Do you know the woman? Our teacher is walking with her. 私は、Do you know the woman who is walking with our teacher.としました。 Judy told me that she was happy then. It was not true. 私は、Judy told me that she was happy then waht was not true.としました。 (2)並び替えて英文を完成させる問題(必要があればコンマを付ける) He didn't(had/she/attention/to/what/said/pay). 私は、He didn't(pay attention to what she had said).としました。 We sent a e-mail to(Bob/we're/to/going/with/whom)stay next weekend. 私は、We sent a e-mail to(Bob whom with we're going to)stay next weekend.としました。 She is planning to (carry/out/nobody/to/a idea/that/agreed). 私は、She is plannning to(carry out a idea that nobody agreed)としました。 I went out for barbecue(bag/cute/looked/very/whose/with/Lisa). 私は、I went out for barbecue(whose looked very cute bag).としました。 長々とすいません。もし間違いがあれば教えていただけると幸いです。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 関係詞、疑問詞の穴埋め問題です。

    上の十問が関係詞の穴埋め、下の十問は、適した語を選ぶ問題なのですが、問題集に答えがついていないので、答えと訳をつけてほしいです。お願いします。 1 She had no one with()she could consult about the matter. 2 The time will come()you´ll regret this. 3 Look at the boy and his dog()are running over there. 4 John is a student()the teachers believe is jonest. 5 She said she has read the book before,()proved to be a lie. 6 It is often said that rice is Asians()wheat is to Europeans. 7 My father gave the boy()little money he had. 8 Who()has common sense can believe such a thing? 9 There is no matter in the world()loves her children. 10 I dislike such a man()tells lie. 1 This book is very informative and,()is more,inexpensive. 2 No matter()he may go,he is loved by everybody. 3 ()come you came to school so early this morning? 4 I don´t know()the exast distance between Tokyo and Morioka is. 5 () is often the case with scientists,he has no interest in clothes. 6 () do you think of those Japanese writers? 7 The plan may not work,but()not give it a try? 8 () soon does the concert begin?Do we have time to get a program? 9 This coming Friday is()I am free. 10 () with the strong wind and rain,the airplane didn´t arrive on time.   語群(アwhat イwhen ウwhere エwhy オhow カas)

  • 関係詞の問題教えてください

    関係詞の問題教えてください 1省略されている関係詞どこになにが入りますか? 1-1 Who was the pretty girl you spoke to at the bus stop this morning? 1-2 This is the very thing I have wanted to buy. 1-3 She is not the woman she was before she married. 2関係詞を使って1文に 2-1 Her only daughter often writes to her. She is now in New York. 2-2 He gave me two books. I have read neither of them yet. 2-3 You can see from here the roof of a white building. What is that building? 2-4 You had better put the book back on the desk. Because the owner will come back. 3「   」内の関係詞を使って全文を書き換え 3-1「than 」 It was an intersting book and I didn't expected that. 3-2「as」  He is a teacher and it is clear from his way of talking. 3-3「as ~as 」 He wanted the books , and bought them. よろしくお願いします

  • 関係詞を教えてください

    関係詞の問題で解らないところがあったので教えてください。 間違っているところも説明してくださると助かります。 それと、whoとwhomの使い分けがよく解らないので使い方の説明もしてくだされば助かります。 問1.関係詞を用いて英訳しなさい (1)僕は兄が先週買った車を運転してみたい 私の英訳) I want to drive the car which My brother bought last week. (2)私たちは来週、10月生まれの学生たちのパーティーをする。 私の英訳) We will a pary who students is born in October next week. (3)僕には奥さんがイタリア人の友達がいる 私の英訳) I have a friend whose wife is an Italian. 問2.次の( )内に適切な関係詞を入れなさい。また、訳しなさい。 I met a French girl ( ) spoke very good English. 私の解答>who 和訳>私は英語をとても上手に話す女の子のフランス人に会った That is the only house ( ) roof is made of straw in this village. 私の解答>that 和訳>あの家だけこの村では屋根が藁でできている The student ( ) name is called out must stand up. 私の解答>who 和訳>名前を呼ばれた生徒は立ち上がらなくてはいけなかった She found the diary ( ) she had written when she was in elementary. 私の解答>which 和訳>彼女は小学生のときに書いた日記を探した Here is a friend ( ) wants to see you. 私の解答>whom 和訳>ここにあなたが会いたがっている紳士がいる I have a friend ( ) brother is a professional baseball player. 私の解答>whose 和訳>私はプロのバスケットボール選手の友達がいる Who ( ) has worked with him once can trust him? 私の解答>that かつて彼と共に働いた信用できる人は誰ですか? I know the man and his horse ( ) appeared on TV last night. 私の解答>Who 和訳>私は昨夜、テレビに出演していた男性と男性の馬を知っている It's dangerous to drive a car ( ) headlight is broken. 私の解答>which 和訳>ヘッドライトが壊れたのは危険な運転をした車だ。

  • 関係詞の問題教えてください

    関係詞の問題教えてください 1和訳 1-1 He is the only one of my friends who helps me with my homework. 1-2 There is no student that I know who works as hard as Tom. 2英訳 2-1 自分のできることを決して他人にまかせるな Don't leave (           )you can (     )do yourself to others. 2-2 今こそ人々が平和のありがたさを認識する時だ   (   ) is the time when people (    )now realize the blessing of peace. 2-3私の生まれた町は今は、昔とすっかり変わってしまった   (      ) the town where I was born has completely (    )from what it was. よろしくお願いします

  • なぜ<>の中の関係詞になるのか教えてください。

    なぜこの関係代名詞になるのか理由をお願いしたいです This is Mr.Kato, the person (who) will be guiding us today. I know a little boy (whose) parents have passed away. She is a good interpreter (who) I believe can help you. That's the restaurant (which/that) just opened six months ago. Yukari got everything (that) she wanted. Nagasaki is a city (which/that) I'd like to visit. That house, the roof of (which) is red, is mine. He is the man with (whom) I talked last night. Beth told me the phone number of the hotel (which/that) she was staying at. This is the very house (that) I wish to live in.

  • 関係代名詞について質問です。

    英文法の教科書に Her second husband was Conrad Hilton, whom she married in 1942. という例文の後に、「非制限用法なので、whomは省略できない。」とありました。関係代名詞は、非制限用法のときしょうりゃくできないのでしょうか?

  • 添削をお願いします!関係詞

    1)(However) hard the work is, he wants to be a lawyer. 2)The man is Nick's uncle, (whom) they say is a novelist. 3)She showed more kindness (than) I had expected. 4)Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen, (as) we all know. ()内が合っているか教えていただきたいです。 よかったら、文法の解説もお願いします。 よろしくお願いします。

  • よろしくお願いします

    Around two months ago, one of my co-workers mentioned that she was trying a new spiritual practice and has been acting strangely since: She often comes in late or won’t show up at all; she deleted her social media presence; her demeanor is distant and confused instead of bubbly and engaged; and she’s started using terms like “good energy,” “negative energy,” and other similar things in everyday conversations. When she misses work, she says that she was meeting with either a “spiritual counselor” or “godparents.” I strongly believe that everyone has a right to their spiritual beliefs, but I am genuinely concerned about my co-worker’s health and think that maybe she has joined a cult or cult-like group. I live in Los Angeles, so I am familiar with New Age and alternative spirituality practices, but it seems like whatever she is doing is much more controlling. In any case, this new spiritual practice is affecting her work and adding a lot of extra things to my workload when she’s not in. ここでのengagedはどのような意味でしょうか?あと、when she’s not inは「出勤していないとき」でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • grow absent

    I had my daughter about six months ago. In my circle of friends I’m the only to have a baby, so needless to say she gets a lot of attention. One friend in particular seems to be a little obsessed with her, and it kind of freaks me and my husband out. She’s constantly buying things for her, referring to herself as her godmother (she’s not, my sister is, and she knows it). She asks for pictures of her throughout the day to help get her through work, and mentions that while she’s looking for a new job she would never relocate because she wants to be near my daughter. And recently when she comes over, she asks if she can wear her in my baby carrier so people will think she’s her child! I appreciate that she is so supportive of us, and I know most people find their childless friends grow absent once they have a baby, but this is just a little over the top. grow absentはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします