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英語の宿題で英語を訳してるのですがここだけどうも訳せません。 分かる方いたら是非教えて下さい。 Another example of a benefit came when people wanted to compare the prices. Before the euro was introduced,if people wanted to compare the prices of,say,accommodation in those countries,they had to do complicated calclations.


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Another exampleとBefore the euro was introducedという二箇所から、この文章の前段階では、ユーロが導入されてよくなった例がひとつ挙げられてると思いました。なので、その前提で意訳してみました。 ***** もうひとつ、人々が物の価格を比較したい時に役立ったことがあります。 ユーロが導入される前は、例えばこれらの国々の宿泊料金を比較したい場合は複雑な計算が必要でした。 ***** こんな感じになりました。 多分この後に、ユーロが導入されて計算が必要なくなった、もしくは一発で価格の比較ができるようになったという文がくるのかな?なんて思いました(笑)


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人々が価格の比較をしたいときは、別の恩恵の例があった。 ユーロが導入される前は、それらの国で宿泊施設の価格を比較したい場合は複雑な 通貨換算をしなければならなかった。 こんなんでどうでしょう?



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    以下の英文を自分なりに訳してみたのですがよくわかりません。 訂正をお願いします。 (1)That was no longer the case. それはもはや事実ではない。 (2)Another example of a benefit came when people wanted to compare prices. 人々が価格を比較したかったときに利益のもう一つの例が生じた。 (3)Before the euro was intoroduced, if people wanted to compare the prices of, say, accommodation in those countries, ユーロが導入される以前、(以下はどう訳せばよいのかわかりません…) (4)they had to do complicated calculations,. それらは複雑な計算をしなければならなかった。 (5)Afterwards, that was no longer neccessary. あとがきで、それはもはや必要なかった。 (6)Of course, the euro was not intoroduced to benefit tourists. もちろん、ユーロは利益観光客に導入されなかった。 (7)Its aim was to draw EU members closer together and make business easier. そのねらいはEU加盟国と利益観光客をより近くにひきつける、そして業務をより簡単にするためだった。 (8)But there is no doubt that travelers, too, have benefited greatly from the introduction of this new currency. しかし観光客もこの新しい通貨の導入から大いに利益を得ているということは疑いがない。 (1)~(8)の文はつながっています。 文法や連語なども教えていただけると嬉しいです。 よろしくお願いします。

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    以下の英語の訳を、どなたか教えていただけますか? (出典:Partha Dasgupta(2007) Economics:A very short introduction. Oxford University Press.より) (1)Others have noted that people in rich countries are far better educated,implying that they are able to make use of ideas to produce goods that are out of reach for people in countries where large numbers are illiterate. (2)Education and health go by the name human capital. (3)Primary and secondary education alone can't take a society that far today.

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    本文 Soybeans are grown in many parts of the world. Long ago, the soybean was called the "Cow of the Orient" because it is about 40% protein. Soybeans were introduced to Europe and the United States by Asia a few hundred years ago. Now more than half of all soybeans in the world come from non-Asian countries. Soy often eaten instead of meat. For example, soy bacon soy sausage, and soy hamburger are made from soy. Soy milk is also drunk by many people who do not like the taste of regular milk. Soy is used to make ice cream, too.   本文の内容とあっているものをしたから教えてください 1. Europe introduced soybeans to the United States a few hundred years ago. 2. Less than 50% of all soybeans come from Asian countries. 3. Soy milk tastes like regular milk. です 私が思うには(2)以外があっていると思うのですがどうですか? わかる方おしえてください

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    『She talks a lot,but she gives people a good feeling.』と『In the spring of 1905,she was wanted to write a short story for a Sunday School paper.』の約があってるか不安なので、わかる方誰か教えてください。

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    以下の文を、 For example, compare the average people cost per square foot of office space @ $150 to that of $1.25 for lighting cost. With almost 80% of the lighting cost being energy costs, increasing the productivity of people 1% is equivalent to an increase of 135% for lighting energy conservation. 例えば、オフィススペース1平方フィートあたり150ドルの人件費と、 1.25ドルの照明費を比較すると照明費が光熱費のおよそ80%を占める時、 社員の生産性が1%上昇すると、光熱費が135%に増加したのと同等になり 省エネとなる。 と訳したのですが、光熱費が135%では全然省エネじゃないですよね。 英語の前に、数字的にわからなくて大変困っています。 宜しくお願いします。

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    It took many centuries before people worked out accurate units of measurements and weights . The first ones were rough and available. People used as measures the human hand , the human foot, or the distance that a person could travel in a single day's journey . As civilization progressed, technological and commercial requirements led to increased standardization. For example, the length of the human foot varies from individual to individual. Therefore it probably became necessary to choose a particular individual (for example , the king ) . And then they reproduced standards based on this commonly accepted unit of length.

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    People tend to live in neighborhoods of people from their same economic class, and the study shows that people's satisfaction with their incomes depends largely on how favorably their incomes compare with those of their neighbors. how faborably their incomes areのようなbe動詞が必要ではないのでしょうか。 ...depends largely on how favorably their incomes are compared with those of their neighborsとするのが正しいのではと思ったのですがこれではくどいためでしょうか?compareもそのままですし...

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    (1)she gets money from the people watching her (2)in many other countries,however ,the model often sits in an open space (3)she first thought of drawing in front of others while in the hospital (4)then i found that patients came to watch and enjoyed themselves,too. (5)in fact the atmosphere of the whole hospital improved. この文の訳わかるかた教えてください。

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    ・To succeed in dealing with something. ・Being in a natural state. ・A wild plant that grows where it is not wanted. ・A factory; a place where power is produced. ・Preserve the forests in which its future-and ours-lies. ・Help the local people live as comfortable lives as those in rich countries. ・Make a huge amount of money by marketing cures for serious diseases ・Find effective cures for serious diseases which millions of people are waiting for.

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