Black Friday event will be held on Rakuten Ichiba

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Rakuten Black Friday campeign

Rakuten, Inc. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President: Hiroshi Mikitani, hereinafter referred to as “Rakuten”) is an online shopping mall “Rakuten Ichiba” and an online point back site “Rebates” will hold a Black Friday event.


Rakuten Ichiba will hold the Black Friday Campaign that you can earn points up to 44 times from November 28 (Thursday) to November 30 (Saturday), 2019. In addition, Rebates has established a special page to post information on sales of affiliated EC sites in Japan and overseas as “Rebates Black Friday” from November 29 (Friday) to December 2 (Monday). 


Black Friday is the day after the fourth Thursday of November and is known as the beginning of the year-end sales battle in the US retail industry. Daily sales during the Black Friday campaign at Rakuten Ichiba held last year was about 1.4 times the average daily sales outside the campaign period of the same month. In Rebates Black Friday, sales during the campaign period last year were about 1.6 times the weekly sales outside the campaign period of the same month, and it received good reviews from many users.


This year's Black Friday campaign at Rakuten Ichiba will offer a wide range of black colored sale products associated with Black Friday, such as the espresso machine of the Italian appliance brand Delonghi and the single-lens reflex camera of Nikon. When you purchase a product after making an entry on the special feature page, we will implement a campaign (Note 1) in which the points can be multiplied up to 10 times according to the total purchase price during the period. As a result, when combined with the existing point-up program implemented at Rakuten Ichiba, the point grant rate according to the purchase amount will be up to 44 times (Note 2), and users can enjoy shopping at a reasonable price.

(Note 1) All point multiples are calculated based on the purchase price including tax. If it is discounted by coupon, discounted price will be your purchase price. 


(Note 2) Usually you can earn 1 point for every 100 yen you spent on shopping.

Mechanism of the points up to 44 times

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In “Rebates” Black Friday Sale, they will list all official sites of popular brands on their website during the black Friday sales period such as “iHerb”, an online shop that handles over 1,200 popular brands mainly organic products. Also, Nike a sports brand, Lenovo PC brand and many more. It will carry out a campaign that users who have made a pre-entry from the special page of “Rebate Black Friday” and made a purchase of over 5,000 yen (excluding tax) during the period will receive a 5,000-point Rakuten Super for 100 winners.

<Main partner sites of Rebates>

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Rakuten will continue to promote various projects to provide users with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Overview of Rakuten Ichiba Campaign

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■Name: Black Friday in Rakuten Ichiba: 44 times the maximum!

■Period: November 28, 2019 (Thursday) 10:00am to November 30, 2019 (Saturday) 11:59pm

■Page URL:

* November 22nd (Friday) 10:00am


・ sales of black colored product associated with Black Friday

・For all shops in Rakuten Ichiba, depending on the total purchase amount during the period, a campaign to grant points up to 10 times

・Distribution of coupons up to ¥ 9,600 off depending on purchase price

・Up to 9,600 “Rakuten Super Points”

* For details, please check the URL of the feature page.

Overview of Rebates campaign

■Name: Rebates Black Friday

■Period: November 29, 2019 (Friday) 10:00 to December 2, 2019 (Monday) 21:59

■Participating stores: iHerb, Nike, Lenovo, Orbis, Sample Department Store, Dyson, etc.

45 domestic and overseas e-commerce websites


* November 22nd (Friday) 10:00am


・Sale information on approximately 45 stores in Japan and overseas that will sell during Black Friday.


Establishment of a special page to be posted

・For users who made purchases over 5,000 yen (excluding tax) at Rebates during the pre-entry


Execute a campaign to win 5,000 points for winners 

* For further details, please check the campaign page.


About Rebates


Rebates is a Japanese-only site that was built in October 2016 and was modeled on the online cashback site “Ebates” of Rakuten Group, which operates in five countries around the world.

We have partnered with more than 500 online shopping sites (as of November 2019) that are operated by each company in genres such as department stores, fashion, food, daily necessities and home appliances. After logging in and transitioning to each company's site and purchasing products, “Rakuten Super Points” corresponding to the return rate set on each site for the purchase amount will be returned to the user. “Rebates” is the service, which will be a new channel for those who wants to attract large number of customers to their site, and users will also be able to collect “Rakuten Super Points” even when you purchase goods at online shops that are not in Rakuten Ichiba. 

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