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「well im sorry it rained there you it is going to snow here ^^ i cant wait」 和訳をお願いします


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「うーん。 あなたのいる所は雨で残念だね。 ここ(私のいる所)はこれから雪になるよ。 待てないなあ」 で合ってるはず。 それにしても変な文章ですね。


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 これは和訳というよりは判読ですが  「そちらは雨だそうで残念、こちらは雪になるらしい^^(嬉しくて)待てない」  でしょうか。



なるほど、なるほど ありがとうございました


  • Whats there to do out there?

    質問があります。わかるものだけでいいので、どうかよろしくお願いします。 Eパルの人からの英語で、 I'm going to get my dog in two day's its going to snow.so how it out there? whats there to do out there? (1)このIm going to get my dog in two days.というのは未来のことをいっている訳しかたですか?goingて現在進行形になるんですか?それなら2間犬を買いにいってる だとおかしいですよね?どういう訳し方になるのですか? (2)How it out thereは、私のいる町の天気をいっていると思うんですが、Its going snowという文がなくて how it out there.単体でも天気のことを聞いていることになりますか? (3)whats there to do out there?は意味がわかりませんでした。外で何をする(???)ですか? (4)この文とは関係ありませんが、canとcan'tの発音の分け方に困ってます。よくcaの発音がケンにちかい発音のばあいはcantと勝手に思っているのですが、何か違いはあるんですか?それとも文章で判断するしかないのでしょうか?

  • 和訳をお願いします

    すみません。こちらの英語の和訳をお願いいたします。 ☆We met, and were impressions different? ★sorry i don't get you ☆i got it ★you meant that you had nice time when in France ? ☆I was able to spend happy time in France But I felt that a story was necessary with more you in the same way as you I am blame,sorry I have misunderstood Please ignore this matter im so sorry ★don't worry :) everything is going to be alright :) you said :But I felt that a story was necessary with more you in the same way as you!! but i don't get you ☆I want to talk with you much more It is these contents that I wanted to send Do you understand a meaning? ★ye s ;) ☆I misunderstood these words “i don't get you’’ ★i don't understand you ☆But it was able to be already understood ★; )good night, i am going home ;) ☆good night

  • 和訳をお願いします

    Here is what we agreed on yesterday. You usually end the auction as promised, but this time you didn't because I suspect you knew there were going to be other bids.

  • 和訳お願いします。

    I'm confused by my feelings.  I want you to achieve everything you want in life, but I miss you and I love you.  If we are together I cant give you children.... Im sorry if this is difficult. 私は自分の気持ちに混乱してる 私はあなたの人生が良いことを願っている もし私たちが一緒になったら子供も出来る? ごめんなさいそれは困難? 教えて下さい(。-_-。)

  • 和訳うまく出来ないところ教えてください

    Phew, you dont know how good it is to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! やれやれ?(ひゃー?)あなたは知らない、どのくらい調子がいいのか、あなたから聞くために (体の調子がよくない事をいいました) I wish I was there or you were here. 私はそこにいた、あなたはここにいた???? (ちょっと訳せません) It was very good to hear from you I was very worried あなたからとてもよかったと聞けた、私はとても心配してた。

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    比較の和訳教えてください 1You may as well kill me as leave me here me here without water! 2There is no more milk in the glass. 3This problem is not less difficult than that one. 4I can't stand this any longer. this が特にわかりません よろしくお願いします

  • 和訳してください!

    I'm so glad I found you I'm not gonna lose you Whatever it takes I will stay here with you Take it to the good times see it through the bad times Whatever it takes is what I'm gonna do 和訳お願いします( *`ω´)

  • 和訳をお願いします!

    You soon become absorbed in some book or other, and usually it is only much later 4(that) you realize you have spent far too much time there and must dash off to keep some forgotten appointment----- without buying a book, of course. This opportunity to escape the realities of everyday life is, I think, the main attraction of a bookshop. There are not many places where it is possible to do this. A music shop is very much like a bookshop. You can wander round such places to your heart's content. かっこ4のthatと同じ用法を含む文を次のなかから選んでください。 1 The fact is (that) I have nothing to do with the matter. 2 It is here (that) she was killed in a traffic accident. 3 It is so fine today (that) I feel like going out. 4 There is little hope (that) you will succeed. 5 I am sure he is poor but (that) he is sincere. 宜しくお願いします!

  • 和訳

    Sorry, we don't like disputes hanging over our heads, so it was refunded. However, you can still place another order, but unfortunately it is still not in yet. mikegyver.com/blog Please follow our progress there. I would ask for you either like our Facebook page or keep checking back, then place order when it is in stock. We WILL ship ASAP if you choose express shipping. Again Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying as hard as we can to get it to come in faster, but some things we can't control 誰か和訳お願いします。 宜しくお願い致します。

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    和訳をお願いします I don't Know what I can tell you any more. I am the bad guy ! I talked to her again, I know what is going on between you girls. I am pretty sure that You will find good man of your life. I am sorry for everything. Take care!! If you like calling me, just do it . you are good girl! I did not mean to hurt your feeling.