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 和訳を教えていただきく質問します。心理療法の一種である遊戯療法に関する英文です。  It is very important that the therapist constantly plays to maintain their own lvels of creativity and skill and is comfortable with play as an activity for all, rather than something that only children do which they grouw out of with age. 自分なりに訳してみると「セラピストは一貫して自身の創造性や技術の水準を維持することが大切であり、子どもとたちが年齢とともに成長するのみだけでなく、遊びの活動によって心地よさを与えられることが重要である。」  変な日本語になってしまいました。「is comfortable with play as an activity for all, rather than something that only children do which they grouw out of with age.」の部分が怪しく、  「activity for all」や「something that only」をどう処理すべきか悩んでいます。


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元の英文の構造や細かい言葉遣いにとらわれず、意味が通じるように意訳してみました。 セラピスト自身がいつも遊戯に参加して創造性や技術の水準を維持すること、 そして、遊戯は子供たちがするもので自分たち大人がするものではないと考えたりせず、みんなで遊戯をするのをセラピストが違和感なく楽しむこと、 これらのことがとても大切です。


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> It is very important that the therapist constantly plays to maintain their own levels fo creativity and skill and is comfortable with play as an activity for all, rather than something that only childrendo which they grow out of with age. 上記の文章で一番難しいのば”play”が如何様に訳せば良いのかと、ANo.1さんが指摘したtheir own = children'sのようです。気がつきませんでした(苦笑い)。文章を私の解釈で置き換えてみました。 It is very important that the therapist constantly plays a role to maintain children's levels of creativity and skill and manages to control an activity for all, rather than something that only children do which they grow out of with age. です。”grow out of”で<悪癖など>から脱皮するや卒業するという意味があります。is comfortable withは操るというような意味でも使います。 直訳になりますが、 セラピストは、常に、子供の創造性や技術の水準を維持することを担うこと、そして、成長すると無くなる、子供だけが行うような行為(悪癖)では無く、全ての行為と活動を把握して操ることが大切である。


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セラピストは頻りに自身の創造性や技術の水準を維持することが大切であり、遊びを 子供のみがし、成長するにつれてやめていく活動でなく、あらゆる年齢の人がすべき事と看做すことも重要である。


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子供が年齢で成長するだけでなく、セラピストが子供自身の創造性と技量の水準を維持するためにしばしば遊ぶことによって、活動としての遊びが心地良いことが非常に重要である。 1)therapist constantly plays が単数形 their own と複数形で、つながらないので、少なくともtheir ownは、セラピストではないと考え、この文内で複数形は、childrenなのでtheir ownは子供自身としました。 2)childrenで複数形ですが、一般的に子供を指していると考え、単に子供としました。 3)for all  for all~ ~にもかかわらず A rather than B どちらかといえば) B よりはむしろ A である Bにも関わらずむしろAである  と合わせた意味にしました。 It is very important A for all, rather than B. という解釈です。 4)something that only children do は、「子供のみがする事」 「する事」は、which以下「年齢と共に成長する」ことです。 grow out of...  (1)⇒v.i.2.(2)〈人が〉〈服など〉(着られないほどに)大きくなりすぎる (3)〈悪癖などから〉(成長などによって)脱する 5)is comfortable は、the therapist is comfortable の解釈です。 (辞書訳文参考文献: Progressive English-Japanese Dictionary, Second edition © Shogakukan 1987.プログレッシブ英和中辞典 第2版 ©小学館 1987.)



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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! Francis had to endure not only forms of poverty that he chose deliberately but also physical suffering that he never sought: problems with digestion and vision and even his stigmata (for we are entitled to believe that these were symptoms of some sort and not merely emblems of Christ’s Passion). Thus Francis, perhaps even more than Dominic, was apt to include all the afflicted in his sweeping view of mankind, as the final words of the rule of 1221 suggest: “All babies and small children, poor and rich, kings and princes, artisans, farmers, serfs and masters, all virgins, windows, and married women, all children and adolescents, the young and the old, the healthy and the sick, all peoples, races, tribes of all tongues, all nations, and all men of every region of the earth.”

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    以下の5文を訳してくださいm(__)m ▼Here in this area of overlap between the playing of the child and the Playing of the other person there is a chance to introduce enrichments. ▼The teacher aims at enrichment.By contrast,the therapist is concerned specifically with the child's own growth processes,and with the removal of blocks to development that may have become evident. ▼It is psychoanalytic theory that has made for an understanding of these blocks. ▼At the same time it would be a narrow view to suppose that psychoanalysis is the only way to make therapeutic use of the child's playing. ▼It is good to remember always that playing is itself a therapy.To arrange for children to be able to play is itself a psychotherapy that has immediate and universal application,and it includes the establishment of a positive social attitude towards playing.

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    Age stratification is the system that classifies people by their age. All societies stratify their members by age (as well as by sex and socioeconomic status, and often by race). In all these stratification systems, there is an implicit or explicit ranking from higher to lower strata. In gerontocratic societies, the old have the highest status and the youngest have the lowest. In our society, the middle-aged tend to have the most power and prestige, while children have the least. The old abd young tend to ve in between, and whether the old or the young are higher than the older depends on which dimension is involved. In terms of income elders tend to rank higher than the young. In terms of sports and entertainment the young tend to rank higher. Such ranking of individuals on the basis of their age is a form of ageism that accompanies stratification systems. Age norms are the expectations about the proper or normal behaviors, obligations, and privileges for the age strata or life stages. For example, children are expected to go to school, have theobligation to obey parents, and the privilege of being supported by their parents. In contrast, elders are expected to retire, have the obligation to take care of their health and assets, and the privilege of being supported by Social Security benefits. The extent to which such age norms are based are prejudicial or not; and whether the expectations are realistic and appropriate or not. Age conflict is an extreme form of ageism in which two or more age strata conflict with each other. Some age conflict probably occurs in all societies and may be an inevitable result of their age stratification. Like other forms of social conflict, age conflicts involve struggles over scarce resources or over values. Age inequalities are a major source of age conflicts. Struggles occur when the disadvantaged age group make claims for more power or other goods while the more advantaged seek to protect their privileges. However, Such conflicts tend to be confined to particular institutions like the family or the workplace, rather than becoming societywide. There are many factors that tend to check sharp age conflicts, such as the legitimation of age inequalities by various stereotypes, the fear of painful consequences from those in power, ties of affection or obligation, and social separation of age groups. The amount of age conflict in our society has sometimes been exaggerated. There is little disagreement between the generations about the Social Security system or other programs for elders. Similarly, there is general agreement between generations about our basic value system, There is little difference between generations in voting behavior.

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    Or perhaps we should say rather that the dichotomy between primitive and revealed religions is false, for there is a sense in which all religious are religions of revelation; the world around them and their reason have everywhere revealed to people something of the divine, of their own nature and destiny.

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    What do our customers pay us for? Why do they buy from us? In a competitive, non-monopolistic market, and that is what the world has become, there is absolutely no reason why a customer should buy from you rather than from your competitor. None. He pays you because you give him something that is of value to him. What is it that we get paid for? You may think this is a simple question. It is not. I have now been working with some of the world’s biggest manufacturers, producers, even in Slovenia. I have been asking that question now for a year. We have two kinds of customers: one, of course, is the retailer and, if that soap or that detergent or that mayonnaise is not on the retailer’s shelves, the housewife won’t buy it.

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    (1)The hope is that we are more prepared to refute people who disagree with us by offering facts rather than simply insisting "No". (2)But we cannot limit ourselves to only blaming teenagers,or their teacher.The problem is far-reaching, affecting all walks of life. の二文です。 宜しくお願いします。

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    Senescence, according to the dictionary, simply means the process or condition of "growing old". However, to biologists and psychologists it connotes "those manifestations in structure and function of a declining or deteriorating nature which take place during the period of life when the mortality rate of a population is accelerated". It also implies progressive and irreversible deterioration. Thus, the connotations are entirely negative. It ignores all the recovery, restoration, growth, development, and improvement of abilities that are possible as humans age. The assumption that senescence or deterioration is all there is to human aging is a negative from of ageism. On the other hand, to deny the senescence or declines in function that usually accompany aging is a positive from of ageism. Senility is defined as "the physical and mental infirmity of old age. It is not actually a medical or scientific term, but it is often used by doctors and laypeople alike to "explain" the behavior and condition of older people. Many of the reactive emotional responses of older people, such as depression, grief, and anxiety, are labeled senility and mistakenly considered to be irreversible and untreatable. This is another form of ageism. Actual brain damage from cerebral arteriosclerosis or Alzheimer's disease probably accounts for only about half of the mental disorders in old age. Only 5 to 10 percent of those over 65 have mental disorders severe enough to interfere with normal function.

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    All the Romance languages can distinguish between something that leaks into and something that leaks out of.

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    Americans are comfortable with indoor temperatures beyond the range of comfort. この場合にrange of comfortを含めて訳がピンときません。 ご教示ください。

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    it is just out there, unasked for, but something that is part of the socializing in certain groups of people 赤本の訳がよくわからないので質問しました。