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In 1995, 94.5% of the wood material used was produced in the country. However, with the nation’s rapid economic expansion there was a surge in demand for more wood material. With the rise of the strong yen, Japan bought more things from abroad, and material produced in Japan fell to 45.0% by 1970. Afterwards, this figure fell even further, and by 2000 the percentage of wood material produced in the country was only 18.2%. A large percentage of imported wood is wood pulp, the basic material for paper products.


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1995年は、94.5%がこの国で使用木材として生産されていた。 しかし、国の急速な景気拡大で、より多くの木材材料の需要が生じた。 強い円の上昇、日本は海外からのより多くのものを買ったし、日本製のものはは 1970年のときから45.0% に落ちた。 その後、この図式はさらに急落し、2000年によっては、国で生産された木材の材料の割合は、18. 2% のみである。 輸入木材の大きな割合は木材パルプ、紙製品のための基本的材料です。



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    The wood we use in Japan is imported from more than 100 countries around the world. The basic materials for paper products such as books, notebooks, and tissue paper are made from imported wood pulp. These products make our lives more convenient, but by using so many of them, we may be indirectly damaging the earth’s environment even further. Since Japan imports so much of the world’s wood, we have a big responsibility to save the forests.

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