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she was a chinese 訳についてと反応

質問1 訳と反応について教えていただきたいのですが、メールを交換している相手が自分について話してて、このような文を送ってきました。自分なりに訳します。間違えだらけですが教えて下さいお願いします。 I Been In Love when I was 18.I went out with this girl for 3 years I loved her to death.she was a chinese.In the end I messed things up,she had bigger dreams and a brighter future and I was still playing around.I did something that I regreted and I lost my first and only love.There was another time nearly two years after her,I met another girl that I thought I was in love with but it was more of lust than love.She turned out to be my worst nightmare.She was a compulsive liar.She caused me a great deal of pain and I lost a lot because of her,but it wasnt love at all,I realize that in the end. 私は18の時に3年つきあった中国人の彼女がいました。私はあそんでいました。私は初めての愛をうしなった。・・・・・私はほかの女性がいました。彼女はうそつきでした。彼女はすばらしいけどすべてはすきじゃなかった。私はきずいて終わりにした。 質問2 このような相手の経験についてこなにか反応をしたいのですが日本語ならば、そうなんだあそういう経験ってあるよね とか、いえるのですがこの場合たとえばどんな反応ができますか?たとえばでかまいませんので教えてくださいおねがいします。


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1 だいたい合ってます。あえて言うなら、「it wasnt love at all」を「すべてはすきじゃなかった」と訳されたのだと思うのですが、実際には「あれは愛なんかじゃ全然なかった」という意味です。「lust than love」というのは直訳すると「恋愛というよりは情欲」、つまり「心より体って感じだったね」という意味です。 2 「そうなんだあそういう経験ってあるよね」を英語にするなら「Well, that happens.」ですね。そのくらいシンプルな反応でいいと思いますよ。



  • 訳と文章の構成を教えてください。

    After my sister found out her boyfriend was seeing another girl, she fell out of love with him.この訳ですが、「彼女のボーイフレンドがもう一人の少女に会っていることを私の姉妹が知った後、彼女は彼が好きでなくなった。」という訳であっているのでしょうか?この場合のwas seeingとは、進行形なのでしょうか?また、主語はどこまでなのでしょうか?どこが述語となるのでしょうか?どうして、Afterとfound outがこの位置にあるのかわかりません。教えていただければと思います。

  • 訳をお願いします。

    They really need her to come clean with anything else she knows about Phillip . I told her Phillip is not the man he portrayed himself to be . He never was . He used his con game for his first victim and then again on Katie Calloway , the victim he was in prison for before he kidnapped me . It's always been about what's best for him . All those times he would say the angels protected him that day that he took me from hill never once did he even think that I was the one in need of protection that day . I'd like to believe she felt badly for me all those years , but in a way it was always a selfish act on her part . Yes , she didn't want me to go through all that , but to turn a blind eye to what she knew he was doing to an eleven-year-old girl . How could she splits and other things , all for her husband ? She said she hoped one day that my mom could forgive her , and I said I wouldn't hold out for that . ある本の中の一節で、三箇所抜き出しました。わからないので、訳を教えてください。お願いします。

  • 教えて下さい。

    訳を教えて下さい。 At the end of the race, she looked over to the crowd. Then she jogged to her friend who was holding the flag high. He handed it to her and she ran with it over her shoulders like a cape. She ran 50m holding that flag.This was a declaration of her pride, and of her love for herself and her people. 訳:レースが終わって彼女は観衆の方を見渡した。その時、彼女は国旗を高く持つ友人のとこへゆっくり走った。彼は…。彼女は国旗を握って50m走った。これは彼女の誇りでもある宣言で…。 特にHe handed it to her and she ran with it over her shoulders like a cape. とThis was a declaration of her pride, and of her love for herself and her people.の訳し方が分からないので教えて下さい。お願いします。

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質問1について。 要約すれば、 「中国人の女の子との初恋は、自分に甲斐性がなかったために終わってしまった。  別れて2年後、別の女性と付き合い始めたが、  それは恋なんかじゃなく、情欲に惑わされていただけだった。  付き合い始めた女性はとんでもない悪女で、自分はようやくそれに気付いた。」 って感じですね。 質問2について。 私だったら、 「それは大変だったね」「お気の毒に」とか、 「でも、これから先、きっとまた素晴らしい女性に出会えるよ」 といった反応をしますね。 こういう話には疎いので、あまり参考にならないかもしれませんが。


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こんにちは。一応ですが、文章の中に2人登場しているのはお分かりですよね?ご質問者様の日本語文を見ると同一人物のように思えたので。 質問1 中国人の子については、彼女は夢を持ってしっかりしていたのに、自分は遊び歩いていた(まだしっかりしてなかった)ので、(多分、その彼女にフラれたのかもですが)後悔していると。そして、2年後に付き合った別の彼女は最悪だった、別れる頃になってそれを悟った。。ようなことですね。 ご承知済みであればごめんなさい。



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    モンキーズのI'm A Beliverの訳詞を教えてください! I thought love was only true in fairy tales Meant for someone else, but not for me Love was out to get me That's the way it seemed Disappointment haunted all my dreams Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer Not a trace of doubt in my mind I'm in love and I'm a believer I couldn't leave her if I tried I thought love was more or less a giving thing Seems the more I gave, the less I got What's the use in trying, all you get is pain When I needed sunshine, I got rain Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer Not a trace of doubt in my mind I'm in love and I'm a believer I couldn't leave her if I tried (instrumental) Love was out to get me That's the way it seemed Disappointment haunted all my dreams Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer Not a trace of doubt in my mind I'm in love and I'm a believer I couldn't leave her if I tried Saw her face, now I'm a believer Not a trace of doubt in my mind I'm in love, and I'm a believer

  • 英文の日本語訳についておしえてください

    英語の予習で日本語訳をやっているのですがあっているか心配です。 なので間違っているところの指摘をお願いします。 ●英文 The girl's father was pleased. He was sure the boy was no longer in love with his daughter. When he finished reading the letter, he gave it to her. The girl rwad the letter and said, "He loves me so much! I wish I could go out with him again!" Why was the girl so pleased ? She and the boy had a secret way of writing to each other. She read the first line, and then the third line, nad then the fifth line, and so on, to the end of the letter. ●日本語訳 女性の父親は満足しました。 彼は、青年が娘に恋をしてないと確信しました。 彼が手紙を読み終えて、手紙を彼女に渡しました。 女性は手紙を読んで 「彼は私をとても愛してる!またデートできればな!」と言いました。 なぜ、女性はそのように喜んだのか? 彼女と青年はお互いに秘密の書き方をしていました。 彼女が読んだ1行目と3行目と5行目が手紙の最後になっています。

  • 訳をよろしくお願いします

    My husband and I met in college and have been married now for six years. I love him and can't imagine living my life without him. The problem is that we are taking each other for granted and becoming increasingly harsh with the words we say. It's the tiny things that set us on edge these days. I know we are toughest on those we love the most because we expect so much from them. 最後のセンテンスの訳をよろしくお願いします

  • 訳お願いします

    I have,my Lord.She must stay out of the sun.It's dangerous for her health. He's completely mad. But when I was young, I also suffered for love. I was almost as mad as he is now. I'll speak to him again. What are you reading, my Lord? Words, worlds, worlds. What are they about? Lies. The writer says here that old men have grey beards, small minds and weak legs. It is, of course, all true. But it's wrong to write about it. お願いします。

  • she talked about her...

    she talked about her own earliest memories. The first of these was a clear recollection of jumping down a whole flight of stairs when she was only three years old. Her explanation was that she had had an ambition to perform the fact and had remembered it as an accomplished fact. この英文について疑問があります。 ...her own earliest memories. The first of these...の部分なんですが、theseはmemoriesのことなのでしょうか。「自分自身の最初の記憶」は一つなのに、「そのうち最初のものは」と続くのは可笑しいと思ったのですが。

  • 訳・文法をお願いします

    When Emily was twenty years old, and had almost finished her nurse's training, her father was dying in the Walley hospital. That was when he said to her, "I don't know as I care for this career of yours. I don't want you to be working in a place like this." 「エミリーが20歳の時、そして看護の訓練(看護実習)をほぼ 終えた時、彼女の父はウォリー病院で瀕死の状態であった。あれは、 父が娘に『オレは気にかけているんだが、お前の看護士としての 経歴を知らない。オレはお前にこんなところで働いてほしくないんだ。』と言った時のことであった」 ここで分からなかったのが、Thatは私がしたような訳で単に『あれ』 と訳して良いのか?ということと、 as I care forのasは、上記のように訳しても大丈夫なのか? ということです。 何かお気づきの点がございましたら、また何なりと お願い致します。

  • Lateral Thinking (1)

    長文失礼します。 Many years ago when a person who owed money could be thrown into jail, a merchant in London had the misfortune to owe a huge sum to a money-lender. The money-lender, who was old and ugly, fancied the merchant's beautiful teenage daughter. He proposed a bargain. He said he would cancel the merchant's debt if he could have the girl instead. Both the merchant and his daughter were horrified at the proposal. So the cunning money-lender proposed that they let Providence decide the matter. He told them that he would put a black pebble and a white pebble into an empty money-bag and then the girl would have to pick out one of the pebbles. If she chose the black pebble she would become his wife and her father's debt would be cancelled. If she chose the white pebble she would stay with her father and the debt would still be cancelled. But if she refused to pick out a pebble her father would be thrown into jail and she would starve. Reluctantly the merchant agreed. They were standing on a pebble-strewn path in the merchant's garden as they talked and the money-lender stooped down to pick up the two pebbles. As he picked up the pebbles the girl, sharp-eyed with fright, noticed that he picked up two black pebbles and put them into the money-bag. He then asked the girl to pick out the pebble that was to decide 《her fate and that of her father.》 Imagine that you are standing on that path in the merchant's garden. What would you have done if you had been the unfortunate girl? If you had had to advise her what would you have advised her to do? (The use of lateral thinking by E. De Bono) 所有格について教えてください。 《her fate and that of her father》の個所は(《》は自分で付けたものです)、 fate of her and her father,もしくはher fate and father'sとしても同じ意味ですか?  質問文が長くなってしまって恐縮です。 よろしくお願いいたします。

  • 訳を教えてください

    Out of habit , he set off towards the office before remembering that it was Sunday. の訳を教えてください 英英辞典から引きました。 いつものくせで、彼は、今日が日曜日であることを思い出す前に、会社へ向かってしまった。 でよろしいでしょうか?

  • I am in love with her since she was three.

    I am in love with her since she was three. I've been in love with her since she was three. 上と下の文章を比べると、下であるべきだと思うのですが。 上の文法で、もし、正しいとすれば、下の文との意味の違いは何でしょうか? 因みに、上の文章は、歌手のクリフリチャードが、10歳代のオリビアニュートンジョンを自身のステージにあげて、彼女の歌手生活をその後 きりひらいたことで、彼女が大人になってからロマンスがうわさされたところで、インタビュアーに対して 上手くかわした回答です。

  • 日本語に訳お願いします。

    He screamed that he would give himself to the Devil if he caught the girl before she reached home . Some of Hugo's drunken friends told him to let the hounds chase her, and so he ran from the house and unlocked the dogs. 日本語訳をしてもらいたいのです。よろしくお願いします。 ’~give himself to the Devil’とかどういう意味の表現でしょうか。