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Photo by 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ

Universal Studios Japan decided to hold Universal Cool Japan 2020 on January 21th 2020 (Tuesday) to June 28th, 2020 (Sunday). This big event has gained tremendous popularity every year and it has been 6 years since its first opening in 2015. Four major names in Japanese entertainment brands, which are representative works of Japan that are loved not only in Japan but also from all over the world will appear at Universal Studios Japan. Furthermore, you can enjoy the new experience and excitement with the first attraction experience on each work.

Four blockbuster entertainment brands will appear at USJ

Four blockbuster entertainment brands, including Attack on Titan, Detective Conan, Lupin the Third and Monster Hunter will turn into attractions at Universal Studios Japan. In terms of Attack on Titan and Detective Conan, these movies have been acclaimed by the authors for the reproducibility and quality of the view of their world. In addition to Lupin the Third appeared last year, Monster Hunter will appear for the first time in two years from Universal Cool Japan 2018. 


Attack on Titan will make its appearance in the first super-experience VR coaster, called Attack on Titan XR Ride, which you can experience the sprint battle with 3D maneuver gear. 


Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream the Ride, which is a new appearance in Detective Conan World. It is a story coaster that enters the world of Conan’s story and you can experience the ride with real voice and sound. 


In Lupin the Third, you can experience the distant technique of the work as it is performed by real cast members on live show, Lupin the 3rd The Live. 


Monster Hunter gives the next generation of attractions that you can experience interactive hunting in the super realistic sensation of VR. 

Please look forward to the ultimate evolution of “Universal Cool Japan 2020,” which achieves an overwhelming sense of immersion and presence of each work with the quality of Universal Studios Japan.

Attack on Titan

Photo by 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ

Attack on Titan, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the original series, appeared as the first XR ride ever. When you wear VR goggle, the world spreads 360 degrees and fear of being chased by real-size giants while flying with the investigation soldiers is completely reproduced by the gravity and speed of the coaster. This is an attraction that allows you to experience feeling of sprinting in the battle of Attack on Titan.


Venue:  Space Fantasy the Ride

Type of attraction: coaster (XR ride)

<About "Attack on Titan">

The total number of comics issued has exceeded 84 million and works that give a huge impact not only Japan but the world as well. It is published in 18 languages ​​and 180 countries worldwide (currently 1 to 29 volumes, published by Kodansha). The best part of this anime is the world of story drawn by the author, Hajime Isayama. A view of the world such as mysterious giants preying on humanity, the residence of humanity surrounded by high walls defending against the giant invasion, using 3D maneuver gear to encounter giants are catchy parts for those who love reading Attack on Titan. 


Detective Conan World

Photo by 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ

Including "Detective Conan the Escape" that solves the mystery together with Conan, Detective Conan × Hollywood Dream the Ride, the story coaster that enters the world of the story while experiencing the real voice and sound and ride. You can experience being a detective to resolve the case over the park in Detective Conan Mystery Challenge. Food × Mystery experience beyond the imagination “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant” will be released.


Detective Conan the Escape

[Venue] Stage 18 [Attraction type] Real escape game


Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream The Ride

[Venue] Hollywood Dream The Ride [Type of attraction] coaster


Detective Conan Mystery Challenge

[Venue] Each place in the park [Type of attraction] rally


Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant

[Venue] Lombers Landing [Type of attraction] entertainment restaurant

<About Detective Conan>

This is a mysterious comic that has more than 230 million comics worldwide. A recent release movie in 2019, Detective Conan Bitumen Fist surpassed 9.3 billion yen at the box office and gained the top ranking in the first half of 2019 in Japan. Furthermore, it is a global entertainment brand that is popular not only in Japan but also in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.  has been appearing at Universal Cool Japan every year since 2017 and has gained great support from many guests.

Lupin the Third

Photo by 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ

The world of “Lupin the Third”, which first appeared in the previous “Universal Cool Japan 2019” and attracted a great deal of attention, has appeared as the first street live entertainment will be performed by real cast members.

The live performance will be breathtaking just like original anime, and you can enjoy it right before your eyes and feel the thrilling action of Lupin and his fellows. 


[Venue] DeLancy Street (New York area)

[Type of attraction] street show

<About Lupin the Third>

Lupine the Third is a very popular anime that has gained support not only from Japan but from a wide range of age groups around the world for more than half a century since the original series started in 1967. Since Lupin the Third was animated in 1971, it has been entertaining fans beyond the generation through TV series, TV specials, and theatrical animations. It has been expanded in over 100 countries and regions around the world. Moreover, a completely original TV series have been broadcasting from the autumn to the winter, and the series’ first 3DCG movie, Lupin the Third THE FIRST will be released on December 6,2019.

Monster Hunter

Photo by 合同会社ユー・エス・ジェイ

The popular “Monster Hunter”, which is enthusiastic all over the world, will appear for the first time in about two years since “Universal Cool Japan 2018”. The latest game, Monster Hunter World: Iceborn has been a huge hit since its launch on September 6, as a super-large expansion content of the hunting action game “Monster Hunter: World”, shipped over 2.8 million digital copies worldwide. In this attraction, you can enjoy unprecedented interactive hunting with VR technology. Please look forward to a completely new world of monster hunters that will be realized with the first-generation experience attraction.


<About Monster Hunter>

The “Monster Hunter” series has become popular all over the world as a hunting action game that confronts giant monsters in magnificent nature since the first release in 2004. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which is an expansion content of Monster Hunter, has shipped 14 million digital copies all over the world.


Detailed information on the attractions will be announced at a later date.

You don’t have to wait in a long line with Cool Japan Express Pass

Cool Japan limited version appeared in "Universal Express Pass" that can reduce the waiting time of attractions and experience smoothly. It will be available from Friday, December 6, 2019. You should buy it early if you don’t want to enjoy attractions without long waiting time.


Release Date: Friday, December 6, 2019

* Details of ticket types and prices will be announced on the official website at a later date.

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