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ピーターさん「So, Chad, look, is this more than just simply about people uploading videos of themselves making idiots of themselves at parties or is something really quite profound going on here, about people engaging the world in a new way?」 チャドさん「Yeah, I know, it's- it's changing the world because it's giving everyone a voice. Um, and we've been able to be successful because we've built a platform to make that possible. And we weren't filtering, uh, you know, what was entertaining, uh, for our audience. We let our audience define what was entertaining to them. So, by having a platform where videos can come in, by them viewing/interacting with these videos, they'll rise to the top.」 ピーターさん「Now one of the people we couldn't put on the panel today just for numbers was Jimmy Wales who's here, Jimmy are you in the hall? No, well Jimmy, uh, started something called Wikipedia. Um, and now here's something that, you know, I'm an old Britannica junkie. I still have my 1974 edition Macropedia, Micropedia in the basement and I still love it. But my son, he doesn't know from Macropedia, Britannica, it's Wikipedia. Now I use Wikipedia all the time. Wikipedia's changing the world. It's the universal distribution of knowledge accessible to everybody from the bottom up. But it's an instantaneously, constantly created source of knowledge. So I'm speaking here for Jimmy, but I seem to think that this is another dimension of this when you say voice. And it's the voice of knowledge and the distribution of knowledge enabling people to do new things.」 この三つの会話文がどうしても理解できず,困っています。 誰かこれ読める方いらっしゃいましたらお教えくださいませ(m。_。)m


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読めますが、これを解説するだけで1万円は、たいていもらえます。 ご質問の背景(宿題だとか、お仕事だとか)、理解するためにどの程度の努力をなさったのか、理解できる部分のあなたなりの訳などをお書きになれば、プロの営業妨害にならない程度に、誰かがヒントを書き込んでくれるかもしれません。もちろん「翻訳会社」で検索すれば、有料で解説してくれる人が見つかります。 なお、ご質問などを投稿される際には、投稿欄上部にある「このカテゴリーへ投稿されるにあたりまして、入力前にこちらをご確認ください」もご覧ください。



look:(注意を促す言葉)あのね more than just~:単なる~以上の,~のみではなくそれ以上の simply:簡単に,単純に,簡潔に,簡素に,そのまま,ただ単に,全く,ひたすら,残らず video:映像,ビデオ装置,ビデオテープ,ビデオ録画,テレビ映像の,ビデオの, idiot:ばか,まぬけ,白痴,愚かな,大ばか者 party:社交的な集まり,会合,宴会,グループ,仲間,一行,政党,当事者,関係者,人 really:実際は,本当は,実は,真に,本当に,とても,実に,いかにも,非常に quite:すっかり,全く,実に,かなり,随分,中々,結構,相当,至極,相当な,中々の,珍しい profound:深い,深みのある,感銘深い,難解な,深遠な,晦渋な,重大な,重要な,完全な,深淵 go on:し続ける,起きる,先へ続いている,働き始める,経過する,話を続ける,に依拠する engage:連結する,結合する,噛み合わす,ひっかからせる,はめる,噛み合う,入る, 連動する    :を従事させる,を雇う,を予約する,約束する,補償する,携わる,関係する,関与する way: (in ... way(s)の形で)観点,点,曲面,面,項目,意味 successful:成功した,奏功する,上首尾の,順調な,繁盛している,盛況の,合格した,正常な build:建設する,造る,築く,構築する,樹立する,構造 platform:高床式床面,駅のホーム,乗降口,足場,高台,公開討論の場 possible:可能な,ありうる,予想される,可能性がある,可能な限りの,最大限の,一応満足できる filtering:フィルタの,濾過の,フィルタリング,フィルタ機能,情報の審査,ふるい分け entertaining:おもしろい,愉快な,接待 audience:観衆,聴衆,読者,受け手,客層,見込み客,謁見,聴聞,視聴者 let:~に~させる,させておく,~しよう,~を仮に~とすれば,~を貸す,を出す come in:入ってくる,必要[重要]になってくる,流行し始める,になる interact:相互に作用する,相互に影響しあう,やり取りする,対話する,連携[連動]する,相互連絡する 文字数が足りないのでこの程度ですが,必要な単語は調べたのですが,いかんせん口語文なせいか上手く意味が繋げなくて困っています。 詳しい解説はいいので,訳だけでも教えてもらいたいと思って投稿した次第です。


っと,普通に補足とお礼を間違えてました。すみません。 学校の課題なんですが,ここの部分が特に理解できなくて。 単語を調べても内容が把握しづらくて困っているのです。


  • この英会話を訳してください。(長いです)

    この英会話を訳してください。(長いです) Greg: Well, I've been asked to invest in this commercial real estate property. It could be a nice second income for us. Might end up our only income the way the pharmaceutical industry's going. Jimmy: That sounds - That sounds promising. Greg: Yeah. So, uhm, we're going to have to pull two hundred and fifty thousand dollars out of the investment account. Jimmy: (looks flustered) Well, I... Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, uh, with the market about to turn around. Waitress: Sir. I'm sorry, but your credit card's been declined. Jimmy: Huh. Uh. Greg is watching this with interest. Jimmy: Oh. Oh, it's a new care. You know, I forgot to activate it. Waitress: Did you want to use another card? Uh - Holly: (walking back in) Dad! I'm going to be late to my own party! Greg: Okay, honey. Uhm, listen. I'll call you tomorrow about the details, all right? Just bring the cheque to the, uh, the Cotillion. Enjoy your meal. Greg and Holly leave. Jimmy:Uhm. I'll just pay it with - I'll just pay it with cash.

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    会話文の和訳をお願いします。 I saw the relationship with Tim and Jessica a lot like bowling. It’s like when she bowl, she can bowl the game regular. And then when I come to step up she puts up the bumpers and so my ball would never go into the gutter because of her. And I think that was the cool way to think about it. Because it’s mom, sister, girl friend, it’s all those things at the same time and whether or not guys wants to admit it, that’s what girls should be you know, I think they’re everything to us and we probably wouldn’t make light of it all the time but when we do, we need that everybody does. あるインタビュー番組で、映画に出てくる主人公(ティム/話者)と彼の奥さん(ジェシカ)との関係について答えているシーンです。 前半部分はボーリングにたとえて、「奥さんがバンパーラインの役割を担っている」のような内容だと思うのですが、その後のつながりが全く理解できません。会話文なので分かりづらいとは思いますが、よろしくお願いします!

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    Sandra's character is a doctor. She's much more rational. My character is kind of more open to what's going on here. And I think, with that, they kind of come together. And in that moment, I guess They're both at the mailbox, exchanging letters at different times at the same time. And it's either yes or no. Do you walk away or not? And something about what they are feeling from each other, I guess, through these, the medium of these letters, they say yes. イルマーレという映画のストーリを説明しているみたいですが、解釈に困っています(;^_^A  2004年と2006年、違う“時”を生きるふたりの恋の話のようです。 長い文ですが宜しくお願いします!

  • 会話文の和訳お願いします!

    会話文の和訳お願いします! インタビュアー I love the fact that you once described what you do as half technician, half psychologist. デザイナー No question. And I think sometimes family therapist in some cases because you get very involved with the families as you're working um on this huge event. I mean it's a life-altering event. And because of it's not only taught me to become a very fine dressmaker but at the same time it's also taught me a lot about the psychology of women, and about women, and how no matter what background you come from, and you know, what you do, we are all very much connected in that respect and it's about an emotional moment in one's life and hopefully um my ability to tap into that for them. ある女性デザイナーのインタビュー番組です。(ウエディングドレスで有名なデザイナーのようです) 意味がどうしても汲み取れません… 長文ですがよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

  • 自然な会話文になるように、添削をお願いします。-2-

    John: Mom, I'm back! Mom: John? I'm here in the kitchen! (In the kitchen) J: Hi, Mom! M: Hi. You're in a good mood today, John... Oh, you smiling, huh? J: Well, it's just some funny stories somebody told me on the whole way here. M: Oh... It's a girl, right? J: Could be. M: John, I'm so glad you've started dating again. I was a little worried, though. J: Well, technically, it's not a date, Mom. Talking. And I'm not quite sure if I got over it. At least I'm happy just to talk to each other. M: That's a good sign, John. J: She knows everything what happened to me, and still... deeply cares about me. M: Well, that reminds me of something... J: Yeah? M: Your father and I are now great together, but actually he was not my first love. J: I thought he said he was. M: No, he was the one who was always beside me to listen and made me laugh all the time when I broke up with my first love. John, I feel she could be the one. J: Hopefully, she will. Thanks, Mom. M: Well, John, you wanna bring her here this weekend? I'd love to meet her. J: Um... Sorry, Mom, but we're going out together this weekend, I mean, just two of us. M: Well, that's okay. Then, just let me know when you two are ready to come over. Look, don't forget to tell her the door's always open, okay? J: Yeah, sure. M: ... Um... John... How about next weekend, by the way? J: Mom... お時間ありましたら、お願い致します。

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    VOAの一節なんですが二行目の,and so characterizing以下が わかりません。どの部分が主語で訳はどうなりますか? それより前は「火星に行けるかは問題ではなくなった、いつ行くか 宇宙飛行士をどのようにして守るかが問題だ」というような意味だと思いますが... 火星探査のお話のインタヴューの部分なのですがどなたか教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。 I think it’s never really been a question of if we can go to Mars. It’s a matter of when we go, how do we best-protect our astronauts, and so characterizing the radiation environment in terms of the types of radiation that we observe and when it’s the worst and when we’d need to take precautionary measures, I think, is one of the things that we’re, we’re learning from RAD.

  • 和訳をお願いします。(会話文)

    和訳をお願いします。(会話文) T:The Internet has given me the chance to be just like everyone else. Nobody cares how I walk and talk on the Internet. It is much easier for me to talk to people on the Internet. To them I am just another person. I know they are not staring at my appearance. They are looking at the person I am inside. G:How would you make the world more disabled-friendly? Personally,what role do you plan to play when you grow up? T:I want to make the world aware that not all people are the same. People must start caring for others. I also want to open doors for the disabled. I want to give them the right to work and to live like other people. G:What is it like in your country? T:In South Africa there is still a lot of discrimination against the disabled. A lot of old buildings aren't barrier-free. People often use the disabled parking spaces at public places. To tell the truth,black South Africans are often more understanding and kinder than people of my own race. They have also experienced discrimination. Before anything can change in South Africa,the minds of the people will have to change. Their attitude will have to change. G:What is your greatest wish? T:I want people to look beyond my disability and look at the person I am inside.

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    以下の会話文は、いろいろな都市に住んだことのあるAさんがひとつの街にずっと住んでいるBさん にインタビューしたときの会話です。 Aさんが、なぜずっとこの街にいるのか、この街の何が好きなのかを訪ねた際、Bさんはbeing back in school, having pleasure, thinking about...と、動名詞で続けます。会話では動名詞を並べることで、何々だからと言う意味で、通じるのでしょうか。それともなにか省略されているのでしょうか。解説お願いいたします。 A: Why are you still here? What do you like about this city? B: Well, that's a great question. Especially being back in school now and having the pleasure of meeting people from all around the world, really, and thinking about possibly continuing my studies after this year and where I might go for that. And, so yeah, I guess it's just been a time where I've been reflecting on that too. Where I want to be, why I've actually even stuck around here for another degree. But I think, for me, it remains a really charming city to live in.

  • 自然な会話文になるように、添削をお願いします。-3-

    Cathy: Hey. There she is. Morning, Alice. Alice: Oh. Morning, Cathy. C: How did it go yesterday? Tell me. A: Well... It was not something I expected, but ended up great, I guess.〈g〉 C: What happened, exactly? Come on! A: Okay. We were meeting together at a movie theater... C: Oh? He didn't pick you up? He doesn't drive? A: Sure he does. It's just that his parents don't let him drive alone for now. C: Okay. Then? A: I got there a bit early, so waited for him... drinking some coffee... and when I saw him coming up, my brain stopped... The next moment, he was standing in front of me and saying "Hi", smiling. C: Wow! A: ... Well, I was just swept off my feet by his very cool line of "Hi" and ... I... C: Alice? A: I... spilled coffee on my clothes... C: Oh, no! You okay? Didn't get burned? A: No, it wasn't that hot any more, but... C: I know how you feel, Alice... I'd rather die, if I were you... A: Yeah, I was embarrassed and almost started to cry, actually. But, Cathy, he said to me this way, as he took his jacket off and handed it to me. "Don't you worry. You wanna come to my place to get it cleaned, okay? I know my mom's expecting you to come and would be more than happy to take care of this. And besides, I wanna spend some more time with you. Alice, is it okay to call my mom and ask her to pick us up?" ... I think I'm in love, Cathy... C: He's so sweet! No wonder you never looked better... Well, Alice... I wanna ask you something... He has any brothers? A: Oh, come on! お時間ありましたら、お願い致します。

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    会話文なんですが和訳お願いします! インタビュアー You have started in bridal. You're dealing with women at their most vulnerable. Every woman wants perfection for her wedding day and is far more demanding than she would be of an evening gown or a daytime er outfit デザイナー Well it's every woman's Oscar. That's what I always say. But in a way it is true. I think it's most public moment. And it's also about your most private feelings. So thatparticular combination is unique and from the very beginning in the bridal business I have had very much to deal with clients on a one-on-one basis, and that's given me tremendous insight that um perhaps is irreplaceable, I think, to really be with them through this process of going from being a woman to becoming a bride to becoming a mate. And I think that transformation is something that occurs during the engagement process and as a result I'm usually the one they call first after the engagement ring. So I sort of live through that transformation with them. ある女性デザイナー(主にウエディングドレスを手がける)のインタビュー番組です。 内容がどうしてもつかめません… 長文ですがよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m