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私は乾電池を良く使うので、最近充電式の電池に変えました。 Because I used a dry cell well, I changed it into a charge-type battery recently. 英語の文として通用するでしょうか よろしくお願いします。


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I changed it into a charge-type battery こう言うと、普通の電池に何か細工をして充電タイプの電池に変えたように聞こえます。 replaceやswitchのほうが適切でしょう。 recentlyは文の一番あとより、始めのほうに使われるほうが多いです。 書き換えるなら、 As I often need to use batteries (for my hobbies or work,) I recently switched those from regular batteries to rechargeable ones. ()内は電池使用の目的です。


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揚げ足をとるようで恐縮です。 .......「良く」......「ので」、.........「に変えました」。 括弧の日本語に拘らないで、こう言うことを言いたいときは英語ではどう表現するかを考えることが大事です。 例えば、前のご回答者が指摘されたWellの代りにOftenとか、charge-typeでも通じるでしょうがrechargeable oneの表現を覚えるとか工夫が必要に感じます。 やはり英語を書く話すには英語で考えるのが自然ではないでしょうか。  とりあえず色んな生きた英語の表現に接して常に英英辞典、英語類語辞典を使い慣れて下さい。


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「乾電池を良く使う」ことと「充電式の電池に変えた」こととの関連が不明です。だって、「乾電池を良く使う」なら、「特売の乾電池をまとめ買いした」の方が、次に来る文章としては自然でしょう? 「今までは乾電池を使っていた」「でも、ひんぱんに買い換えるので不経済だと思った」「これからは充電式の電池を使うことにした」のようにした方がいいでしょう。あくまで一例です。あと、何のための電池なのかも言った方がいいですね。for my digital cameraとか。


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Becauseは質問に対する理由に使うことが多いようです。 AsやSinceにした方が良いかもしれません。 それより、soで結ぶ方がわかりやすい気がします。 この場合「良く」は頻度でしょうから、well(上手く)は変です。 oftenあたりでどうでしょう。 主節は日本語に引っ張られて難しいことを書くより、 「最近充電式の電池を使い始めました」 「最近は充電式の電池を使うようにしています」 などとした方が良いと思います。



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     1)ホームワークの課題から外れているかも  2)乾電池を良く使うので、充電池を使っています 3)充電する時は、単3は単3、単4は単4、混ぜて充電し   ない様にします。  4)電池を使い捨てないので、環境にも良いです。   5)300回繰り返し使えます。             6)皆さんためして見ては、如何です? 1)Is it off a problem of homework? 2)Because I use a dry cell well, I use charge    Pond. 3)When I charge it, as for single 3, single 3,   single 4 mix single 4 and do not charge it. 4)No. 300 is usable repeatedly. 5)Because I do not throw it away, it is good    that I use a battery in environment. 6)I test it, and are all of you state of things   when they look?   日本語から英語に直したいのですが、   よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語→日本語 お願いします

    日本語訳をお願いしますm(_ _)m Of all the small devices in our digital stock, cell phones above all have undermined a sense of community. Only a few years ago, if you approach ed someone using a cell phone in publice, that user would quickly end the call and apologize to the person in his or her interpersonal space. That etiquette soon changed. If interrupts , the cell phone user would apologize to the person on the other end.More recently even that etiquette has changed ー so much so that interpersonal interaction has been lost in the process. A cell phone user now typically ignores any person within earshot. I call this "the 'it' factor". Users turn everyone in their presence into mere objects, an "it" , as if that person did not exist.

  • 日本語を英語にしたいです。

    アメリカの人とネットで知り合いました。 「頑張れ!」という励ましのメールを頂き返信したいです。(自分は英語歴1週間の初級者です…) 「数日前、寝ている時に英語の夢を見ました。可笑しかったです。なぜなら現実と同じく、夢でも英語を勉強していたから」 を英語にしたいです。 翻訳機能を使うとこうなりました。 「When I slept a few days ago, I had an English dream. It was strange. Because because, as well as reality, even a dream studied English」 変になっちゃってる部分を修正お願いしたいです。 また、全部変えたほうがいい場合は、全部をぜひお願いしますm(__)m

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    awww dont think that you have a clumsy English ... i never think that way about you English ... i know that you are doing well on it ... and you never will annoy me wit it . i be so sad if you stop sending me! e-mails .because you think that is annoy me .. went i see, a email from you it make me feel special and happy . it doesnt matter if you wrote it wrong...... please dont never feel that way .... i will do my best to write back to you in japanese so you dont fill bad about you english ... you are doing well .. you are special for me ! この文章です。 よろしくお願いします。

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    下記の英文を翻訳してください。 翻訳機を使い英訳してみたのですが、意味が解らず困っています。 おもちゃのフィギュアの件です。 I recently ordered a miku append figma figure from you and shortly after I was warned about knock-offs/bootleg and fake figures that people are selling. I'm just really hoping that this product is authentic because I would hate to have to return it D: どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

  • 日本語にして下さい!!よろしくお願いします。

    My Dear Mika,As I told you, I wanted to write you an email, so here it is! ^o^ The reason is, of course, because today is our... meetingversary! XD I know it sounds stupid, but I like remembering these things! As I think this is really important. Well, it is for me, at least!It is important because, on august 23, I met you :D And I am so happy of this! You said you noticed my messages on worldfriends as I sent many! Well, it was a mistake since I didn’t know how to use the site XDD I only wanted to send one! XDD But I am happy I made that mistake, because you then contacted me back! Therefore, I hope you didn’t feel too disturbed that time! ^^’ Thank you so much!I am happy I have met you, Mika! I really think you are special! Because you are calm and shy...! ^-^ We might be living on different lands, but we always share the same sky! ... sounds like a videogame sentence... it probably is XDDDDDD But well XDI really, really hope we can meet someday, so that I can make you laugh with my stupid jokes all day XD I like it when you start laughing and can’t stop! :DDDDD think that….over time, I am getting somehow attached to you, you know? XD I would truly feel sad if we couldn’t talk anymore all of a sudden!And thank you again for your lovely letter. I keep it as a treasure. I read it every day before going to sleep! Thank you for writing it in Japanese and English, I am learning a lot from it! Well, I don’t want to bore you too much with my email XD so! I’ll stop here.

  • 日本語にして下さい!!よろしくお願いします。

    Now, I want to tell you more about my prayers ^^ As you told me your secret. Mine is not a secret, but it’s not even something I tell everybody! I’m telling you because… I want to :D It’s not something I like to share with other people, but I want to share it with you.As I said, I don’t pray for myself (unless I am in real trouble, in that case I may ask a small help). The only thing I ask for me is to be always good, and always make right choices. I pray for other people. I pray for my best friend, my grandmother, who helped me during a difficult period (I will tell you about this in another email), generally, for who needs help, or is suffering. And actually, more recently I added another person to my prayers. You might know her. Her name is Mika ^^ I hope you don’t mind, or feel bad about it >.<I didn’t really believe in God in the past, but I changed my mind as I grew up and gained consciousness of things…well! This is a story to be told next time :D Hey, one last thing! When I sent you the picture of my ‘reading to bed’ moment, were you somehow perplexed? Because I said I was only showing it to you? I am asking, because you answered “I see...XD”. If you were perplexed, why? :D Thank you again!Have a nice day and take care!Fabio

  • 「久しぶりに来て思ったんだけど・・」を英語では?

    みなさんこんにちは。 「久しぶりに来て思ったんだけど・・」って英語でどう言えばいいですか? I used to come to this page often for about 2 years ago. For a time I didn't come but recently I've started coming here again. 久しぶりに来て思ったんだけど、many things have changed だね。 (ほんとは、このページの事を知ったのは2週間位前ですが・・) このように言いたいのですが、、、 よろしくお願いします。

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    ( )に入る単語がどうしても分かりません。推測できる方、ぜひ教えてください。 また、」日本語訳も教えていただけたら、より嬉しいです。 A: Well, where did everything go ? B; Charles sold it at all at ( ) . I love this room but charles never really saw it. Only the things in at. I think I properly it this way. A: What are you going to do ? B: Try and get my old ( )back at EURESCO, I suppose. A; Doing what ? B; I am a ( )( ), like sylvie. only she is english into french, and i am french into english. thats what i was doing before i married chaeles.

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    Yeah, we did! It was long but I know a few about it because of the lessons! My favourite sport is football, I'm a great football fan (Soccer)! I also play it alot I used to be in the football team in my old school, but i can't any more now D: my doesn't want me too! Volley ball, hmm I've only played it once in school that was it! It was very hard I remember! I've tried to learn French during secondary school since i was 11 to age 15 but I never understood much since i really didn't have interest in it! I'm very much into music and watching tvs and stuff! I love going out with my friends to the cinema! Are you in junior high school or high school? In the UK we don't call it junior high school or senior high school we call it secondary school and college! I'm in college since I'm 16! It's my first year :)