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Monitoring stomach contractions Using this procedure, Washburn showed that stomach contractions (transmitted by the stomach balloon) accompany our feelings of hunger (indicated by a key press). (From Cannon,1929.)


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横着な質問には、横着な回答をお返しします。 機械翻訳の結果です。 どこが訳し間違えているかはおわかりになると思います。 「この手順を使用している胃収縮をモニターして、ウォッシュバーンは胃収縮(胃風船によって送られる)が飢えの我々の感情を伴うことを示しました。(鍵となるプレスによって示されます) (大砲から、1929。)」



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    長いです。恐縮ですが、よろしくお願いします。 Keys' semistarved volunteers felt their hunger in response to a homeostatic system designed to maintain normal body weight and an adequate nutrient supply. But what precisely triggers hunger? Is it the pangs of an empty stomach? That is how it feels. And so it seemed after A. L. Washburn, working with Walter Cannon (Cannon & Washburn, 1912), intentionally swallowed a balloon. When inflated in his stomach, the balloon transmitted his stomach contractions to a recording device (FIGURE 35.1). While his stomach was being monitored, Washburn pressed a key each time he felt hungry. The discovery: Washburn was indeed having stomach contractions whenever he felt hungry .

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    It is obvious, then, to start with, that by Mind we may mean two very different things, according as we contemplate it in our own individual selves, or as manifested by other beings. For if I contemplate my own mind, I have an imme diate cognizance of a certain flow of thoughts and feelings, which are the most ultimate things — and, indeed, the only things— of which I am cognizant. But if I contemplate Mind in other persons or organisms, I can have no such immediate cognizance of their thoughts and feelings ; I can only infer the existence of such thoughts and feelings from the activities of the persons or organisms which appear to manifest them. Thus it is that by Mind we may mean either that which is subjective or that which is objective. Now throughout the present work we shall have to consider Mind as an object ; and therefore it is well to remember that our only instrument of analysis is the observation of activities which we infer to be prompted by, or associated with, mental antecedents or accompaniments analogous to those of which we are directly conscious in our own subjective experience. That is to say, starting from what I know subjectively of the operations of my own individual mind, and of the activi ties which in my own organism these operations seem to prompt, I proceed by analogy to infer from the observable activities displayed by other organisms, the fact that certain mental operations underlie or accompany these activities.

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    Fukuda et al. [34] showed that the pigmentation of glass eels of the Japanese eel in captivity developed progressively with the duration of rearing in a temperature range of 10~30 °C. This observation suggests that the glass eels at early pigmentation stages found in our study had arrived at the Sagami River estuary not so long before they were collected. Thus. our data clearly show that a quite unusual glass eel recruitment pattern occurred, with the peak in early summer (May and June). at least in the 2009 and 20I0 seasons at the Sagami River estuary. Due to current fishing regulations and the lack of monitoring of glass eel recruitment, it is not known whether a seasonal change in glass eel recruitment has occurred throughout Japan or over a much wider region of their species range in East Asia. Even if this unusual recruitment of glass eels just occurs locally at the Sagami River estuary, it provides information that can be used in determining locally administrated fishing regulations and designing conservation programs for yellow eel stocks (growth phase) fragmentally inhabiting freshwater systems.The monitoring of glass eel recruitment by the Eel River Project is expected to expand to the entire species range of this species. ちなみに、recruitmentは接岸、glass eelはシラスウナギです

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    「私はE-mailはとても便利だと思います。まず、E-mailはとても経済的です。電話を使うとE-mailを使った時に比べて沢山お金がかかります。2つめに、何か面と向かっては言いにくいことがあるとき、e-mailを使えばより簡単に伝えることができます。最後に、e-mailは文章だけでなく写真も送れます。今では、デコレーションメールも送れるようになり、私たちは気持ちをより伝えられるようになりました。だから、e-mailはたくさんの人に幸せを与えられる道具だといえます。」 この日本文を英語にしてみたのですが、文法的に間違っているところや、意味の通じないところを指摘していただけませんか?お願いします。 In my opinion, e-mail is a blessing. First, it is quite economical. When we use the phone, we have to pay much more money than when we use e-mail. Second, it is very useful when we want to tell something hard to say personally, we can do easily by using e-mail. Finally, we can send not only the sentences but also pictures. Now that we came to be able to send decoration mail, so we can send more our feelings to others. Therefore, e-mail is a tool which sends a lot of happiness to many people.

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    Multinational time I have been told that in Germany, however, guests are expected to arrive promptly (not before or after the hour stated) at parties as well as business appointments. Five o'clock in the evening means 5:00 p.m., not 5:20 or 4:45. On the other hand, in Latin American and Arab countries, no one is expected to arrive at a party until a few hours after the stated time. 日本語訳 しかしながら、聞くところによるとドイツでは、パーティーの客は 仕事上の約束と同様に、決められた時刻に正確にパーティに到着するべきだと 思われている(早くも遅くもなく)。 午後5時は 5:00 p.mのことで、5:20 や 4:45ではない。 一方、ラテンアメリカやアラブ諸国では、 予定より数時間後にならないと、 誰もパーティには到着しないのが普通だと思われている。

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! In fact, Moscow’s readiness to take part in negotiations in Western capitals was minimal, even though the events in the GDR before 17 June were seen to reflect completely the Soviet intention of pressing for a Four Power conference on the German question. The actual losers were the weakest element in the game: the Germans behind the Iron Curtain and all those who had hoped for the restoration of Germans unity. The planned summit of the Big Three in 1953 was reduced to a conference of the three Western foreign ministers. He had been convinced that the West could negotiate with the Soviets based on a ‘position of strength’ in order to ward off the danger of an nuclear war.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! Churchill’s proposal was not regarded as unrealistic in the rest of the West but as unwelcome. After 17 June the proposal from Churchill of 11 May 1953 to work at the highest level with the Kremlin towards an arrangement on a neutral all-German solution was robbed of any basis. The victors of the Second World War remained Allies, true to their principles, against Germany even through the period of 17 June 1953, particularly since they were dealing primary with the security and consolidation of their areas of interest in relation to the German partial states

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! The second new building was the amphitheatre, financed by the same two colonists, Quinctius Valgus and Porcius, but at a slightly later date. The official title was actually not ampbitbeatron, a Greek term used of such buildings only at a later date, but the Latin SPECTACULA. This reflects the fact that the entertainments staged in the arena were of purely Roman type, the gladiatorial combats and wild-beast hunts which had evolved in central Italy, perhaps from games conducted at funeral, and whose brutality and bloodshed set them apart from the popular entertainments of the Greeks. As such, the amphitheatre may have been designed, initially at least, to respond more to the demands of the Roman colonists than to those of the indigenous Pompeians: it may be significant that the founders here felt it necessary to state that they were acting ‘’for the honour of the colony’’ and did so ‘’at their own expense’’.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! The building was sited away from other public buildings, in the eastern angle of the city. It is not certain whether, as often claimed, this was because the site in question was open land and thus available for development: recent excavations have indicated that the blocks in the eastern quarter were much more fully built up in their early stages than was later the case. Marginalizing the amphitheatre had the advantage of keeping potentially rowdy crowds away from the city-centre; at the same time, spectators from communities further up the Sarno valley, such as Nuceria, could be channeled in and out through the nearest city-gates. The oval auditorium, which was not supported on a network of concrete vaults like later amphitheatres, exploited the slope of the defensive ramparts on the south and east.