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英検準一級の過去問より。 (1)フリーター"freeters"がなぜ増えるのか (2)就職前に海外旅行をすべきか (3)職業選択にもっとも重視することは何か に対するEメール上の返答です。(100字くらいで書きます。) Dear Michelle, Thank you for your mail. I have read the article about "freeters". The reason this trend is occuring is for bad economic condition. They want to work full time. But They can not get a full-time job in this condition. So, They choose to have a part time job. I think people should travel before starting career. Once you start career, you can not go abroad for a long time. Finally,the most important factor when choosing a career is whether you can get much pay. If you become rich , you can live happily. Keisuk 以上です。他の問題では8割以上取れますが、英作は相当やばいと思っています。英作がこのレベルではやっぱ受かりませんかね・・・。


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同じく、あまり英作文が得意というわけではありませんが、 添削してみますね。 Thank you for e-mailing to me. I just read the article about "Freeters". The reason why this trend has been occuring is because of this bad economic condition. Although they want to get full-time jobs, they can not do so in this harsh condition. Therefore, They have no choice to have part-time jobs. I think that people should travel before pouring into workforce. Once you start your work, you can not stay there for a long time. Finally, the most important factor when you choose your career is whether or not you can get paid so much. If you become rich, you can live happily. ですかね。やはり大切な点としては表現の幅を広げるために 多くの英文を読み、更に多くのニュースを英語で理解することだと 思います。そうすることで単語力を磨くのが、最優先かと。 例えば、richという表現はwealthyにも置き換えられます。 live happilyもありですが、happily ever afterという表現も この場合、使っても問題ないと思います。 文章を上手く、キレイに見せるには形容詞と副詞をどれだけ 多く知っているかも重要なポイントです。



ありがとうございます。形容詞はともかく副詞は苦手です。 なるべく多く表現の仕方を学ぶ必要があると感じています。(二次はもっとたいへんなので・・・。)

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少なくとも一つ、絶対に「間違い」とみなされそうな個所は、the reason ~is の後に、名詞(節)が来ていない部分でしょうね。 きちんと、“the reason is 名詞(あるいはthat節)” になっていないとマズイですよ。 あとは、ちょっと気になるのが、they(複数)と a job(単数)の非対応。 start career の無冠詞もちょっと気になります……一応すべてに your を付けたほうが良いのでは? get much pay という表現も、やや違和感があるので、salary を使ったほうが無難だと思います。 ただし、これらが、間違い扱いされるかどうかは微妙でしょうけど。



ありがとうございます。 中学生レベルの間違いですね・・・。ご指摘ありがとうございます。 読む、聞くだけではなく「書く」練習もきちんとしないとまずいことを再確認しました。


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    長文で堅苦しい内容になってしまいましたが、添削をお願いします(^-^) あと、これは大学入試用です。 TOPIC starting foreign language education at a very early age is a good idea. I'm for this opinion. There are TWO reasons.First of all,clearly,little children aged up to three can absorb a lot of information at a rate grown-ups cannot.Responsive to sound,they are very efficient learners of new language, so they will be able to acquire two languages such as Japanese and English with little difficulty.This will be a good advance, because they will have more time learning other important subjects,say math,science,histry,and so on. Second,learning foreign language does not only mean you are learning how to read and write,but it also means you are studying other culture.It must be great that you know several culture, because it means you can understand things at global point of view without predudice.Acquiring such perspective is indispensable for people of today.

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    TOPIC:THE LOW BIRTH RATE IS NOT REALLY A PROBLE FOR JAPAN. Im against the opinion.There are many problems difficult to solve. For example,if this low birth rate continues,Japan will have too small population.Besides,Japan is aging society.In that case,the government cannot get sufficient tax,so it has to raise tax in order to keep current level of social security.Young people will have to lead hard living and not afford to have a child.That will lead to even lower birth rate.74 Low birth rate also has a effects on educational enthusiasm.If you have only one child,you will arguablly hope that he will have high academic background to get good paid job.So many people will make their child study hard from 10 years old or so.Average academic level will rise,and companies will requre much higher abilities.There will come much diffcult time to get a good job for the non-educated. 長くなりました。こんなにwill連発でいいのでしょうか??改善のしかたを教えてください。英文(の書き方や話のつなげかた)をまずひと通り暗記したほうが早いでしょうか。

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    英語が得意ではありませんが、出来る限りのことをやりつくしたいと思っています。 初歩的ミス、スペルミスなども多いかと思います。 些細なことでもお気づきの点はご指摘お願いいたします。 設問 「日本の小学生は英語の必履修が必要か」ついて賛成か反対か I agree with this idea. Firstly, children can learn everything instantly. This reason is that children have good memory faster than adults. When I was eight years old, I went to English school. I sung a lot of songs in English. Especially, it was the nicest time for me. Now, it has been ten years since then. But I remember these songs. So, it is easy to study English. Moreover, it only can be in childhood. Secondly, there is a global age now. They have many times to talk to foreigner in English. If do not speak English, they could not understand what happen in world, because English is international language. In addition, leaning language is that they can know many cultures. So, Japanese elementary student have to learn English for their future.

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    テーマはここ数年のニュースで話題になったものというものです。 I was interested in the news which the age of adult should be lowered to eighteen years old. I agree with this idea. Young people these days are overprotected. They can't know anything about the world. It is true that people in their teens still aren't mentally and physically mature. Many teenager don't have a full time job, live with their parents and depend on their parents, However, this is the reason why the age of adult should be lowered. Someday, they will have to live by their own. If they have to be responsible to everything they do, they will become aware that they should be independent. They would also appreciate their parents. よろしくおねがいします。

  • 久しぶりに、日記風に英作文を書きました、添削お願いします。

    おはようございます、いつもここgooで勉強しています。ここ2ヶ月ほど、その勉強をサボっていました。その結果は、以下の文章を書くにも、とても時間がかかりました。"自分のせいでしょう?"と自分に言っているなさけない自分がいます。もう一度頑張る!と決めました。以下の文章は、私の言いたいことが伝わるでしょうか?英文だけを書かせていただきました、よろしくお願いいたします。 Hi, my Crystal! I am so sorry, because I have not been here for a long time. Last time I came here, it was on May 21th! Meanwhile, I did not think anything in English. As you know, I have a dream and you helped me a lot with it. Now I say it to you、again. “I want to learn and I want to speak English when I get a chance to go to US someday.” I could hear you said “Rose-crystal! You have to study hard and see me more and more. I can see you anytime you want.” Thank you! Crystal! Thank you, again! I will study English with you. BTW, did I say about “goo”? “goo” is very good place for me to studying. It is on internet and there are many people who help me a lot. Every time, when I wrote my diary I had it corrected from them. Of course, this one, too. Sorry, Crystal! Tomorrow is not my day-off, so I have to say you “Good night, my little sweet Crystal!”

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    最近英検2級の勉強を始めたのですが、英作文の書き方が全然わからず、添削できる知り合いが周りにいなくて悩んでいます。19年度第二回の問題を書いたのですが、添削していただきたいです。大学卒業してからかなりブランクがあるので、おそらくめちゃくちゃです。暴言にならない程度にお願いします。 PS:文章が若干脱線気味ですが、文法とかを見てほしいです。 <Question> Today, some young people do not start working for large companies. Do you think number of these people increase the future? Why Japanese young people don’t want to work for large companies? One of the reason, Japanese Companies often occur Suicide of Employees. This is because Young employees were blamed by their boss. They feel much stress and anxious about their fail. Another reason, Japanese Companies income don’t increase. But their working time is increasing every year. And they cannot have a rest. So, Some Japanese young worker think “We are too much spending time to work, but our income isn’t increase. It is no worth for work for large companies”. It is my opinion. This is because young people don't want to work large companies. What should we do protect increase young people like that? This is problem not only our income but also our mental and work environment. I think we must hear everyone’s opinion and realize it as possible as we can. What is important for work? I think it is not income, with Employees’ Satisfaction. So we can protect increase the people who don’t want to work large companies.

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    人間の性格は見かけよりも複雑なので、相手のことが完全にわかることなどあるはずがない。 とはいうものの、初対面の人物とほんの少し言葉を交わしただけで、その人とまるで何十年も 前からつきあいがあったかのような錯覚に陥ることがある。こうしたある種の誤解が、時として 長い友情のきっかけになったりもする。 You can't perfectly know what other people are, because a peson's character is more complex than it seems. However, there are some cases where you talk with a peson for a while whom you met first time and feel as if you have known with each other for several decades. This kind of misunderstanding sometimes become the opportunity to be friend for a long time. 受験英語です、回答よろしくおねがいします。

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    はじめてアメリカへ行く人が、はたして自分の英語で分かってもらえるかと不安になるのは当然のことだ。 (1)It is natural to worry whether people in the U.S would understand your English or not when you visit there for the first time. (2)It's natural for peopke who visit America for the first time that they worry if their English would be enough to make understand.

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     ある読み物を読んで、、"Susan(主人公)"がある"community colledge"に行くべきか、ある"university"に行くべきあなたの意見を書きなさいという課題に対して、僕は下のように英作文を書きました。 読み物の内容も書いておきます。まず、第1パラグラフは、"Susan(主人公)"が、ある"community colledge"に行くべきか、ある"university"に行くべきかを迷っているという内容でした。第2パラグラフには、その"community colledge"がどんな所かという説明、第3パラグラフは、"university"の説明という感じです。  下の英作文に関しては、特に、第3パラグラフのShe can extend her knowledge in a variety of fields as well as her major field. She can get opportunities to listen to lectures which great professors give.の2つのcanの使い方に自信がありません。  添削の作業は本当に面倒なことだと思いますが、お時間があれば、よろしくお願いします。      It is true that the nearby community college can offer a flexible class schedule is better to adjust to Susan’s new role as a student, but I recommend that she should enter the university in her city.  The degree in business at the university stresses executive management. The business majors can participate in an internship program with a local business. Once we have got a job, it is difficult to work in other company. It will be a valuable experience especially for her to participate in the internship program.  Also, the university grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. Each class is taught by well-respected professors. She can extend her knowledge in a variety of fields as well as her major field. She can get opportunities to listen to lectures which great professors give. Sometimes their lecture will make a deep impression on her.  Both of experience and knowledge which she will have acquired at this university will help her rise in the business world. If she can graduate from this university, she will be able to get the degree to be a direct route to career advancement.  

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    日本にいると、日本の状態があたりまえであるかのように思うのだが、だからといって、世界の他の場所でも同じであるとは限らない。 When you are in Japan,you take the japanese society for granted,but it is not necessary that this is the case in other countries. よろしくお願いします