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Photo by Jackery Inc.

Jackery JAPAN (Headquarters: California, USA) will hold the last and biggest sale of the year such as a large-capacity portable power station that is useful for outdoor activities and at the time of disaster on December 2019, on Rakuten Super Sale and Amazon Cyber Monday. 


Jackery’s portable power station is popular because they are convenient for outdoor activities such as camping and spending the night in the car.

STEP1You can use them as emergency supplies to utilize during a disaster!

Photo by Jackery Inc.

STEP2Useful portable power station for daily as well!

Photo by Jackery Inc.

STEP3They can be charged with a solar panel!

Photo by Jackery Inc.

Jackery's solar panel will also be on sale this time.


[Jackery Portable Power Series]

<Total sales of 150,000 units from January to September 2019>

Their portable power supplies have been sold since 2012 in the US and around the world.There are more than 150,000 units sold, and their qualities have also been highly evaluated in Japan. The product can be recommended with confidence.


About Jackery Inc.

Jackery Inc was founded in 2012 in Silicon Valley, USA by former Apple battery engineers. Accumulating cutting-edge research development and manufacturing expertise, in 2015 they developed the world's first lithium portable power supply. Also, they have a strategic partnership with Japan JVC Kenwood to provide eco-friendly outdoor power solutions to explorers.



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