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Get Microsoft Office setup from . This will open the sign in page of Microsoft Office.

3)  Select 'Sign in' if you have an Office account or select 'Create a new account' to create a new one.

4)  You'll see the account creation from on the screen if you've chosen to create a new account. Or else, sign in screen will appear.

5)  Fill up the form to create your account or enter your Email, phone, or Skype username.

6)  Click 'Next' and enter the password to sign in.

7)  After entering into your account, Microsoft's home page will open on the screen.

8)  Click on 'Office' at the top.

9)  Go down to 'Products' in the menu.

10) Select a Plan and Office version.

11) Now, go with the screen directions to finish the process.


 MS Office comes with an array of apps and services, each intended for a unique use. The most popular and widely used Office apps comprise Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, etc. When Microsoft launched the first productivity suite, it merely consisted of three basic apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Over the years, several apps have been added and removed to the package. Microsoft Office Setup is a bundle that consists of client as well as software server, and it also comprises services. 


MS Word: Microsoft Word is a popular text processing software that comes along with the Office suite. It helps you create, save, edit, and share documents. You can format the text, insert pictures, add headers and footers, and a lot more.


MS Excel: Microsoft Excel is the leading app for the creation of spreadsheets. It comes with an array of features for analyzing data and adding graphs, charts, tables, and a lot more. You can insert formulas to automate the calculations. At present, this data processing app that comes along with the MS Office setup is widely used across the globe. You can even share it online.


MS Powerpoint: Do you want to create a slideshow for your class? Use PowerPoint app by Microsoft and make visually appealing slideshows. You can add images, videos, sounds, animations, and text to embellish the presentations. You can set a timer and the presentation will play automatically. To get this app, you just have to Install Office Setup.


MS OneNote: For students, office workers, businesspersons, and homemakers, OneNote is a helpful app. This app is a part of the Microsoft Office Setup, and it allows you to create lists, make notes, share notes, and even add voice recordings to the notes. Moreover, you can add other media to the notes as well. Also, the content of the app can get synchronized across all the devices. To get more information regarding this useful program, activate Office setup.


MS OneDrive: If you often worry about losing your important data, then get OneDrive along with your Microsoft Office suite. It allows you to store and save all of your data in the cloud storage. This is an extremely secure platform, and you can access it from anywhere and anytime. This makes file sharing super-easy and convenient. Moreover, it gets synchronized across your various devices, so you can access it using your phone as well.


MS Outlook: Outlook is a popular program that works like an email client and personal manager. From sending and receiving emails, to adding contacts and creating reminders, it helps you manage your day-to-day work with ease. Outlook is an extremely safe platform, and you can neatly organize your emails in different folders. You need to activate Office setup to unlock the complete version.


Microsoft Office comes with a number of other apps and services, which differs from edition to edition and version to version. If you are a businessperson, then Office 365 for Enterprise would be the ideal choice for you. For students, Office 365 for Home and Students works well. Home users can opt for Office 2019 for Home. Other versions include but are not limited to Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. To get any of the Office suites, you will first have to download Office setup from Activate indeed offers its free McAfee antivirus download with the basic set of virus removal features. Yet, to unlock advanced features, you must have McAfee activate product key. Users with no McAfee retail card or an online account shell go with the steps below.