a person with, say, について

Not only that but by using regular mail, the telephone and t...

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「say」=「for example」です。
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    空所に入る適切な語句 You probably know that the modern  Japanese language has hundreds of English loan wordsーwords that Japanese have (1) from English and adopted to fit into their own language. For English speakers, tracing these words back to their (2) is not very difficult. For example, “sukejuuru” is the (3) of the English “ schedule”, and “intaanetto” is “internet”. Since loan words like these have become part of native Japanese speakers’ everyday vocabulary, there is (4) chance that they will stop using them. However, there are many loan words that have remained unfamiliar to Japanese. To help (5) with this problem, one national institute drew up a list of Japanese terms for difficult loan words. One of the loan words on the list is "yunibaasaru dezain”(universal design). Since this word has not (6) root, the institute came up with another expression in Japanese with the same meaning: “bannin-muke sekkei”. 1borrowed found imitated studied 2concept idea origin reason 3equal equality equation equivalent 4few little several some 5concern deal handle treat 6grown got made taken (1)は特にどれも当てはまる気がしてなかなか解答を決定し辛かったです。 文法的な誤り指摘問題です。 1 When our friends (arrived) and (went into) our garden, they (were fallen) over the flower pot that (lay) in front of them (on) the path. 2 By the time I (made it home) from work, my son (was waiting) outside the house for (more than) three hours because he (had forgotten) his key once again. 3 As I (was returning) to my car, I discovered that I (had left) my keys at the restaurant (which) I (had been talking) with (a number of) friends. 4 I can't see my grandmother (without feeling sad), as she is (any more) the wise woman (that) (she used to be). 5 The journalist (fell ill) after (working) for thirty hours (in success) (to cover the visit) of the famous soccer player. 6 (Fewer) hours of sunshine and lower temperatures (have affected) sales of summer items last year, but manufacturers (are hoping) that demand for these items (will rise) this year. 7 (If) we quickly provide customers (with) the right item, they often got the impression (which) we (have done) something “extra” for them. 多分これではないかという見当はありますが、何故かの根拠がはっきり分かりませんでした。...

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    She lifted the elderly person with a machine. I gathered information about the machine on the Internet. I learned that there are many useful machines (use) in different places. 括弧の中を適当な形に直せ(1語とは限らない)という問題です 模範解答は used でした to use でも良いと思いますがいかがですか  駄目な場合は、理由もお聞かせ願いたいと思います...

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    英訳について パート2 こちらが後の方の英文メールです。 長文申し訳ありません、宜しくお願いします‥!! Congratulations because of your tv appearance. Hey I had a date with the TV - star!!! Hahaha ...see, I'm not the only one who thinks you're very pretty! I would love to see it. Will it be on the internet? It would be my pleasure to show the world to you. I think it's not the nice food that makes a diner nice or it's not the nice scenery that makes something a great holiday. But it's also the person you go with and to see that that person is enjoying it. When we had diner it gave me so much pleasure to see that you were enjoying it and to see a smile on that pretty face of yours. We should make plans to do something together ...I'm going to stop mailing, because then I can still go to gym ... and you told me to take care of myself ... I almost feel forced to go to gym ... hahaha 以上です。 読んで下さり、ありがとうございます。...

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    自分が今の仕事を選んだ理由を英文で書きました。 添削よろしくお願いします。 I was working as a guide helper when I was a university student. I chose the work related with the person with autisms because of that. I was mental disabilities person's guide helper. However, there were person with autisms in that, too. I had gone out to various places with them on the weekend. But there were a lot of people who have taken a turn in the park during a day. And some people went to the same place every time. When I went out with the person, who lives in group home, She said "I don’t know why I am here, and I want to go home.” And she cried. At that time, I was working as a part-time job. Therefore, I did not neatly know their detailed situations. But I doubted that "Is their life good as today?" in many times. Of course, there were a lot of happiness and goodness, too. However, doubted things very strongly impression in me. So I thought that I want to help the individuals diagnosed with autism to be able to spend the full life happier than now. Therefore, I have chosen the current job that was able to be more deeply related with the person with autism....

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    This, however, can only be part of the explanation. There is also evidence that ethnic women have been ambivalent about their own kind of look for many years. For decades, women with dark skin the world over have tried to make their skin paler or their hair straighter, sometimes with dangerous chemicals. The model Alek Wek recently told Vogue India that, in her native Sudan, her dark skin is looked down on by lighter-skinned Sudanese. “What is this obsession with pigment?” she asked. Marriage adverts in India newspapers unselfconsciously express a preference for fair or wheat-coloured skin in women. Japanese and Chinese women regularly have cosmetic operations to remove the fold of skin above their eyes, so they look more like a “round-eyed” European, and dye their hair blonde. As Doukas said of a photoshoot in Japan recently: “The girls just didn't look Japanese. It was very sad.” Indeed, in my copy of Japanese Vogue, there was a total absence of Japanese models. “I am black but comely,” says the beautiful women in the Old Testament's Song of Songs. Why the “but”? よろしくお願いします。...