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 しっかりとした日本語の翻訳してほしいです。 (1)The problems facing Cambodia. Underage girl prostitution is a serious social problem in Cambodia. Especially in brothels in villages near the capital Phnom Penh,it is not uncommon for young girls to take customers in the company of adult prostitutes. This was about 10 years ago. When I was in Cambodia as a university student, I had the opportunity to visit a facility that sheltered women and children who had been victims of prostitution and provided them with vocational training. One of the girls who particularly impressed me was Lilia, a 12-year-old girl with long, silky black hair. Lilia was 10 years old when she was sold from a poor village in the north and forced to sell her body in a brothel in a back alley in Phnom Penh. When she did not want to take clients, she was beaten and kicked and forced to do what she was told. When I visited the facility, she had already been taken care of and was being cared for, and her mental and physical wounds were healing, but at the time she was taken care of, she had bruises and burns all over her body and was in great pain. (2)I spent time with Lilia playing tag and ball. She was quieter than most children, but her occasional smile was pure childlike. Lilia was very attached to me, and when we were tired of playing, we took a shower together. Lilia was naked and I could see the scars on her small, thin body. There were burn marks on her back and large teeth marks on the bulge of her small breasts. Such an innocent girl had been in a brothel until a few months ago. I felt as if I had been confronted with this reality, and I felt indescribable. When I left the establishment after staying there for a few days, Lilia handed me a beautiful red flower and a small letter. The letter said, in her own words, 『I was happy to be with you』 As I was driving home from the facility, my heart ached as I imagined the unimaginable that had happened to such a young and sweet girl. More than a year later, I visited Cambodia again. Although I was not able to visit the facility, I had dinner with the staff. 「How is Lilia?」I asked him, and he told me the shocking truth「Actually, she ran away from the facility」 (3)I wondered where the little girl had gone after running away from the facility. As we often hear in other facilities, Cambodian girls often escape from shelters and return to brothels because their families cannot survive without them working. Did Lilia also go back to the brothel? Or are they trying to return to their own homes? It was very painful to think about how that little Lilia was doing.


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以下のとおり、数行ずつに区切って、日本語訳をお答えします。 (1)The problems facing Cambodia ~ in the company of adult prostitutes. (1)カンボジアが対峙している問題点。カンボジアでは、未成年の少女売春が深刻な社会問題になっています。特に首都プノンペン近郊の村にある売春宿では、若い女の子が大人の売春婦に混じって客を取っていることも珍しくありません。 This was about 10 years ago. ~ in a back alley in Phnom Penh. 10年ほど前のことです。大学生としてカンボジアに滞在した際、売春の被害に遭った女性や子どもを保護し、職業訓練を行う施設を訪問する機会がありました。そこで特に印象に残っている少女たちの一人が、サラサラの長い黒髪を持つ12歳の女の子、リリアです。リリアが、北部の貧しい村から売られ、プノンペンの裏通りにある売春宿で体を売ることを余儀なくされたのは10歳のときでした。 When she did not want to take clients ~ and was in great pain. 彼女が客を取るのを嫌がると、殴る蹴るの暴行を受け、言われたとおりにすることを強要されたそうです。私が施設を訪れたときには、すでに保護され、心身の傷も癒えていましたが、保護された当時は、全身にあざややけどがあり、とても痛々しい状態でした。 (2)I spent time with Lilia ~ on the bulge of her small breasts. (2)私はリそこでリアと鬼ごっこやボール遊びをして過ごしました。彼女は他のほとんどの子よりおとなしいですが、時折見せる笑顔が純真で子供らしい感じでした。リリアは私にとてもなついてくれて、遊び疲れると一緒にシャワーを浴びました。リリアが裸になると、小さくて細い体に傷跡が残っているのが見えました。背中には火傷の痕があり、小さな胸の膨らみには大きな歯形がありました。 Such an innocent girl had been ~ to such a young and sweet girl. こんなあどけない女の子が、数カ月前まで売春宿にいたのです。私はその現実を突きつけられたように感じて、何とも言えない気持ちになりました。数日間滞在して施設を出るとき、リリアは赤いきれいな花と小さな手紙を渡してくれました。手紙には彼女の肉筆で、「あなたと一緒にいられて幸せでした」と書かれていました。施設から車で帰る道々、あんなに若くてかわいい女の子に、想像を絶するようなことが起こったのかと思うと、胸が痛くなりました。 More than a year later, ~「Actually, she ran away from the facility」 それから1年以上経って、私は再びカンボジアを訪れました。施設には行けませんでしたが、そこのスタッフと一緒に食事をしました。「リリアはどうですか」と尋ねると、「実は、施設から逃げ出したんです」と衝撃的な事実を告げられました。 (3)I wondered where the little girl ~ that little Lilia was doing. (3)施設を飛び出した少女はどこに行ったのでしょう。他の施設でもよく聞く話ですが、カンボジアの少女は、働かなければ家族が生きていけないという理由で、施設を脱走して売春宿に戻ることが多いそうです。リリアも売春宿に戻ったのでしょうか。それとも、そういう少女たちは自分の家に戻ろうとしているのでしょうか? あの小さなリリアがどうしているのかと考えるのは、とてもつらいことでした。



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    Margie made a face. “School? What's there to write about school? I hate school.” Margie always hated school , but now she hated it more than ever. The mechanical teacher had been giving her test after test in geography. She had been doing worse and worse. In the end , her mother had shaken her head sadly and sent for the County Inspector. He was a little man with a red face. He had a whole box of tools with dials and wires. He smiled at her and gave her an apple. Then he took the teacher apart. Margie had hoped he wouldn't know how to put it together again. But he knew how , all right. After an hour or so , there it was again - large and black. It had a big screen , on which all the lessons were shown and the questions were asked. That wasn't so bad. The part which she hated most was the slot where she had to put the homework and test papers. She always had to write them our in a punch code they made her learn when she was six years old. The mechanical teacher calculated the mark in no time. The inspector had smiled after he had finished , and patted her head. He said to her mother , "It's no the little girl's fault , Mrs. Jones. I think the geography part was geared a little too quickly. I've slowed it up to an average 10-year level. In fact , the overall pattern of her progress is quite satisfactory." Again he patted Margie's head. Margie was disappointed. She had been hoping they would take the teacher away. They had once taken Tommy's teacher away for about a month , because the history part had not worked.

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    この長文を翻訳してください。お願いします。 長いので、2パートほどに分割します。 (1) Once upon a time, there was a poor girl alone in a village. Her dad and mom died, her relatives weren't there, and at the age of 12, she finally lost her house. Only the poor clothes she wore and a piece of bread were the girl's belongings. However, even in such a situation, the pure and gentle girl believed in God. She believed that even in such a situation, God is sure to protect me.. The girl was walking alone on the road where the cold wind blows. Then a traveler talked to her girl. 「Young lady, give me food . I'm about to die.」 The girl saw the traveler's Skinny face and pitifully gave her a piece of bread, 「May you have God's blessing.」 she saw the traveler happily chewing on the bread, and the girl started walking again. This time, a little boy, a little younger than the girl, was crying. 「I am very cold. my hat was blown by the wind.」 The girl stroked the boy's head, then took off her hood and put it on the boy. The boy stopped crying and thanked her girl and went somewhere.

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    この英語を日本語に訳してください。 Last Sunday, when I was waiting for a friend in front of tha atation, I met my elderly neighbor. She had a big bag with her, and she was going to walk across the street. When the light turned green, I helped her with her bag, and we walked across the busy street together. She said ''Thank you'' many times to me. That made me very happy.

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    長文で申し訳ないんですが、下の文をざっくりでいいので翻訳・解説してくれませんか? 自分で翻訳サイトなどに掛けてみても、意味がよく分からなくて、、、 I am a 59-year-old Japanese, born in 1941 (Showa 16). When I was a child, many of my teachers were very scary, probably because they had experienced the war. Unlike today, corporal punishment was allowed, so it was common to be slapped or punched. This was when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school (11-12 years old). One of my classmates was a girl whose family was poor, so she and her sister shared gym clothes for gym class. One day, however, her gym class coincided with her sister's class, and she didn't have any gym clothes because she had given them to my sister. I think it was an unavoidable reason, but the teacher did not allow the girl to not bring her gym clothes even though she had such a good reason. He ordered her to take off her plain everyday clothes , telling her that she was not allowed to take gym class in plain clothes. She took off her everyday clothes and attended the PE class in her underwear, that is, wearing only a pair of panties. Her classmates pointed and laughed at her shameful appearance in just her panties. Perhaps she was poorly nourished because of her poverty, her bare breasts weren't bulging at all. The girls made fun of her flat breasts, calling it "look like men". Also, a stupid boy took down her panties and tried to show everyone where her part which must be never seen(Fortunately, this ended in an attempt) She remembers feeling so embarrassed and humiliated that she almost started to cry. But she never gave in and gave her gym clothes to her sister on another day when the classes overlapped as well. It must have been an unbearable humiliation for a girl of her age to go to class almost naked and be seen by boys and girls of her age. She was a strong girl and was able to endure it, but an ordinary girl would not have been able to. I can only hope that there will never be another educator who gives this kind of education again.

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    I was in the cafe by the north entrance to the station, reading my paper and having a coffee .I had an appointment with a client nearby and I was killing time because I'd arrived half an hour early.I suddenly heard a terrible shout, and when I looked out of the window,I saw that a woman was in the middle of the crossing. I assumed she'd fallen off her bicycle because it was lying on the tracks and all her shopping had come out of her basket.People were calling out to her from the road.Some were telling her to stay put and others were telling her to get off the crossing. She didn't seem to know what to do.She just say there.One of the waiters in the cafe saw this and ran out to get her.

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    いつもお世話になっています。 A.Waleyの『 TALE OF GENJI 』(帚木 The Broom-Tree)から わからないところと訳の間違っているところを教えていただければと思います。 1) 『 To add to this she was not ill looking and sometimes, when I needed a rest from my unhappy persecutress, I used to visit her secretly. In the end I found that I had fallen completely in love with her. After the death of the other I was in great distress. But it was no use brooding over the past and I began to visit my new lady more and more often. 』 ●これに加えて、彼女は醜くなくそして時々私(馬頭)が自分の不幸な悩ます女性から休息を必要としたとき、私はこっそりと彼女を訪れたものでした。とうとう私は完全に彼女に恋に落ちたということに気がつきました。もう一方の女性の死の後、私は非常な悲嘆の中にいました。しかし過去をくよくよ考えることは無駄でした。そして私はますます頻繁に新しい女性を訪れることを始めました。・・・・? To add to this・・・・「this」は前回(http://okwave.jp/qa/q8055435.html)の2)の「She was of higher birth than the first; her skill in poetry, cursive writing, and lute-playing, her readiness of hand and tongue were all marked enough to show that she was not a woman of trivial nature.」ですか? persecutress・・・・・悩ます女性??(辞書を探したのですが載っていませんでした) (「指噛みの女」を言い換えているようですが) it was no use brooding over the past・・・・この文は仮主語構文ですか? もともと浮気症だった馬頭のことを考えるとこの展開は頷けるところでしょうか? 2) 『 I soon came to the conclusion that she was frivolous and I had no confidence that I should have liked what went on when I was not there to see. I now visited her only at long intervals and at last decided that she had another lover.』 ●私はまもなく彼女は軽薄だという結論に達しました。そして私は私が会うためにそこにいなかった時、(関係が)続いたらよかったのにという信頼を何も持っていませんでした。私はこうなると、もっぱら長い間隔で彼女を訪れました。そしてついに彼女がもう一人の恋人を持ったと判断しました(結論を下しました)・・・・・? I should have liked what went on・・・ここを訳すのが難しかったです。 「I should have liked~」・・・「だったらよかったのに」?  what went on・・・続くこと? I now ・・・・「now」は「こうなると」? only・・・・「もっぱら」という訳を選びました。 馬頭は新しい女性ともうまくいかなかったような感じですが。通い婚で安定した関係を築くというのは難しいのかもしれませんね。 よろしくお願い致します。

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    Her eyes were wild and her clothes torn when she rushed into the station. “That girl is out of her mind!”someone said. “The express!”shouted Kate. “Stop the express!” The stationmaster wasn't sure what she was talking about, but he didn't stop to find out. Already, he could hear the express approaching. He picked up a red light and ran outside. He heard the engine whistle. It was close. In seconds the express would roll through the town. He stepped out on the track, seeing the train's headlight above him. Just in time the engineer saw his light and brought the train screeching to a stop. “What is this?" said the engineer to the stationmaster, as he stepped down from the stopped train. “What do you mean by stopping the express in this little town?" Passengers, too, climbed out of the train, wondering what had happened. The engineer, the stationmaster, and the other people all looked at Kate. Only she had the story. So she told it. When she had finished, some people threw their arms around her in gratitude. Others cried with relief. All knew that Kate had saved as a heroine.their lives. She was acclaimed as a heroine. But she did not forget the two men in Honey Creek. In a few minutes, the train whistled sharply three times. This was a signal to the people in the town that there was trouble. Men came running, lengths of rope in their hands , and climbed on the engine. Kate went with them across the trestle, which fortunately still held, and down to Honey Creek Bridge.

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    質問1 訳と反応について教えていただきたいのですが、メールを交換している相手が自分について話してて、このような文を送ってきました。自分なりに訳します。間違えだらけですが教えて下さいお願いします。 I Been In Love when I was 18.I went out with this girl for 3 years I loved her to death.she was a chinese.In the end I messed things up,she had bigger dreams and a brighter future and I was still playing around.I did something that I regreted and I lost my first and only love.There was another time nearly two years after her,I met another girl that I thought I was in love with but it was more of lust than love.She turned out to be my worst nightmare.She was a compulsive liar.She caused me a great deal of pain and I lost a lot because of her,but it wasnt love at all,I realize that in the end. 私は18の時に3年つきあった中国人の彼女がいました。私はあそんでいました。私は初めての愛をうしなった。・・・・・私はほかの女性がいました。彼女はうそつきでした。彼女はすばらしいけどすべてはすきじゃなかった。私はきずいて終わりにした。 質問2 このような相手の経験についてこなにか反応をしたいのですが日本語ならば、そうなんだあそういう経験ってあるよね とか、いえるのですがこの場合たとえばどんな反応ができますか?たとえばでかまいませんので教えてくださいおねがいします。

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    She always had to write them our in a punch code they made her learn when she was six years old.

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    Mary Lou Robertson is an experienced bird-watcher at a very young age. In fact, she is so knowledgeable about them. Not bad for a 13-year-old girl who is still in school! So when did this young schoolgirl first become interested in bird-watching? It all started when her family moved to a new neighborhood. Mary Lou explains that she would feel very lonely at times when she first moved to her new home. She had left her friends behind when she moved, and on her new street there were not many children to play with. Becoming a bird-watcher helped her to settle into the new neighborhood and to feel more at home. "After moving to a new neighborhood without many kids living on my street,"she says,“the wildlife sort of brought me closer to feeling like I had friends.”  Every morning mary Loe takes her binoculars and heads out to look for birds. But when qualities do birdwatchers need? Mary Lou explains that in order to watch birds, one must be quiet and calm and not make a lot of noise. She says that if the watcher makes any sudden movements, the birds will probably become scared because they will think that the person is a predator. 自分で訳してみても全く文章にならないので、翻訳お願いします。