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自分でやったものの、自信がないので添削お願いします。 ■父は毎朝6時に起きて、1時間ジョギングに行きます。 ⇒ My father go jogging for one hour getting up at six o'clock every morning. ■妹はパンをスライスして指を怪我をした。 ⇒ My small sister injured her finger to slice the bread. ■姉は今年の夏に運転免許を取るつもりです。 ⇒ My big sister will take a driver,s license. お願いします!


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■父は毎朝6時に起きて、1時間ジョギングに行きます。 My father gets up at six, and goes jogging for an hour every morning. ※「起きて」→「ジョギングに行く」という順序なので英語でもその順に書く方が良いです。 ■妹はパンをスライスして指を怪我をした。 My sister injured her finger while slicing bread. ※「妹」でも「姉」でも普通は区別しません。あえて言うなら little sister とか younger sister でしょうか。 ■姉は今年の夏に運転免許を取るつもりです。 My sister is going to get a driver's license this summer. ※「免許を取る」の動詞は'get'です。this がつくと前置詞はつきません。例えば、in the morning といいますが、this morning には in はつきません。また、事前に決めている予定の場合は、will より be going to を使います。 以上、ご参考まで。



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>My father go jogging for one hour getting up at six o'clock every morning. 接続詞after + 主語 he が補われる分詞構文と考えればいいかな。 =================== My small sister sliced the bread to cut her fingers. とか My small sister sliced the bread, cutting her fingers. とか。 My big sister will take her driver's license in this summer. commaじゃないことと、今年の夏を補えばまあ。 検索してみると,今ひとつ 冠詞aを使ったものが少ない気がしたので無難にherをつけてみた。 in summer this yearと最初書いてみたが, this summerの方が用法多いようなので ただ、 My big sister is going to take her driver's license in this summer. の方が俺はしっくり来るかなあ。



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    I was their first child and for several years their only one. My mother’s tender caresses and my father’s kindly smiles are my earliest memories. Their consciousness of what they owed to me, to the being to whom they had given life, added depth to their love, and every hour of my life they were living lesson to me of patience, of charity, and of reason. When I was four years old, my father’s sister died in Italy, leaving behind a daughter of about my age. Soon after, her husband wrote my father to inform him of his intention of marrying again, and to ask him to take charge of the child Elizabeth. My father did not hesitate, and immediately went to Italy to bring her back to her new home. この文章がどうやくしたらいいのかわからないのでわかるかた和訳お願いします!!ちなみに自分で訳すと 私は彼らの最初の子供と数年間いました。それらの唯一のもの。 私の母は優しい愛撫と私の父の優しい笑顔は私の最も初期の思い出です。 彼らが私に負っていたことの意識、人生、彼らの愛への加えられた深さ存在と私の人生の毎時間まで、それらは忍耐、チャリティー、および理由の私への実地教育でした。 私が4歳であったときに、私とだいたい同じ年齢の娘を置き去りにして、私の父の姉妹はイタリアで死にました。 すぐ後に、彼女の夫は、再婚するという彼の意志について彼に知らせて、子供エリザベスを預かるように彼に頼むために私の父に書きました。 私の父は、ためらわないで、すぐに、彼女の新しい家に彼女を返しにイタリアに行きました。

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    I am one of five middle-aged sisters. My father died four years ago, and shortly after, my mother moved to an apartment near me. As her health has declined, I've gradually become a partial caregiver. I am with her every day, sometimes for six hours or more. Mom insists on paying me. She can easily afford it. I was conservative with my hours, and the rate was comparable to in-home services. conservative with my hoursとはどういうことでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    次の各文のスラッシュで区切ってあるのが主語ならS、動詞ならV、目的語ならO、それ以外ならMで答えなさい。 (1)My father / runs / in the park / every morning. (2)The telephone / in the living room / is ringing / again. (3)My sister / looked / very / happy / yesterday. (4)Mr. and Ms. White / invited / us / to dinner / last night. 次の各文の文型と同じ文型の文をア~オから選びなさい。 (5)Monday comes just after Sunday. (6)All the boys in our class like soccer very much. (7)I asked him some questions. (8)They made Ken captain of the team. (9)Your mother wil get well soon. ア,He painted all the walls green. イ,Some people were swimming in the pool. ウ,She took a picture of her host family. エ,Will you pass me the salt? オ,Tim's idea may sound strange. これを解いてみると、 (1)My father(S) runs(V) in the park(M) every morning.(M) (2)The telephone(S) in the living room(M) is ringing(V) again.(O) (3)My sister(S) looked(V) very(M) happy(O) yesterday.(M) (4)Mr. and Ms. White(S) invited(V) us(O) to dinner(O) last night.(M) (5)ウ (6)イ (7)エ (8)ア (9)オになったんですけど、間違っている問題がありましたら、教えてください。

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    My husband of 28 years has been having long, intimate text conversations with his father's hospice nurse for several months while they both are caring for my dying father-in-law. My husband does this for hours every day. I have told them that I would like one of them to stop working with my father-in-law. Neither has been willing. His whole family is standing behind this relationship and feels the two of them are wonderful for each other and a new start would be great because both are in "loveless" marriages. It is clear to me that they want to be together. They have expressed deep love for each other and have been intimate. I am brokenhearted and want out. My marriage has always been stressful and occasionally abusive. We were hanging in there, but by a string. This just seals the deal. Today, one sister is going to ask the nurse to step down. 1 want outは「関わりたくない」でしょうか?あと、by a stringは「かろうじて」でしょうか? 2 This just seals the deal.の意味を教えてください。 3 step downは「身を引く」でしょうか? 以上、よろしくお願いします

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    至急和訳お願いします! When I came to the United States as a lad of six, the most needful lesson for me, as a boy, was the necessity for thrift. I had been taught in my home across the sea that thrift was one of the fundamentals in a successful life. My family had come from a land noted for its thrift ; but we had been in the United States only a few days before the realization came home strongly to my father and mother that they had brought their children to a land of waste. Where the Dutchman saved , the American wasted. There was waste,and the most prodial waste, on every hand. In every street-car and on every ferry-boat the floors and seats were littered with newspapers that had been read and thrown away or left behind. お願いします!

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    解答にはWe consider what we can do.とあったのですが what we can doは間接疑問文で元の疑問文はWhat can we do?という解釈でよろしいでしょうか? それともこのwhatは副詞の(どれほど)でしょうか? 回答をお願いします 、また根拠もお願いします