Lucky bag sale in ShakeShack Japan!

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Shake Shack 2020 lucky bag

Shake Shack has been holding running and yoga events as a local activity program in order to enjoy having hamburgers healthily. Many participants are health conscious, Shake Shack planned 2020 lucky bag under the theme of "wellness". Two types of happy bag will be available and cost 3000 yen and 5000 yen each. The bags will be on sale only 310 sets for a limited time, so the sale will end when all of them have been sold.

Lucky bag details

Each 3,000 yen lucky bag has one ticket that can be exchanged for a Shack Burger (single), Shroom Burger, and Chicken Shack. (Equivalent to 2,430 yen total)


The 5,000 yen lucky bag has one ticket that can be exchanged for Shack Burger (Single), Shroom Burger, Chicken Shack, Smoke Shack (Single), Fry (Regular), and Cheese Fry (Regular). (Equivalent to 4,410 yen total)

* All food tickets in lucky bags are available from the release date on January 1 (Wed) to February 29 (Sat). You use a food ticket at the cash register where you buy lucky bags.


Lottery ticket

One random ticket that can be exchanged for hot coffee, frozen custard, or Fifty/Fifty.

* Lottery tickets are available from January 6 (Mon)-February 29 (Sat).


It’s an emblem of Japan limited design. You can attach it wherever you like such as a bag or hat. 

*can be removed with a pin

2020 original logo drawstring bag (not for sale)

A size of drawstring bag is 34x40cm. You can put your favorite items especially sport wear, shoes and towels when you do some exercise or workout. In addition, the bag is made of nylon and light, you can use it in various ways such as laundry bag when traveling because it’s not transparent. It’s a special item with 2020 original logo printed, running track as a motif that was designed exclusively for this lucky bag.

Original drink bottle (not for sale)

Water bottle with original design. It has a large capacity of 600ml, lightweight made of aluminum. You can put both cold and hot drinks in this bottle. This is also a special item designed only for lucky bags.

* Please note that there is no warming / cooling function.

Photo by 株式会社サザビーリーグ アイビーカンパニー

Sale details

Sale period:

Wednesday, January 1, 2020~* ends as soon as it is sold out. Limited sales of 310 sets at all stores.


3,000 yen (excluding tax): One food ticket that can be exchanged for Shack burger (single), Shroom burger, chicken shack, one fortune ticket, 2020 original logo drawstring bag, original drink bottle

5,000 yen (excluding tax):1 food ticket that can be exchanged for Shack burger (single), Shroom burger, chicken shack, smoke shack (single), fry (regular), cheese fry (regular), 1 fortune ticket, 2020 Year original logo drawstring bag, original drink bottle

Available location:

Shinjuku Southern Terrace Store TEL: 03-6276-1403

Atre Ebisu store TEL: 03-5475-8546

Tokyo International Forum Store TEL: 03-6273-4071

Roppongi store TEL: 03-6804-3919

Futakotamagawa store TEL: 03-6447-9499

Minato Mirai Store TEL: 045-232-4032

Terrace Mall Shonan Store TEL: 0466-54-8588

Gotemba Premium Outlet Store TEL: 0550-70-5272

Kyoto Shijo Karasuma Store TEL: 075-741-8681

Umeda Hanshin Store TEL: 06-6147-8340

Chayacho Store TEL: 06-6467-8768

Photo by 株式会社サザビーリーグ アイビーカンパニー

Store information

Shake Shack official page

Photo by 株式会社サザビーリーグ アイビーカンパニー
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