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自由英作文の練習として、自分で文を考えて文を作ってみました。文法間違いがあったら、ご指摘お願します。    He parted with his car last summer lest it should be broken by children. So, he had had great difficulty in going to the place which he usually go to by car before he bought a new car.


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日本語訳を付けたほうが添削しやすいと思いますが、推測で回答してみます。 He put his car away from the children so they wouldn't be able to break it. Therefore he had a great difficulty in going where he usually went by the car until he bought the new one. こんな感じでしょうか。 英文は「So, And, Or」からは始まらないと思います。





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    英作文の添削をお願いします ①よい席を取りたかったので、早めに劇場へ行った Since I had taken a good seat, I went to theater. ②通勤列車がとても混んでいたので、ずっと立っていなければならなかった I had standing all the time because commuter train was very crowded. ③父の車は修理してあるので、バスで仕事に行く必要はない Now that my father’s car is repaired,I don’t need go to job by bus. ④彼の家に行ったとき、彼が留守だったのでがっかりした I was disappointed when I went to his house because he was absenced. たくさんありますが、よろしくお願いします

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    曲が演奏されているときに突然誰かの携帯が鳴った。 Suddenly someone's cellular phone rang while one was performing a music. 雨が降っていたので彼は出かけずに家にいた。 Because it was raining,he was home instead of going out. 彼は仕事でニューヨークに行かざるをえなかった。 He had to go to N.Y. because of his business. お願いしますm(_ _)m

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    まちがってたらなおしてほしいです。また飛ばしてる場所はわからない場所なんです。おねがいします。 1.「暇なときに窓拭きと部屋の掃除をしてくれない?」「いいよ。今日の午後やるよ」 When free, cleaning of the room is not considered as 窓拭き. 2.彼は修士論文を書き終えたあとは、ニューヨークに在住し働こうと決めていた。 修士論文=master’s thesis He had decided that it lived in New York and he would work, after having finished writing a master paper. 3.「とにかく、今日中に詳細な報告書を作成してもらいたいのだ」「わかりました。できるだけやってみます。」 とにかく=in any case I want to draw up a detailed report by the end of today anyhow. 4.すみません。あなたの感情を害するつもりはなかったのです。2度とそんなことは言いません。 害する=hurt I am sorry. He did not plan to have hurt your feeling. 2 times and such a thing do not say. 5.「この週末はどのようにお過ごしですか?」「海から遠くない小さなホテルで家族と過ごすつもりです。」 How is it over a fault this weekend? 6.5分のところでバスに乗れなかった。次のバスまで1時間またなければならないので、タクシーで家に帰ることにした。 ~のところで=by A bus was not able to be taken in the place of 5 minutes. Since 1 hour had to be to the next bus again, it decided to go home by taxi.

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    英作の添削をお願いします One day I was driving a car. On the small intersection without signals, a big truck was coming from the right at very high speed. I had two choices. One was to go forward very fast. The other was to stop. I stopped. As a result, my car's front was broken. But I was totally OK. If I had gone forward, I would have been dead.

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    あるとき私は幼児期をすごした町を通る機会に恵まれた。記憶のなかの光景を 手繰り寄せながら、なんとかそれらしい場所まできたが、自信がない。周囲の町並み は完全に変わってしまっていた。そこに建っていた家はいかにも新しく、30年前から そこにあったものとはとても思えなかった。 One day, I got the opportunity to go through the city where I had lived in my childhood. I arrived at where I felt I had been by remembering the scenes in my memory, but I couldn't make sure the place was where I imaged. The city around it was perfectly changed. I felt the house at the place was new, so I couldn't believe it had been there for 30 years. 大変難しかったです、たくさん間違えていると思います。 回答よろしくお願いします。

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    浪人生です  よろしければ添削お願いいたします 問題文   次のテーマについて80語以上の英語で書きなさい  If you should travel abroad fot the first time in your life, would you like to travel by yourself or would you like to travel with your friends? and why?   自分の答え  I would like to travel by myself because I would like to have free time that is not limited anyone.      If I traveled abroad with my friends, I might not go to the place where I have really wanted to visit. But if I traveled abroad by myself, I could go to the place where I have really wanted to visit and it would be very interesting. That is why I would like to travel abroad by myself better than with my friends.

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    1,これは高価な10日間の旅になりそうですね。多分イギリスにいた方がよさそうです。 2,私は、考えさせられるような映画を見たいのよ。新しい見方で世界を見せてくれる様な映画をね。 3,ジンバブエと日本は風土も歴史もずいぶん違うから、君が来たら、インターネットで知っていること以外にびっくりするようなことがたくさんあると思うよ。 1,This tends to be an expensive tour for ten days. Maybe, you had better stay in England. 2,I want to watch the movie which makes me thinking and shows me the world in a new way. 3,Zimbabwe is different from Japan about place and history, so if you come, you will discover surprising place except what you know by using internet. 恐縮ですが…細かい解説して頂くようによろしくお願いしますm(__)m

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    テキストに Mr. Johnson said that he had bought a new car. と書かれていたのですが、何故 he had bought a new carと 完了形になっているのかが分かりません。 Mr. Johnson said that he bought a new car. ではダメなのでしょうか? ちなみに、例文なので前後の文章はありませんでした。

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    テレビを見てマスターズのレポートを書く宿題が出ました。自信が無いので添削お願いします。ゴルフのことも良く知らないので困ってます。よろしくお願いします。 タイトル:The First Day The chairman introduced Arnold Palmer to the patrons at the 1st tee. Then Arnold Palmer hit his tee shot to signal the start of the Masters. The game started one hour late because of the fog. There were so many spectators. There were some super shot. At the 16th hole, Ian Poulter hit his tee shot and the ball landed on the green, then the ball rolled into the hole. He got a hole in one. Patrons were very excited. It was his 11th hole in one. At the 12th hole, Zach Johnson, who is the defending champion, hit a ball on the green. The ball landed just beside the hole. At the 1st hole, Phil Mickelson hit his 3rd shot from out side of the course, and surprisingly the ball fell into a hole. He had a birdie on the 1st hole. Tiger Woods wasn’t very good. At the 7th hole, he hit his third shot, the ball landed on the rough, it seemed too strong, but the ball came back to the hole, and it stopped near the hole. At the 13th hole, he hit his second shot, and the shot was very good but the ball didn’t land on the green. He hit the ball to the left side but the ball didn’t get up the hill. At the 14th hole, his tee shot was not good and the ball didn’t land on the fairway. At the 15th hole, on his third shot, he approached the hole and the ball fell into the hole. He had an eagle at the 15th hole. At the 18th hole, he hit a ball on the green by two shots, but it was far from the hole. On the green, he hit the ball, but the ball stopped short of the hole. He had a par. He had one eagle and two bogeys without birdie; his first day score was even par.

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    4せつめの文です。中三の無い知識を絞って訳しました。間違ってる所、アドバイスお願いします! Because the environment to be ablr to live even if not going out is equipped. Parents might have the cause. The parents love is poured into child too much and it becomes arrogant. High priced goods are bought one after another being pestered. It lives by the remittance when growing up. Parents cannot live through all eternity. 原文:なぜなら、外に出なくても何もかもできる環境がそろっているからです。親にも原因がある。自分の子供に愛情を注ぎすぎ、傲慢になり、高価なものを次々買わされる。大人になると仕送りを送らせて生活をする。親もいつまでも生きていないのに、それがもし途絶えたとき、子はどうなるか。