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ACRO-PLUS Inc. has begun to handle imported coffee beans and original goods from Vietnam on its EC-website as an authorized distributor of HIGHLANDS COFFEE. 


HIGHLANDS COFFEE is a famous Vietnamese coffee chains and has the greatest number of stores (about 250 stores) in Vietnam. 


Background of the HIGHLANDS COFFEE

While Coffee demand has been growing mainly in Asia, Vietnam is the second-largest producer of coffee and has been enhancing the coffee quality., Now, Vietnamese coffee is gathering attention from all over the world.


A largest Vietnamese coffee chains, HIGHLANDS COFFEE is running about 250 domestic stores. The modern café style is gaining popularity among young people, creating a free and diverse coffee culture from classic Vietnamese coffee combined with condensed milk to fruits and herbs.

Main feature of products

1. Uses 100% Vietnamese single-origin beans cultivated in Nam Dong Province, including Da Lat, one of the world's leading coffee producing regions.


2. Use Robusta beans with a rich flavor and punchy and strong bitterness.


3.You can make your favorite arranged coffee using condensed milk, eggs, fruits, herbs, etc.

Service concept

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Whether you are passionate about coffee or want to try new tastes that you haven't experienced, the appeal of Highlands Coffee is that you can customize it to your favorite coffee taste. The idea is to propose new ways of drinking coffee without being bound by the common sense of coffee.

Example of products available in online shop

All products were imported from HIGHLANDS COFFEE headquarter

In addition, they offer products that meet safety standards and inspections specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (acquisition of test results certificate for imported foods acquired.). As a result, customers can purchase products with peace of mind.

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1. Mocha Blend/M/200g

Mocha coffee is a blend of premium Robusta beans, chestnut beans, and arabica beans in the best balance among Vietnamese coffees.

It features a chocolate-like scent and richness and is a recommended product that is easy to drink for beginners of Vietnamese coffee.


Product page


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2. Heritage Blend/D/200g

Heritage Blend is the most classic and iconic Vietnamese coffee made of 100% Robusta beans that represent Vietnamese coffee beans.

It is characterized by a boldly strong bitterness and a deeply roasted rich body.

Recommended for those who like the bitterness unique to coffee and those who want to enjoy the classic Vietnamese coffee using condensed milk.


Product page


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3. ESPRESSO full city roast/1kg

A medium roasted espresso coffee that blends high-quality, premium Arabica beans and Robusta beans.

You can enjoy rich aroma and rich flavor in deep bitterness. This is the only whole bean product in this website, so it is recommended for those who like freshly ground coffee.


Product page


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4. Original stainless filter

This is a Vietnamese coffee filter (Vietnamese style coffee dripper) dedicated to drip Vietnamese coffee beans.

Extraction is French type. It brings out the rich body and flavor of Vietnamese Robusta beans.

Recommenced for those who will drink Vietnamese coffee for the first time and those who want to taste Vietnamese Robusta beans. You can taste the richness and bitterness of Vietnamese coffee.


Product page


Providing information about Vietnamese coffee and some arranged recipes

1. Introducing how to enjoy drinking HIGHLANDS COFFEE on YouTube

Video contents are distributed on YouTube in order to make it easy to understand how to arrange coffee which is popular in Vietnam.


How to make Vietnamese coffee


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How to make an unexpected combination of Yogurt and coffee that is getting popular these days



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2. providing knowledge and know-how in Vietnamese coffee as reading materials

They introduce new discoveries and useful knowledge of making Vietnamese coffee such as what Vietnamese coffee is, why condensed milk is added, how much should it be ground or what is medium roast.


Vietnamese coffee: Five elections of Vietnamese coffee, basic brewing and how to drink


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Will this be fashionable after tapioca? Let’s reveal the newly arranged coffee, “Avocado Coffee”.


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